UC-Purdue Postgame Quotes

Aug 31, 2013

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Cincinnati-Purdue Postgame Quotes
Aug. 31, 2013
Nippert Stadium

UC Head Coach Tommy Tuberville
Opening statement:
“We had our questions answered in a lot of places. We played really well considering that this was our first outing in a new offense, defense, and special teams. I’m proud of our players, coaches and really proud of our strength coaches and conditioning guys - our players gave them a standing ovation.

“I was very concerned about (UC’s players) going into today because we didn’t let off them until about three days ago. We had grinded them, in camp and even this week, running and lifting and trying to get ready for this game and this weather and we handled it pretty good. It was very hot on the turf and one thing you learn about that is you learn about focusing and we didn’t have a penalty until about six minutes to go in the game and that means somebody is listening, and concentrating on each and every play and not making the silly mistakes. So that was a big lesson for our guys and I thought that we held our composure well, overall it was a team effort and we got a lot of film to look at and try to get better. You usually get better from your first game to your second game and so we will spend a lot of time looking at what everybody has done.

“We had a chance to play a lot of people and we played a lot of guys and we got them on film and there were a lot of nervous guys out there and a lot of nervous coaches - not knowing what to expect. It was a balanced game and that’s what we wanted. I told Eddie (Gran) before we started I would love to run more than we throw and at the end by the end of the game we did that. We want to be balanced, there are going to be games when we throw a lot more than we did today - for what people start doing to us   and know what we run - and that will open the pass up a little more.

“I am proud of all of the players and everybody involved and proud of the fans for coming out in this hot weather. We had a huge crowd and that was important and will be important every week for this program to continue to take steps forward. Hopefully what they saw they liked and that they will be back in a couple of weeks and keep cheering these guys on. We will have a night game next time we play here and hopefully we will have a lot more people out and it will be cooler. But again, I take my hat off to the fans because it was a long and hot day.”

On what questions Munchie Legaux answered with his play:
“The reason we started Munchie was we looked back on the last eight days and he had taken a lot more snaps with the first team and center. The timing was probably a little bit better with Munchie but we could have easily gone with Brendon. We felt like, for the sake of the team in terms of the focus of taking all those snaps with the first team, we would go with Munchie. He made some great decisions and I liked the passing and all those other things were good. He made one mistake and it was in the end zone. He had a guy open on his second read and he didn’t get off of his first read and threw it to the first read and the defender intercepted in the end zone. So lesson learned; and he knew immediately after he threw it and as long as he understands that and doesn’t make the same mistake then he will have a chance to get better and better.

“Again, we will continue to have competition with him and Brendon; Brendon is getting a lot healthier, he is probably at 90 percent and it’s good to have two guys that feel like you can go to. The players have tremendous respect for both quarterbacks and they believe in both of them which mean a lot more than I think because they’re the ones who have to get the job done.”  

On what changed from the first half to the second half:
“I thought we built confidence in our passing game. We didn’t throw the ball as much in the first half. We ran a couple different formations in the drive that gave us the seven-point lead and that was good to see our offense respond. We just made a terrible mistake, McClung just made a terrible mistake trying to catch it over his shoulder and you’re not supposed to do that and he learned his lesson from that. All we had to do was get the ball back while we got a seven-point lead with a few minutes left in the half and we possibly can go up 14.

“But again I was proud of our offense for bouncing back and taking control of that drive and scoring and it was a great call by Eddie on the tight end down the middle because they were ran a double on the outside guys and were singled the inside receiver and it was a good throw and catch.”

LB, Greg Blair, #51
On what does it mean to have an experienced head coach:

“I think it holds a lot of weight because in the beginning when we didn’t know who our coach was going to be and then we got him. But that was the first thing I saw was this guy has been everywhere, this is a great coach from undefeated seasons to it all. We love our coach.”

On the overall of the entire coaching staff:

“We have great coaches. They are all the same type of guys. They treat us like men and give us responsibility that we have to live up to and they make sure we get the job done.”

On nobody standing out in the stat sheet from a lopsided win:
“Last year was about the starters and the starters played most of the snaps. This year there’s a rotation going on at every position. It’s a team effort and everybody did their job (today) and it resulted in us getting the win.”

Purdue Head Coach, Darrell Hazell

Opening statement:
"Obviously, it was a rough start for us. We didn't execute phases that we needed to execute and we had some penalties and turnovers that hurt us. We gave up some big plays and we all have things to do, coaches included, to get some of those issues fixed. We understand that there is a lot of work to be done before our next game. We will go back to work on Sunday after we watch the film."

On what he was hoping to see and the disappointments he saw:
"We had some problems with communication. That is where it all started really. I thought we were late getting out of the huddle quite a bit and that rushes you. Then you get guys that are moving around and drop the ball here and there."

On the quality of the opponent:
"Take nothing away from Cincinnati. I thought they did a great job and I knew they were going to be a great football team coming in. I am more disappointed in our lack of execution than anything, but Cincinnati did a great job."

On the problem defensively on third downs:
"I thought we missed a couple of tackles. They were doing a great job of hitting us underneath and making the three or four yards that they needed. It is hard to say right now, but you have to look at the film to know exactly what happened. We will see about that tomorrow."

On UC scoring a touchdown right before the first half:
"That was a big one I thought. That was a big swinging point for them. They did a good job in that point in time. We needed to get off the field defensively, but I think we gave up a big play in that drive that kind of set that thing up. Sometimes, those things happen."

QB, Rob Henry, #15
On disappointment of the team effort today:
"Mainly myself. Lack of communication like coach (Hazell) said. I take full responsibility for that, but we have to prepare harder as players. Coaches are doing a great job with us and it's up to us. We are the ones that go out on the field and perform. We need to play better."

On what it was like being out there:
"Anytime you play football you want to have fun, but when you play the way that we did today as an offense, it was frustrating. It was frustrating out there. Trying to stay positive and trying to stay poised was difficult especially when you make some of the throws that I made today."

LB, Sean Robinson, #10
On UC picking converting on third down nine times:
"It was tough. We were working our tails off and then to have a missed tackle or blown coverage or whatever happens just happens. It is tough, but that is just a part of football."

On UC's offensive line:
"I don't want to take anything away from Cincinnati. They played hard and are a close group as an offensive line, but I focus more on us and our problems because those are the things we can fix. We are going to watch film and I think our interior and our ends are going to play much better from this point on."

On difference in first half from second half:
"As coach said, some things can snowball and they kind of came out and got into a rhythm. We missed tackles here and there and that snowballed in the opposite direction for us.

DE, Ryan Russell, #99
On UC converting nine third downs:
"We were doing decent on first and second down, but then on third down they would get just enough to move the sticks. Just being out there for an extended amount of plays in this heat, you can't let that take away from you on defense. It might have today. It is definitely deflating as a defense anytime the ball is consistently moved on you. You have to build three or four good plays somewhere."

On difference in first half from second half:
"Mistakes. That is what kills you on defense. Some of them might have been physical and some of them might have been mental. We will have to watch film and fix those mistakes.

C, Robert Kugler, #57
On offensive line:
"Cincinnati played really well on defense today. It was the little things. I thought we were out there running pretty well and then some little things happened."

On not scoring when Purdue had first and goal:
"We had penalties and bad plays on us and miscommunication. We just have to know that we can't do that, especially down in the red zone in that crucial area."