Cincinnati vs. Rutgers - Postgame Quotes

Oct. 11, 2008


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Rutgers vs Cincinnati – 10/11/08 Nippert Stadium – Cincinnati, Ohio



Head Coach Brian Kelly

Opening Statement

“Well, it is obvious we have reached BIG EAST conference play. Just a great college football game. I know most people reserve those comments for 52 points being scored, but it was physical football on both sides of the ball. I think there were some great things that occurred. We put Rutgers on the long field most of the day. When you are looking for hidden yardage and competitive advantage, we did a great job of putting us at a competitive advantage. Except for a mental breakdown defensively with the drive Rutgers put together in the third quarter. I think defense played a great game. Offensively, they made it tought for us all day. Chazz was still efficient, and he took care of the game. He played clean. The story offensively is the penalties. We shot ourselves in the foot numerous times to put more points on the scoreboard. This was week one; we have still six more weeks. Yippee.”


On BIG EAST Competition

“We talked about how we could lose all our games and Rutgers could win. That is how the BIG EAST is. Always are going to be close. It will be like that all year. We will have to slug it out all year.”


On Kevin Huber

“It was extraordinary what he was able to do. It makes it easier for me. You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to go for it, but it makes it easier when you have a guy like that that can pin the football. We were putting them down there to force them to make a mistake.” “I thought we were aggressive in our play calling when we needed to be. Having Huber, we didn’t want us to be in the position where they could turn the game around.“


On Mike Mickens’ Improvements...

“He is playing better football the last three weeks. He has to continue to play better. I’m glad he has played at a higher level.”


On Penalties

“I was disappointed. Especially on the offensive line, we had three or four false starts, and we haven’t had that all year. I’m crazy about them. Our guys are running if they make a mistake. I don’t know what it was, but we were mistaken prone today. The lack of flow makes it hard to call plays. You have a thought process of how you call plays, and then you are backed up five yards. You lose some continuity, and it makes it much more difficult.”


On Jake Rogers Long FG

“He has been kicking it very well. He came to me, and told me ‘Coach, I got it.’ Earlier in the year, he didn’t have the confidence in him.”


On Tony Pike’s Condition

“He’ll be available for Connecticut. I won’t know at what level until we get a chance to practice him at a normal setting. He has thrown and he has down pretty well. He will be cleared to play, and dressed.”


On the Quarterback Race

“I really haven’t thought about it. I will think about it tomorrow a little bit more. I think it is a competitive situation every week. I have another guy who is chomping at the bit in Dustin Grutza. Do you open it up to everyone or some? My email will be open if you want to drop me a note on how to pursue this situation because I’m not sure.”


On Chazz Anderson’s Sacks

“There is a lot to it. I think at the very minimum we would have liked to get the ball out of his hand quicker. There is a lot to that. The bottom line is the ball has to come out quicker in those kinds of situations. That is good coaching on the Rutgers side because that’s what they needed to do and they did it.”


Player Quotes

Kevin Huber, Sr., Punter

On Game Performance

“I would like to get more hang on it, and make it more pretty. Sometimes you have to take what you get. Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m not happy with my punts, but it is something that I have to work on before UConn.”

Mike Mickens, Sr., CB

On The Final Play

“They just lined up in a formation that we have been practicing all week. I played it inside, was able to get underneath, and went for the ball. I think I got a little bit of the ball in my hands.”

Connor Barwin, Sr., DE

On Kevin Huber

“He is a weapon out there for us. Anytime we are on defense, it is like we are down inside the 20. It is a huge weapon for us defensively. They have to go 80 to 90 yards to score.”

On Penalties

“We just made bad decisions. We got penalties, and we can’t do that if we want to keep winning.”

Chazz Anderson, Fr., QB

On Game Performance

“It’s hard to tell. I’ll look at the film. There is always need for a ton of improvement when you are a young quarterback.”

Head Coach Greg Schiano

On if this game is symbolic of the season:

“I think we’re getting better, but if you let it frustrate you and you quit then you will never know how close you were. We are going to go back to work and we’ll get over the hump.”

On the frustration level of the season:

“I’m very frustrated, but the difference between frustration and doubt is extremely important. I know how hard every one of these kids work and coaches work and right now it’s not clicking and we will go back to the drawing board and try to get it right.”

On the close game:

“We have a great group of kids in there and a great group of coaches in there and sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way. Again, today we did not turn the ball over for the second week in a row, but we did not get any turnovers as well. This was a close game and in close football games it usually comes down to one or two players making a play.” 

On the offense:

“If you look at the third downs, we had third and sixes and third and fives and we need to convert those to have sustainable drives. We had more manageable third downs today and we have to convert those.”