Postgame Quotes: Cincinnati 52, Alabama A&M 10
Sept. 6, 2015

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Sept. 5, 2015 | Cincinnati, Ohio | Nippert Stadium


Opening statement:
“It’s been a very long day. But, it was well worth it. I want to thank the crowd for staying. That is very unusual with what we dealt with tonight. We are lucky that it wasn’t last night. I really want to thank the students. My goodness, I thought they were going to run out of the stands. I thought that they would leave when the lightning started.

“It was a good opening night. We didn’t play very well early. We had a lot of mistakes on special teams. We got a little stronger as the game went on. We played almost every player that we planned on playing. A lot of players got experience. I thought that our running game was really good. It was much better. We try to average 175 to 200 rushing yards a game. I think we had closer to 300 yards. We played two quarterbacks, which I said that we would do all along. We had the chance to do that. I thought that both of them did well. We had a couple of dropped passes, which we normally don’t have. The tight ends didn’t play that well. I thought that our offensive line played well against their blitz.

“Defensively, I got to look at the film. We gave up a touchdown in the first quarter. I am a little disappointed about that. We missed a few tackles. We didn’t play Leviticus Payne early. Our backup nickel went down, but I wasn’t going to play Leviticus because he was about 80 percent. Our backup guy did well. We came out pretty healthy. Now, we’re going to have to get ready for one of the toughest games this season. We knew that before today even before today’s scores. It should be a good one. I am looking forward to conference play.”

On what the team did during the long delay:
“I have had good success at eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during breaks. We beat Oklahoma one year and we just sat in the dressing room and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In my dressing room, we played country western music and the players played hip hop and rap in their dressing room. We went out and beat a top-10 ranked team. We were three-touchdown underdogs. I’m 2-0 when eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ate Jiffy peanut butter. There is not a lot to do. We sat around and tried to keep them loosened up. We let them watch a little bit of television. It is pretty unnerving knowing that everybody was ready to go. We got to play, so that’s good.”

On how the stadium looked:
“It looked great. The stadium noise was really good. The students were loud. I appreciate the students coming back. The stadium really looked nice. Hopefully, it went off as well as possible with the thunder and lightning. It was fun to come out and see the new stadium with all of the students and fans.”

On Gunner Kiel’s performance:
“I thought that he did well. He got sacked one time and he had that fumble. He was 18-for-22 passing. He was ready to play. I am proud of him. I thought he played really well.”


#5 Mike Boone, RB
On having more rotation with the running backs this year:
“In the running back room, we just harp on not being selfish. There’s no problem. We can all do the same things, we can all make big runs.”

On how the rotation affects being able to get into a rhythm:
“When we rotate, if when we see one running back has the hot hand, we won’t call him out and let him stay in. We try not to be selfish.”

#11 Gunner Kiel, QB
On the rain delay interrupting warmups and how it affected the team:
“That was a first. It was kind of rough, honestly, because we came out and stretched and we were ready to go and then we sat. But guys came out focused. We weren’t goofing around in the locker room, we were all business and it showed. That’s huge for us.”

On it being your first game at Nippert Stadium:
“It was unbelievable, it was awesome. It was so much fun getting back home and to get the win is huge. We can play anywhere as long as we win football games but to be back at home and see our student section staying through the rain and not leave it was awesome.”

On scoring on the opening drive:
“It was huge for us because we showed so much tempo and we were playing so fast. That’s how we want to play every drive. No mistakes, complete the ball, get first downs, drive the field and we did that. What we need to understand is that we need to keep doing that. We need to build off drives and finish drives.”

#29 Andre Jones, S
On the defenses mentality following an offensive turnover:
“We knew we had to go out and get a shutout. Any type of turnover or sudden change the defense has to go out and force a three-and-out. That’s our whole motto: when the offense turns the ball over, don’t let them score.”

On the defenses reaction following the blocked punt:
“That was definitely our first test of the year. Last year after a turnover the other team would go out and score in three plays. But our standard through the summer and camp was to be a better defense than last year.”

#92 Silverberry Mouhon, DL
On Temple beating Penn State tonight:
"I thought their offense was really good which means now we have to prepare to have a really good conference game. They just showed us how important this week is going to be and how we need to have a hard fought preparation."

On helping the younger players get adjusted to college ball:
"You let them know that the biggest thing is to go out there and have fun. You're going to make mistakes but just remember to go out there full speed and have fun with your teammates."

#3 Johnny Holton Jr., WR
On playing well in the season opener:
"It was amazing, although I don't feel that we played that well, we just played at a level of about 85 percent I personally think we have a lot to improve on and can play better next game.”

On staying focused during the rain delay:
"We were just sitting back and wishing it would stop and thinking about what we are going to do when it comes time to play. The rain delay caused us to come out slow because we were so anxious. Throughout the game, I felt we did a lot better.”


“In the first quarter, there was a lot at stake. Once again, Cincinnati is a great football team. Coach Tuberville got a group of coaches who are probably some of the best. This team was picked to win the conference that they play in so we can’t be ashamed about today’s effort. I feel pretty good about our chances going forward and we will continue to compete and learn from this football game.”