UC-Northwestern State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 14, 2013

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Northwestern State at Cincinnati
Nippert Stadium
Sept. 14, 2013

Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening statement:
"It was good to get that one underneath our belts. We got everybody in the game that was on the bench and a lot of kids in the game that might not ever get in. It's great for your moral of your team your locker room and all of the guys that played quite a bit. We were really rooting for them. So that means a lot.

"Obviously, we were the best team tonight. We executed. We had too many penalties early, but we were playing aggressive and mentally, we have to keep making progress. Last week, we made too many mental mistakes, but it was a good outing. We needed a game like that to look at some guys that weren't able to play the first two games. We found out a little bit more about our kicking game.

"We switched up our players around some moving Rod Moore to corner. We are really hurting at the cornerback position, losing (Trenier) Orr for probably seven or eight more weeks. He had surgery this week. And we lost (Deven) Drane in practice this week. He turned his ankle, but he will be back next week. But we were just trying to find somebody that's got some speed and enough athletic ability to play corner. Rod Moore played corner before, so we took him from the running back position and put him at corner."

On what he liked most about Brendon Kay's performance:
"He took what they gave him. Early they played some zone and let us throw the ball down the field and all of a sudden we got the running game going. Then they began to man up on us and we threw the ball deep.

"But he has a lot of patients, Brendon knows the offense, he needed to get a start underneath his belt before we go to the rivalry for next week (Miami Ohio). So I think that was good to let him know that he is the guy now and we know how he can perform. But he has to perform with this offense. This is a little different offense from the past, but it was good to see him have some success and it was good to see our run game come out how it did. When you rush for 300 yards, you will win a lot of games. But we know we aren't going to do that every week and our offensive line really looked good at times throughout the game."

On putting Bennie Coney in the game so he could gain some experience:
"We wanted to make sure his nerves didn't get to him and I put him in there early at 21-0 and I told him that this game is not over with and we wanted to see how he could perform with a little pressure on him. We were going to be simple with him at first, start to throw the ball with him and bring him along slowly. You have to remember this is his first time playing on a college football field and the bright lights on and people watching. So I thought he performed pretty well and he is going to have to this year and he knows the offense better. We had to cut it down a little bit for him tonight, but as we progress through the season, he is going to have to know it all."

On how leading up to this game after last week's performance and Munchie being out for the year:
"It was hard because they played hard last week and we just got beat by a team that was better than us and we didn't play as well as we should have. It was just one of those games as we talked last week about. It's over with and we've got to go back to practice in order to beat a good football team.

"We don't know this offense well enough. We have too many holes in our depth because of the injury. We had 12 guys affected by heat exhaustion from practice last Tuesday, and that was no different from the practices we have had. It was just really hot. But they pushed through it and made it. The next day they came out and went through practice and it was almost just as hot and we didn't lose our concentration. Those types of practices really help your football team more than anything because you know you have to fight through it and concentrate. So it was a hard week of practice and it was hard to take going on the road and losing the way we did to a team that we felt like we had a good chance to beat but we just didn't play our best. So lesson learned and we had to get better going into next week."  

UC Player Quotes

#11 Brendon Kay, QB
On his status:
"It's good, there are ups and downs. When the game comes around you don't feel too much, getting through practice is the toughest thing. It's definitely getting better."

On the importance of having a good run game:
"The more balanced an offense the better we will be. We have a veteran o-line coming back and a stable of running backs that can all do different things. You need to be able to run the ball to set up play-action and let us push the ball down the field."

#43 Nick Temple, LB
On the difference between the Illinois game and today:
"Communication, we didn't communicate well on the defensive side, but we got that cleared up in practice and showed it today."

#3 Bennie Coney
On his first collegiate appearance:
"It was great. It's the day I've been waiting on. I have been working hard and I haven't played since 2011, and it was just great being out there."

On his first career touchdown:
"I just want to thank my coach. He kept telling me they play a lot of four cheat. When I looked out there they were in four cheat and so I looked the safety off and let it rip. My offensive line did a great job giving me time."

Northwestern State head coach Jay Thomas

On using this game as a teaching tool:
"That's right. We still have a lot of football to play and I think we have learned a lot of valuable lessons out of this game tonight. We will continue to learn and get better at it next week. I am still proud of our guys even though we didn't play where we have been playing the last couple of weeks, but I think Cincinnati had a lot to do with that as well."

On if the outcome has a better chance to be where he wants it to be next week vs. UAB:
"You never know. I haven't really even watched tape on UAB yet. We are certainly going to have to play better than we did tonight. That is for sure."

On if you burn the game film from a game like tonight:
"Oh no. This is not a film you burn. This is a film you learn from right here. We will go through it with a fine tooth comb and we will learn a little bit more about our team. This was going to be a different measuring stick for our team. During the course of the week, I was saying it even though we had a big win last weekend. I said, we still have a million miles to go as a football team and we do. There are a lot of things. We didn't get enough first downs and keep the chains moving tonight. Of course, you have to give Cincinnati's defense credit. They are fast and good. They did a really good job coaching. We didn't kick the ball as well as we have been kicking the ball the last two weeks. You can give Cincinnati credit for that and for putting a bit more pressure on our punt team. We can't do anything but get better from this game. Even though the score was what it was, the last quarter and a half we played a lot of guys. We played the second guys and the third guys. We played as many guys as we could so we took the opportunity as well to develop our depth which I think will help us down the road once we get into conference play."

On what the Bearcats did well on overall:
"It looked like everything tonight. I am really impressed with their offensive line to get things started right there. We have a couple of really big guys on our defensive front on the inside, but they managed them and created mismatches where they needed to create them. I thought they were very polished as an offense, ran the ball really well. That kept us off balance. They were able to get the big plays on us. Our guys might have got caught up in the game atmosphere. We busted some assignments that we have not been doing the last couple of weeks. I tip my hat to Coach Tuberville on being really well prepared. They came out and played a very good football game."

Northwestern State player quotes
QB, Zach Adkins, #8
On the difference between UC and the teams he played the last couple of weeks:
"Just the overall team speed. That D-Line did a great job."

On if a game like this will help the team get better in the long run:
"Yeah, I think it is a reality check for us because we came off these two wins. It is going to help us learn from this and we will come back and work harder."