Men's Basketball Selection Sunday Quotes

March 11, 2012

Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

On if the sixth seed is where the Bearcats deserved to be:

“Yeah, I’m big believer in that that stuff gets done even before we played last night. There’s just so much work them to do for that committee. They probably had 95% of the fielded seeded, just waiting on St. [Bonaventure] and Xavier. So even if we would have won last night, I think we would have been a six. I think it’s fair. I’m just happy we’re in Nashville. I wanted somewhere were our fans could get to the game.”

On playing Texas:

“We’ll worry about Texas, but I know Florida State obviously won the [Atlantic Coast Conference] Tournament. They’re tremendous but it’s good not to see a BIG EAST team. I know Texas is young. They have great talent. They’re a younger team. I know that they’re a team that can score. They have some pretty high scoring games on the year.”

On getting a six seed after being a bubble team last month

“That’s what I say I’m most proud of our team. We were able to stay focused which is the key. There a big difference from college football to college basketball. Everybody always wants to say, you see a few games and this is who they are. This is that team. I say this every year, ‘really basketball doesn’t start until January in college.’ Last year because we had our entire team back, I knew who we were early. I knew it was going to be a journey this year. It became a little more eventful than I’d hoped. But, I knew it was going to be journey. My job was to keep these guys together and we were going to have to have some growing pains and develop in our toughness and our leadership. That’s what I’m most proud of because it’s hard this day and age. Your life’s an open book as a team. There’s just so much media coverage, which is a good in many ways. But, when you don’t win and you have some struggles, it’s not easy. Kids read the internet. Kids follow Twitter. They follow that stuff. I’m proud of the guys.”



On how UC is playing:

“Last night, we didn’t play well. I think we were emotional drained. It wasn’t my best night as a coach. It wasn’t their best as players. I give credit to Louisville. The bigger picture is that we know our formula for success. Our kids know it, but we got away from it last night. We got some time. We’re going to rest up. When do we play? Friday night? That’s the best thing I’ve heard today. We can get our batteries recharged. We wanted to win that tournament. We can get charged for Friday.”

On feeling differently this team going to the tournament versus last year:

“We’re a completely different team. What happened in New York, we learned two great lessons: we can beat anybody and we can also be beat. We got to make sure we play the type of game we need to play to win. As individual players, the guys individually need to do things for our team to have success. I think we learned that in New York against elite competition. We’re not going to play teams better than we just played in the whole NCAA Tournament if we keep winning. Syracuse is tremendous, obviously. Against Georgetown, if you listen to people before the game we had no chance after they won their Wednesday. And Louisville played a great tournament. I was confident last year. I just think this team on given night; offensively we can score in different ways and become a good defensive team.”

On the importance of the BIG EAST Tournament Run:

“It was important our young kids that didn’t play a whole lot. It was important to regain national respect as a program. Everything that happened other than last night was a positive. Being in those types of games, we’re trying to build where kids to expect to win those types of games because they haven’t. “

“I’m glad we play a big name team. Texas didn’t recruit any of our players. I’m sure I have a lot of guys on my team that are happy to be where they’re at, but I bet they wish Texas had recruited them. That gets my players attention. I’d have been concerned if we’d gotten a great team that doesn’t have a sexy name. The bigger name we play, the better off we are.”

On having last year’s players that know success:

“I think there is no doubt that any time you gain experience it helps you in any walk of life, sports being no different. I think it definitely helps us.”

On if this year feels different:

“I’m excited just like I was last year. I’m just tired today. Last year, I had some rest. We came home early form New York. I’m sure it’s different. I haven’t really thought about it. I think that right now, I’m trying to get last night out of my system. This is good for me. I wanted to cut those nets down and it would have been great to hang a banner. I really wanted that bad. I need to reflect tonight and relax. If you would have told me on December 10th when I put Samantha to bed that ‘you’re going to have 24 wins , lose in the BIG EAST Championship Game, beat more ranked teams than any other team in the country and be at the Montgomery Inn doing these interview,’ I would have taken it.”

No. 1 Cashmere Wright, G

On if seeing Cincinnati in the bracket wipes some of the loss away:

“Yancy told me to forget about it. So I guess that’s what I got to do. That’s all we can do. The brackets are the brackets. We have to get ready to play Texas and we can’t worry about Louisville anymore. It’s not an issue. We can’t worry about yesterday. We can only worry about what happens Friday.”

On if he feels differently going to back to the NCAA tournament:

“I’m calmer. Last year, I was more excited because I didn’t know what to expect when I got there. Right now, you know what‘s going to happen.”

No. 23 Sean Kilpatrick, G/F

On this year’s feelings versus last year’s:

“Like Cash said, this year is a calmer year compared to last year. When the thing came up last year, you saw most of us dancing. But this year, it’s alright we made it, now it’s business time. I always feel confident with this team. It’s different this year. But then again it’s not.”

On what they learned playing last year:

“I think we’re wiser than last year. With the tournament last year, it was all of our first time there. For it to be our second time, we know what to expect.

No. 34, Yancy Gates, F

On what else he’s told Cashmere to do:

“Other than ‘be ready to shoot the ball when I kick it to you’, I don’t know.”

On what Cashmere means to the team:

“He means a lot. He’s just as good as any other team’s point guard. You see Cash play games and you can really look and tell how talented his is.”

On what surprised him at the NCAA Tournament:

“The roadblocks on the road, I thought you just had to get to the gym early.”

On not having to play another BIG EAST team:

“You have a scouting report for each other from the season especially how late we played UConn in the season last year. Then you go right back and play them again it’s like you’re still in conference. We played one game against another conference.”