Cincinnati - Austin Peay Postgame Quotes

Sept. 4, 2011

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Cincinnati 72, Austin Peay 10
Sept. 3, 2011 – Nippert Stadium – Cincinnati, Ohio


Head Coach Butch Jones

Opening Statement

“Obviously it is a great way to start the season, getting off on the winning side of things. Tonight was very beneficial in the amount of reps our second team was able to get on the offense and defense. We all know that has been a kind of emphasis, developing depth. Playing the three freshman running backs and the freshman receiver, I think we gained some valuable experience there. But we have a lot of work to do. A lot of improvements need to occur this week, first and for most our special teams. I don’t think we played with a great up tempo tonight and I think we substituted probably too much, more than we would like to in the game. But with the elements and the heat we did that.”  

On what was beneficial for next week:

“Obviously every time you win you get confidence and we have handled our business. That is the biggest thing we talked about; tonight we have handled our business in the classroom, off the field. We had a great preseason camp and so I think it gives you confidence. We were able to play some individuals so they will have some experience on another level. When we walk into the Neyland next week we can’t be distracted next week.”

On defense:

“Well they have taken great strides but again I still think we need to stop the run a little more consistently. We still miss too many tackles and we were opportunistic tonight. I still think we have things to improve on. One of the things that pleased me the most was we were able to take the ball and away and we protected the football. Our kids really took great pride in it. It is one of the things I take from this game.”

On Zach Collaros:

“He was very efficient. We worked extremely hard on the scramble drill.  He was able to create some plays we they broke down on his legs. He had great high vision when he flushed the pocket. He just did a good job finding some openings on the scramble drill.”

On Isaiah Pead

“He has had a tremendous camp. We have talked to him that there is more to it than just being a runner; it’s being a running back, it’s being a complete back, its being in pass protection, its being out in the perimeter in the through game. It is understanding there are different tempos and understanding the scheme and it he has really embraced that and it showed tonight.”

On Tennessee:

“It’s the most important game because it is the next game. I don’t want it to sound like coach speak, but that is the thing we have been stressing with our football team. Every game is a season; just one game at a time and move onto the next. We can’t get ahead of ourselves. Obviously it is going to take great preparation and great focus. We talked about persevering as a group and being able to overcome adversity.  We can’t be in awe, we have to go in there and play football. What we can control this week is our preparation and becoming a more physical football team and fundamentally better in all three phases.”

Senior Quarterback Zach Collaros

Best things from tonight:

“Live game experience and being back into the flow of things. It always helps.”

What did you learn about the team tonight that helps for UT:

“Going into an SEC environment, we’re just not at Austin Peay; we’re playing Tennessee. We’re not going to be afraid, obviously. It’s a great opportunity for us and our team and our program. We’re going to come back tomorrow, watch the film, put the game behind us and really start focusing on Tennessee. I expect it to be a great work week from everybody. “

What would a win mean at UT:

“We’re trying not to think that far ahead, but obviously it’d be huge. It’d be huge momentum for the team. But, we’re taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow is Sunday and we’re going to get in and close this game up. And just continue to get better every day.


Sophomore Quarterback Munchie Legaux

On getting into the end zone:

“Words cannot describe the feeling I felt. I didn’t even know what to do. Slide through or hand the ball to the ref?”

On the difference from other football teams:

“There’s a big difference, big difference. One, it’s college [football], instead of high school. Second, I’m back at quarter back instead of wide receiver.”

On pressure:

“I put a lot of pressure on myself, but sometimes you got to be ready. You’re one snap away and you got to prepare yourself like you’re a starter.”

On scoring 72 points:

“Never put up 72 before.”

Thoughts going in the game:

“My thoughts were just to go out there and execute base fundamentals. Not to over look [APSU] just based on their record from last year. They’re a small school and you never want to do that.”

On next week:

“I’m looking forward to Tennessee no doubt and just getting ready for them. I’m one snap away from playing, so I have to prepare myself like I’m a starter.”

Strong points that will help vs. UT:

“Executing plays and getting lined up fast. No stupid penalties. Playing pitch and catch with the receivers and the offensive line getting lined up. The defense getting tackles and not giving up big plays.”

On his progression during the offseason:

“I just really learned the offense. As a quarterback you have to know the offense inside and out; everybody’s role like the offensive line. What the receivers are doing. And the running backs too. Even the defense too. I prepared myself this offseason by running the offense and running the defense.”

Senior Running Back Isaiah Pead

On the Game:

“We are out having fun. It’s a football game and we were focused. But at the end of the day, we play football and have fun.”

On scoring the first touchdown:

“It was just everything. It was energetic, it sparked the team. We were talking about it in practice, we need to score on the first drive if not the first play. It started our identity, we are going to come out and play ball.”

On the expectations on him this year:

“I always will step up and play the role I need to play. Right now I need to play the leader role and lead by example. Spark the team as a running back group, I preach to the whole group. We have a group of freshman coming in and they are trying to learn and I preach to the group that we need to be the play makers, when the team is down we need to spark us up and if we are up we need to spark the team back up. I take that role personally.”

Senior Linebacker J.K. Schaffer

On his reaction to the first touchdown:

“It was great. It happened pretty quick, its always awesome to see that get off to a fast start. Our whole theme for this week was a fast start and that’s exactly what we did.”

On getting on the field ahead:

“It just gives us more confidence going into that series, knowing okay the offense did their job and now we have to do ours.”

On Coach Coombs believing he will lead UC in interceptions:

“Well, tonight I didn’t really show that ability and nobody is going to be harder on me then I am on myself. I’m going to get that corrected and it’s not going to happen again. I think with our defense it puts me in a lot of opportunistic spots to make plays on the ball and they give me freedom, so there is a chance I can lead in interceptions but I have to catch the ball first.”


Head Coach Rick Christophel

Opening Statement:

“I know this. Cincinnati is - They do a great job on both sides of the ball. When you come to play a team like this, especially at our level, you can’t make mistakes. And when you commit 9, 10 penalties, 3 fumbles, and 2 interceptions, you’re not going to have a good chance to win. But by the same token, I thought that we need to do a better job defensively. More physical, more aggressive. If we don’t win 3 football games this year, everybody knows that you win championships on the defensive side of the ball and that is one place where I thought we needed to make some improvements.

“I am not disappointed, I am upset. We have to play better. When you play a football team that is the nature of Cincinnati, we played Wisconsin. We know what we are doing. We get to this environment. I’m not coming up here just to get a paycheck. Cincinnati is a well coached football team. I said it to everybody. Coach Jones does a great job. They will be in the top 2 or 3 in the BIG EAST because they have players. They make plays. But we can’t play defense like that. That is unacceptable and we’re going to get things changed.”

So close on first play…… missed tackle and they score a touchdown:

“When we don’t do the things we’re supposed to do, that is one of the things we preach down there, we’re going to get them done. I told you after last game last year, I am going back to some of the old things I have to do. And I said that in the locker room. Hopefully we have some guys here that can wake up because it is going to be a changed atmosphere going on here at Austin Peay.”

Scoring repeatedly afterwards:

“Coach Jones, I talked to him after the game. I knew what he was doing. They didn’t throw a pass through the middle of the third quarter on. I heard a long time ago, coach Holtz…., It is your job to stop them from scoring. And that is our job. Our job is to stop them from scoring. I know he had his third and fourth people in there. When we can’t stop them from scoring, I don’t care how tired, how sore we are, that is our fault. He takes a delay of game penalty so he makes it longer so he can’t get a first down. I knew what he was doing and I appreciate it. I told him about it after the game. I thanked him for it and stuff like that. So you know there are some bright spots. I thought we did some decent things. I got a couple guys banged up again but I don’t think we have anyone out for a long period of time. When you come into a game like this you can’t make mistakes. You can’t turn the ball over. You have to match the physicality. And that is one thing they will make you do. Make you play physical.”