UC-Delaware State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 15, 2012

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UC Head Coach Butch Jones Quotes

Opening statement:
“Okay obviously not our best tonight, but I thought we showed some maturity at the end there and grinded out the win and we are 2-0. But you know not up to our standards and I think you all know that first and foremost we are going to take care of the football here. You can’t turn the ball over especially in the red zone and we did that. Defensively, we gave up the one big play but take that away I thought they did a good job. We enter this off week, and that’s probably not a good term for it…it’s a work week. We have to take great strides as a football team, but I think there are a lot of teachable moments and it’s going to be a great film to teach off of with a lot of valuable lessons. When you have a young football team, 65 first and second year players, there is some great illustration, so obviously looking forward to watching the film. I thought Delaware State did a good job, sooner or later you guys are going to know that I don’t talk “coach speak”, I speak the truth I told you they were a good football team. They came in here and played physical, they are well coached and they did a great job and I want to commend them because they gave us all that we could handle, but we have to get better in a hurry and there will be a great sense of urgency.”

On Munchie’s turnovers:
“He will be the first to tell you that he is the caretaker of the football, it all starts with the quarterback and he has to learn to throw the football away if it’s not there. It is something that he has not done in practice, training camps, or in the first game so obviously those are great lessons that we have to go back to work on, but we cannot turn the ball over.”

On George Winn taking the reins of the running back position:
“Yes he has and he was consistent. What you saw with our offense is we didn’t have the big plays that you need, we needed to be perfect and there were a couple of times where we had to drop down safety and all we had to do was make one guy miss and they did a great job of tackling in space. For us to run the type of up-tempo offense that we want, we need more big plays in our offense.”

On Dominique Battle’s return:
“It was great to see him playing in his first action since the USF last year, we put him at safety. He made the big hit on their sideline on a big third down play to jar the ball loose, which was great to see and I think you will see him get more repetitions as the season goes on. It was great to see him back on the field and I think it uplifted our team as well.”

On Damon Julian:
“Damon got a tremendous opportunity; he’s waited for it and worked extremely hard. He has a physical style of play and we have challenged him for the last couple of weeks. It was great to see him step up, he’s worked so hard for this opportunity and he really sparked us.”

On there being a positive side to this game:
“The positive side is we are 2-0 and we won the football game, but there are a lot of teaching points. I don’t want to sit here and diminish how hard Delaware St. played and how physical they were. It makes everyone have a gut check of how they are preparing, how they are living their life; are they getting enough nutrition, sleep, are they going to class, and everything that we talk about the standards of this program.”

UC player quotes
No. 4 - Munchie Legaux, QB
On the turnovers:
“We played kind of sloppy.  We need to do a better job of protecting the football.  We need to work on that and be consistent.”

On forcing too many passes:
“One of (the turnovers) was forced.  I need to do better about protecting the ball in the red zone.  We talk about that and preach that every day in practice.  I took that one and I tried to force it in there.”

On the fumbled handoff:
“It was a bad handoff between me and George Winn.  I need to do better at extending the ball and giving it to him better.”

On playing an FCS team:
“When you play a team like Delaware State, you can’t take a day off.  As you can see around the country, the teams that take a day off, they lose.  On any given day you can lose a game.  We tried to not take these guys lightly.  Hats off to those guys, they did a great job coming in here prepared.  They are a physical team. They were not just going to let up.”

No. 32 - George Winn, RB
On the running game: “I’m a little upset about our red zone performance, but I think we moved the ball pretty well the whole game.  They told us that the inside zone was open all day.  We took it and had great success with it.”

On the six turnovers:
“It is frustrating, but at the same time, we need to get our heads cleared, move on to the next play and just get it corrected.”

On learning from this game:
“We are happy (the turnovers) happened in this game.  We can learn from it and move on.”

No. 16 - Damon Julian, WR
On getting the opportunity to play today:
“I am just trying to make the most of this chance and make the most of this opportunity for me – one (game) down. I stepped up into position.  I came to play today and we will see how I feel tomorrow.”

On being a physical receiver:
“I am not a fast, quick guy.  But I know that we have other players that do that.  My whole game is being physical and coming off of the ball, trying to hit people hard, and punch them in the mouth.  That’s my whole game.”

Delaware State head coach Kermit Blount
On Delaware State’s offense not capitalizing on Bearcats’ turnovers:
“The one thing that we have to continue to do is be aggressive on both sides. We were more aggressive defensively than offensively tonight. We had some good things going and then we shot ourselves in the foot on a couple of drives. We can’t afford to do that playing against a good football team and I mean a solid football team. I take my hat off to Coach Jones and his staff because they did an excellent job managing the game. We just have to continue to play and continue to prepare.”

On his halftime message after trailing 20-0 going into the second half:
“We knew we had a shot. We just had to keep playing. We knew if we kept playing hard enough and kept being aggressive we’d make some plays on defense. We were just hoping that offensively we’d have it clicking a little faster and sooner than we did. But, you know, hey we live to play another week.”

On if he accomplished his defense goals:
“We expected it to be a physical and a fast game. They have a lot of team speed and we had to figure out a way to neutralize their speed. We just tried to widen them and attack gaps; widen their defense a little bit. Force them to run in between the tacklers. That’s what we wanted. We wanted to keep them off the edge and contain the quarterback.”

No. 53, Ernest Adjei, LB
On creating six turnovers against the Bearcats:
“When we have practice, coach always emphasizes turnovers and playing in gaps, and to have sound defense. So, when we got out here, that’s what we tried to do.”

On Cincinnati scoring on the first drive:
“We can’t come out like that on the first drive. We can’t give up a touchdown on the first drive. We have to at least give our offense two more shots, three more shots to score before we let them score.”

On what the Hornets saw that they might be able to take advantage of:
“We just wanted to come out here and play hard and aggressive. When you’re on defense and you play hard and aggressive, good things are going to happen.”

On falling to 1-2:
“We’re not very proud of it, but we go into conference play next week. Someone is going to have to pay.”