UC-Temple Postgame Quotes

Oct. 12, 2013

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Temple at Cincinnati
Nippert Stadium
Oct. 11, 2013 

UC head coach Tommy Tuberville
Opening statement:
“It was a great night for what these kids have been through in the last month. They needed something positive to happen to them. It’s been a struggle mentally for all of us and even though they still have one of their teammates in intensive care, they’re growing up. So this is part of a learning process for all of us. I’ve never been through anything like this and hope to never go through it again. We just have to remember what these kids have gone through and I’m proud of them and how they fought.

“Last week we went on the road and we looked like we were walking in mud and nothing was clicking for us, but tonight we played with a lot more energy. We intentionally changed our offense up with four wide receivers and went fast and got in a better high-team rhythm and it really helped us. I think it got our emotions going a little bit. We scored early and we haven’t scored many points in the first quarter, so it was a good start.

“Defensively, we didn’t have a clue what they were going to run on offense. They started a new quarterback - all new formations, all new running and passing game. It looked like we didn’t know what they were going to run in the first half and we didn’t slow them down much. But our guys adjusted at halftime. We put another guy on the line of scrimmage and a linebacker to the field and tried to get in the quarterback’s face and not let him get out the pocket. That’s what killed us in the first half. So that was good adjustments by the players and coaches.

“It was game that we need to win and obviously we needed to play better on all areas. We haven’t made a lot of improvement as a football team since the first game. We haven’t played well consistently, but there have been some bright spots. It was good that both sides played well. We fed off our each other and our kicking game was there at times when we needed it most - our punts. That was as a good of field possession I seen us have in a long time.

“So all together, it was a goodnight but it was hard on our players just watching them going into this game and it being our first home game since the tragedy. We can put a little more of this behind us and hopefully we can get better as a team.”

On if he could tell if the recent tragedy was affected the players during practice:
“Yeah, we normally have a lot more emotion and enthusiasm in our practice and it’s still there some, with Mark (Barr) still being in the hospital. There hasn’t been any closure to it. So it’s not anything that you can say, ‘ok let’s get this thing going because we know where it’s at.’ We are still in a holding pattern and hoping that Mark gets better each day. They have upgraded him some but he is still in serious condition and some of our players have seen him. It brings back reality, but this is a game that we are playing and this is life that’s he is playing. So it’s been a tough time.”

On if he decided to play faster because of last week’s performance:
“It was reaction to last week and we probably need to do some of it. If you go back to last week, we finally said we have to get some motion with this team and when we started to go fast in the middle of the third quarter, we started moving the ball, catch it and making great plays. Guys were getting back to the huddle much quicker and we just caught on to something. After the game, we looked at the film and decided that we need to keep doing that. Both of our tight ends were beat up a little bit and they didn’t play a whole lot tonight so we just fell into a four wide receiver and decided to spread them out. If they didn’t spread out, we could also do some screen passes. When they spread out, we ran the football.”   

UC Player Quotes

#7 Tion Green, RB                                                                  
On how it felt to get out there and showcase his talents:
“It’s a humbling feeling, especially with a good week of preparation, and getting the chance to earn my teammates’ and coaches’ trust.”

On how tough it was to wait for his turn:
“It wasn’t tough at all. It just taught me to work hard. I’m big on faith and I just trusted in God. At times it was frustrating, but I knew I would get the chance to show what I can do.”

On his performance in the game:
 “I am my biggest critic. If I could, I would go watch film right now and go over my correction because I’m the type of guy that wants to know what I’ve done wrong before coach can even evaluate me. I feel like I had a solid game, but there are a lot of places I could touch up on.”

On winning after the tragedy:
“We need this win, with the tragedy with Ben, and everything going on with Mark and also the loss we took to South Florida. This victory really took a weight off our shoulders. We really needed to get our confidence back.”

#25 Aaron Chenault, S
Reactions to the Ben Flick memorial before the game:
“It was emotional. He was a hard worker, quiet guy and for something like that to happen to him, it was heart breaking. We want to do whatever it takes to finish the season strong for Ben.”

On what the defense did differently in the second half:
“We played a lot more man and tried to pressure the quarterback, get him moving because we knew he was a freshman and tried to get him out of his comfort zone.”

On Temple not scoring in second half:
“We tried to blitz the quarterback more and play more man defense to get up on these guys instead of playing zone. When we played zone, the quarterback had too much time. We played more man and blitzed the quarterback and frustrated him.”

On loss to South Florida:
“We went down there and came out flat and in the second half, we tried to come back, but it was too late. The thing we have to do now is carry this focus into the UConn game. We have to focus on one thing at a time.”

#11 Brendan Kay, QB
On recent tragedy:
“Honestly, the whole team had a tough time. It’s not an excuse for what happened last week but, it’s definitely had an effect on the team. I think we really did a good job on channeling it toward what we did tonight. We just got to keep rolling.”

On the UC receiving corps:
“I have a lot of trust in all of them and the plays their going to make. Shaq (Washington) really stepped up, really all our guys. I’m really proud of the receivers, the offensive line. We just have to limit the penalties.

Temple head coach Matt Rhule
On what was going through his mind after the first half:
"We knew it was going to be a good football game. We knew we had a chance to be in the game. I wanted to see how P.J. would react to his first start and we were really please with him. We felt like the moment wasn't too big for him and just wanted to try to extend it to the fourth quarter. Unfortunately for us, we had some troubles on defense on third down. They were able to stay on the field and not really let us get into rhythm on offense. At the end of the game, we had a chance to move the ball down to the red zone and the ball got knocked out there. We knew we had a chance to be in the game. We knew we would play well early, but we just weren't able to sustain it."

On if the difference in the second half was because Temple couldn't get into a rhythm:
"We went three and out three and out. We weren't able to win third down and they were. That really just kind of let the game get away from us. Then we came back, I thought we were going to be able to score and make it a 10-point game. That is what we want to do, we want to get our team into the fourth quarter and keep it a game."

On if Cincinnati was able to do a better job containing P.J. in the second half:
"They didn't let P.J. get to the perimeter quite as much which is a little bit more his game. Even on that long drive, I think the future of P.J. looks really bright. He was as fast as anybody on the field. He is going to be a heck of a player in this conference."

On players playing through some injuries:
"It is just part of the game. We had a couple of guys go down. Our tight end went down for the game and unfortunately that changed our rotation a little bit. We have had some injuries. We just have to put the next guy out there. A lot of guys are going to get a lot of experience and we will have a lot of depth in the long run."

#11, P.J. Walker, QB
On the second half:
"We should have come out a lot faster in the second half like we did in the first half. We slowed it down in the second half and I should have been out there picking it up a lot faster."

On his success in the first half:
"We were happy with our success because we felt like we went into the half knowing we could win the game. We played pretty good in the first half."

On his first completion of the game being a touchdown:
"We needed it. We needed a touchdown because they scored on us so we had to answer back. It was pretty good."

On if Cincinnati did anything differently in second half:
"Not much, they started bringing a little bit more blitzes, but we picked them up. They just played their game and we came up short on a few third downs and that's on us. We have to get it fixed this week and come out next week and play even better."

On starting instead of coming into a game from the sideline:
"I prepare every week like I am the starter because that is how it should be. I just came out and I believed. I was relaxed, I was poised, and I just played the game and let the game come to me."