Cincinnati-Miami (OH) Postgame Quotes

Oct. 3, 2009

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Cincinnati Sophomore Linebacker JK Schaffer

On the interception in end zone: “We absolutely had to come up with a stop. There wasn’t any other choice. I think the quarterback slipped a little bit and he threw it right to me.”

Cincinnati Senior Quarterback Tony Pike

 “We stuck with our game plan and we were able to run the ball a little bit. We feel like we can run the ball against anybody, but it depends on what they give us. Today they were doubling on Mardy (Gilyard) so they were giving us the numbers game where we could run the ball. They were putting 4 on 3 to our trips side and overloading the boundary side, so we had to establish the run.”

Cincinnati Head Coach Brian Kelly

 “I told our guys I’m pleased with the win, 37-13 over a Miami team that played real hard. Our kids played hard as well. I was pleased today with the effort we gave, but I was also not pleased with a lot of things. When you look at the game of football, you just try to keep winning. Today was not our ‘A’ game, not to take anything away from Miami because they played very well today. In particular, we had a 3rd and 26 that resulted in one of the scores, and we had a corner blitz where our kid didn’t make a play and both of those resulted in touchdowns. But you know, in a rivalry game, you’re going to get a team’s best shot and Miami gave it to us.”

On the interception in end zone: “JK had seen that route a couple times. We’re playing with some young guys, they’ll miss a few plays but they’ll come back and make some big ones too.”

On the running game: “We only had 19 minutes of possession so if we hadn’t been able to run the ball, we really would have struggled.”

On play of the defensive line: “The defensive line played very well today. We had some sacks early and it kind of got our whole line going up front. Zac Dysert is very elusive, a very nice quarterback, but our big pressure and sacks that we didn’t get last week kind of showed up today.”

On stopping the run: “Thirty yards rushing on 35 carries is pretty good run defense. I thought physically we could handle them, which we did. They had to take the stuff underneath so they were patient, they had possession 41 minutes to our 19, but we took the run away and forced them to throw the ball."