2007 University of Cincinnati Football

Oct. 7, 2007

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Rutgers vs. Cincinnati

October 6, 2007

Postgame Quotes


Bearcats Head Coach Brian Kelly


On the game: "We just can't play outside the margins against good, especially against good teams. We played a sloppy first half.  I was really proud of how the kids came out and put together a good third quarter. We grew up tonight. We started off jittery at first, but we knew we were young with some experience mixed in. They really settled down as time went on and made some plays."


On the play of defense against the Rutgers offense: "It was two teams fighting to get the win, we knew we had to stop the run and we knew (Mike) Teel was a great quarterback. He's (Ray Rice) a great back and we did a good job. We said from day one, against good opposition you have to stop the run. Both of them (Teel and Rice) played well, we made one more play at the end to get the `W'."


Was there a message sent tonight: "No message. We are just starting to develop a demeanor that may bend but we are not going to break. We showed that again tonight. We obviously kept them out of the end zone, and I think that was the key to tonight to holding them to field goals. That proved to be the difference in the game."


On the atmosphere in Rutgers Stadium: "Tonight was a great night for college football, I know everyone wants to win, but tonight was a clean hard hitting football game in a great environment and a great college football game. I think we gained confidence tonight that we can come into an opposing teams place and beat nationally ranked teams."


Halftime demeanor, after trailing by 10 at the half: "We knew we were going to face adversity but we stuck together there was no finger pointing, everyone was just picking each other up. When we came back in during the half we had to say here we go you guys have to play flawless in the second half to win this foot ball game and the guys responded."


On the Manalac interception late in the fourth quarter: "Medium down in distance we knew they were going to go to that play, we talked about it on the sidelines. They went to the play for the third time and we did a great job of checking down and cutting of the throwing lane for a huge play."




When you said you could win the BIG EAST this year, did you believe it?: "I don't think we ever come in and say that we can win it and not think we can. I think that we come in everyday and work hard with the mind set that if we do everything right we can win the Big East. One thing I said to the guys is "why not us", because if we work hard and do everything right why shouldn't we have a shot."



#10 Ben Mauk, Sr., QB


Did you show the rest of the country something today? I don't know if we showed the rest of the country something today. I think we came out and played hard. Everyone said we would have to face some adversity to see what kind of team we really were. And we came out down 17-7 in the second half and bounced right back and got a lead there. I did not play my best today but the defense played really well and people made plays on offense. We were fortunate to come out with the win."


Trailing at halftime, what was the message: "We came in at halftime in the locker room and we were down 10 points, but it seemed like we were ahead. No one was complaining, no one was pointing fingers. We regrouped there and we knew with this kind of offense you could score on any given play. We knew we had to make plays, we were stopping each other in the first half."


The third-quarter accuracy: "I think some of the receivers starting making plays for me. I just put the ball up there and we have three receivers who can go up and make plans. I was just trying to give them a chance to make plays and they did."


#12 Anthony Hoke, Jr., DE


"The offense kept grinding it out and we were up by 28-20, man we just have to hold them. When (Ryan) Manalac got the interception (1:19 in the fourth quarter) it was real big for us and it clicked for everyone. Wow."


On the changing of momentum of the game: We just had to keep going. I don't want to use the term `keep chopping wood' but that's kind of what we had to do. We knew if we kept going at them they were going to break because they were tired out there.


On play that led to interception to half Rutgers drive: "We were, up front, trying to get a rush. Great things happen and you just have to be patient. You have to stay together and not do things outside the margins. That is usually when you make mistakes, when you do too much. You just have to play your game and that's what we did."


On the defense' job on Rice: "Ray Rice is a good back. We did not let him get 100 yards last year and we knew the type of back he is and was. We knew he if we kept hitting him that eventually he was going to get tired. That's what we did all game, try and keep a hat on him."



# 16 Dominick Goodman, Jr., WR


On level of respect nationwide: It showed we can go against a good team in the BIG EAST and beat them at their own place in front of a sold-out crowd. We should get some respect now."


At the half: "No one was down at the half. We had our heads up, knowing we had to come in this game playing four quarters."


On the Cincy receiving corp: "We proved our receivers can go out and make plays .That's what we did today."