Cincinnati-Miami (Ohio) Postgame Quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

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UC Head Coach Butch Jones

"First of all, obviously, a very good win for our program. I'd like to congratulate our seniors. We understand what this rivalry is all about. The first half, we didn't play Cincinnati football; we left too many plays out there. We didn't play pitch and catch, had too many opportunities, too many penalties and that is not in our formula for winning. We attribute a lot of that to Miami. I thought the second half, we came out and made some good halftime adjustments and the players just executed. We had some big splash plays with the kickoff return to start the second half that really got the momentum going. I though our defense was opportunistic all night. We have to do a better job at generating turnovers and turning them into touchdowns and field goals. It was a gritty win. I though our players grinded through and we knew it was going to be like this and we made the plays that we obviously needed to. The second half, we become a completely different football team. We executed and that was great to see."

On George Winn's long run sparking the offense
"It did. He flipped field positions and coming out of the situation, we really wanted to run the football and we didn't score a touchdown in that series. We put all that effort into running the football and getting the ball down there and having the second and one on the one where we had to score a touchdown. That's where we will go back to work this week and improve on it as a football team because as the season progresses and we start to make it to league plays, those are very important areas where we have to make great strides with especially scoring touchdowns in those situations."

On Miami's strong start
"Miami came out and they were really poised. Obviously Zac is a great quarterback and they executed when we were back on our heels. I though the whole first half we never got into a rhythm and we never got into just playing consistent football offensively or defensively. I though Camerron's interception really turned momentum and let the players take their breath back and just focus in on what we had practiced all week long."

On how much of Munchie's development is about bouncing back
"He didn't even practice until Wednesday and that is that maturation process of a quarterback; being able to handle the scrutiny and being able to handle the day to day rigors of what it is to be a starting quarterback at this level. Playing injured, every week, every play was a learning experience for him and he didn't perform his best in the first half. But I thought the second half, he came back and he managed our offense. He ran our offense and I think that was great to see because that was a great test of his maturation process so far as a quarterback and I thought the second half he played well."

On something that had been working between Munchie and his receivers
"It's a combination. Receivers paint the picture for the quarterback but I think it's a little bit of a by product of how many practice reps. Make no mistake about it though, for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish we need to make those routine throws. We have to take great strides in our throw game this week."

Munchie Legaux, #4, QB

On his Mechanics in the first half

"The second half, I just calmed down and trusted my mechanics. The first half had nothing to do with Mechanics. It was just overthrown balls. I just had to go back to playing pitch and catch."

On if his receivers were getting open was a scheme thing they were working on or if it just happened

"Both, worked on different things this week. This week in practice those guys did a great job of just getting open and reading the coverage."

On some of his throws in the first half he missed

"The ball was just getting away from me. A lot of it was the ball just getting away from me. Me and my receivers have to do a better job of getting our timing together. I would just say timing. "

On the running game in the second half

"In the second half, we took a deep breath. At halftime they told us to just come out and have a better half. We did a great job staying calm and playing pitch and catch."

On responding to adversity in the second half

"You can't come out in the second half with the first half on your mind. You can't get those throws back. You have to move on and just continue to play football. You know, and that's what I did. Going into halftime, I knew I had some bad throws that were on my mind, but a lot of my guys came up and told me, it's okay, just continue to throw the ball."

Camerron Cheatham, #21, DB

On if he outran the guy using his track speed from his high school days

"Yeah, yeah, I still got a little bit of that in me. "

On if he was sitting on the pick six

It was something that just happened. It wasn't necessarily something that I was sitting on. We were in a great call, Coach Jones put me in the perfect place, I just had to make the play. It was the defense that everybody held on their position which allowed me to make the play. Great call, great play."

George Winn, #32, RB

About the defense picking the offense up at times

"Defense played tremendous tonight. We had a pick by Cam for a touchdown, another pick by Blair. They really helped us out, when we were struggling. "

Maalik Bomar, #4, LB

On if that game helped your confidence

"Growing that every game, helps of course. This game if behind us now and all we can do is look forward. When twelve o clock hits, the celebration is over. This definitely helps us out The little things in detail. Communication, schemes, all that helps. We are definitely clicking."

On what he told the defense after Miami's first touchdown drive

"Do not disrespect or take anyone lightly. We knew there were going to be some points put on the board by them. At the end of the day its about who is going to keep going and who is going to kick it in first. We definitely didn't feel that at all and I am proud of my defense for that.

Danny Milligan, #83, WR

On if he had any celebration planned for when you scored?

"Coach Jones is very strict. Chin the ball, hand it to the ref and celebrate with your teammates. I have never really been a flashy guy. I just give the ball to the ref and find the o-linemen because nothing happens without them. I think there were a few things in my mind since Freshman year I was planning to do, but I think they eventually said, no, cant do that, just go celebrate."

On how Munchie is getting better

"He is starting to relax and is starting to get composure. You know, all the things you see in a great quarterback. He has a lot to learn, but he really controls the offense. He demands respect and deserves respect. As much as I love the guy, I think playing on the hurt ankle, I couldn't love him more now. He is so good, and has come a long way, and I am very excited to see the future 

Miami (Ohio) Head Coach Don Treadwell
"The word we often use is momentum. I thought Cincinnati did a great job of seizing momentum at opportunistic times and that makes a difference in the game. Especially when we tried to close the gap a little bit early in the game. Then all of the sudden UC would make a play and that's what good teams do."

On Cincinnati's defense:
"They did a good job as far as multiple looks on defense. It's not like they blitz the whole game or anything like that. I think some of that, like always, we'll have to go back and say, `hey did Zac [Dysert] hold that too long'. It's a combination of those things going forward."

On wide receiver's Nick Harwell's return from a leg injury:
"For Nick, he was just getting back in the flow. We tried to minimize some of the things he was doing, but he was in the flow pretty good there. He did good there, he's a good competitor. Obviously in a game like this he did as much as he could, but we tried to hold him out as well."

On moving on following tonight's loss:
"At the end of the day, you want our kids to keep competing and I think our kids did that. Zac is very poised as we went on. I'm sure the advantage we have is it isn't the off week this week. We have another game to get ready for next week. You learn from each game and obviously we'll go back and study the tape here. We'll put this one behind us and get ready for next week's game against Bowling Green."

On the mindset following halftime:
"The mindset doesn't change at all. You have to play hard. I think I answered that earlier when I said Cincinnati did a great job of seizing the momentum. You have a chance to hopefully hold them down on the kick off a little bit. That's a big factor."