Cincinnati-Louisville Postgame Quotes

Oct. 24, 2009

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No. 5/6 Cincinnati vs. Louisville - 10/24/09 Nippert Stadium - Cincinnati, Ohio


Head Coach Brian Kelly

Opening Statement

 “An exciting day at Nippert Stadium. When you talk about Homecoming, you want the excitement of your fans and student base. An exciting day for the University with the largest crowd and topping it off with good football. Our guys were on top of it right from the beginning. Offensively, we got into a good rhythm with Zach and a good mix of run and pass. It kept Louisville off balance early on. We got the two quick scores. No one was worried about where Tony was. Not that we don’t want Tony in there. It is good early on when you can show you can be effective and efficient with our second-string quarterback.

On Tony Pike’s Status

“We will take it day to day. It is a matter of getting the swelling out. We want to make sure we don’t put him in a position where he can’t protect himself. He’ll start to move himself into a position where a lot of it will depend on his comfort level. Medically, it is what it is. He had the plate replaced. It was damaged on a helmet hit. On that stand point, the good news last year he had a dislocation with that wrist and the fracture. This year there isn’t a dislocation. We’ll take it day to day.”

On Zach’s Performance

“I think more than anything that he could stay in the realm of the offense and not adlib. One of the things that held him back last year was that he did some things that were outside the lines. That is the kind of player he is. He was disciplined, he was sharp on his progressions, and he is a very capable quarterback.”

On Zach Becoming the second-string quarterback

“We had a conversation in the spring. As you know, he played baseball this year and did quite well. We talked about what he needed to do to be the starter. He really worked hard all summer to correct some of the things that I thought he needed to work on. He really came into summer and won that second place. It really wasn’t that Chazz did anything to lose it, but Zach just won it. Zach was really much more consistent than Chazz Anderson.”

On Team’s Demeanor

“I think anytime you have a team that has success, they don’t want one guy that is the reason you win or lose. There is a lot of pride in that locker room. There were 104 guys that wanted to make sure they knew they had something to do with winning. It is a tight group of guys.”

On Tony Pike’s Demeanor

“I think he was a little down. He has a great run going and this happens to him. The one thing I love about him is that he is going to do whatever is necessary to win. He could have been back at his home, but he stayed at the hotel and spent three hours with those guys watching film. We are really fortunate to have that guy. He could be like ‘woe is me,’ but he was with those guys all night. He was outstanding the last 24-36 hours.  We have a computerized system that is kind of like Play Station and it puts your offense in motion. And he was with them all night going through it.”

On Walter Stewart’s Performance

“Walter is an impressive young man. He is as purposeful at what he does and says. Wait util you see him in a year or two. He is a special young man.”

Player Quotes

Zach Collaros, So., QB

On The Start

“It felt great. The numbers are pretty good. We could run versus the defense. I didn’t get touched all night and the line protected me. When I threw the ball behind them, the receivers caught it. There were some questions with that, but we came out with the first two drives, and everything was hitting. After that, I had a lot of confidence the rest of the game.”

On different plays

“With Tony, he is an NFL prototype, but with me, we can run the ball a little bit, too. We like to get involved in that, and it opened it up for the running backs.”

On warming up to start

“I had some butterflies. Really, last night and this morning was when I was most nervous. When I got on the field, it was like playing football again.”

On Being Compared to Ben Mauk

“My red shirt year and even last year, he would always point out certain things. The main thing with Ben is that he would tell me to be who I am and not be something I’m not. That is really what he helped me with. I talked to him a couple of times this week and he told me to be who I am.”

On Next Man In

“I had been taken the second reps when Tony was playing. As far as the offense, I didn’t’ have to learn anything new. Coach Kelly helped me breakdown some things in film.”

Mardy Gilyard, Sr., WR

 “It doesn’t matter who is under center with our offense. Coach Kelly could be under it. In practice we focus on the little things so we don’t get caught up on it. We don’t worry about who runs the show. Coach Kelly does. We just go with the flow. Someone goes down. The next steps up. Personally, I think it adds a little bit more spice to our offense with Zach in there because it keeps the defense guessing. It adds a plus to our offense.”

On Buying Into Next Man In

“It was probably last season. In 2007, we were a little rough around the edges getting used to the coaches. Once we hit 10 wins, we thought that something was going on in the front office that gets the job done. We just flip flop so many quarterbacks that we used all of them on the depth chart. No worry about it.”

On Zach in the Huddle

“There is no difference. He didn’t lose a game in high school. I told him in pregame not to worry about it. We are going to make sure that when it all said in done that he would have a nice day.”

On tying the school record for TD receptions with Dominick Goodman

“I didn’t even know. Just tying the record with someone I know. He put me under his wing since 2007. Goody was always that guy. He isn’t a real verbal guy, and I took everything I saw from him in 2007 and 2008 and leading me into 2009. I was blessed to have Goody in front of me to show me the smooth and rough ends and reading certain things.”

Andre Revels, Sr., ILB

On Where We Were to Now

“It feels really good that we are making the proper steps to be a team that you see on ESPN. It just feels good. When we first came in, we weren’t really competing, and it was a landslide. And now we come in and make it competitive.”

On Defensive Plan

“We knew they were going to be a heavy run team so our plan was to stop the run and the deep ball. I’m not a stat person, but it looks like we did a good job of it today. We had to get it back in Zach and Mardy’s hands and let them do their thing.”

Walter Stewart, RS Fr., OLB

On Performance

“I just came into the season. I knew I was going to play, but I kept working. This was the first game that I felt comfortable. This was the one game that I felt confident and knew what I was doing. It helped a lot.”

University of Louisville Quotes

#9 Adam Froman, Quarterback

On the team’s performance

“We knew they were coming to score. They have a great offense, and they have a lot of talent. We wanted to do the same thing and be able to put up points against them. We weren’t able to put it together all the way though. We had a lot of injuries though, but the team isn’t just the 11 guys on the field. We have back-ups, and we have guys behind them. A guy getting hurt is no excuse, so we’ll get back at it and figure it out. Nobody in this locker room is giving up, and nobody will give up until the end of the season.”

On Cincinnati’s speed

“Their defense is fast, real fast. They’re talented, and they work hard. Our offensive line did a good job, and we tried to move the ball behind them. We just didn’t move the ball enough.”

On Cincinnati’s ranking

“If you have a No. 5 ranking, you obviously deserve it. It’s a good offense, they play hard, and they’re well-coached. They deserve that No. 5 ranking. Obviously, they’re the highest-ranked team I’ve played against.”


#8 Darius Ashley, Running Back

On his individual performance today

“There are always areas for improvement. Nobody plays a perfect game. It’s exciting to play so close to home, but obviously I didn’t want it to pan out like this. If we win out, we could still look at a bowl game. All we can do is go out and play every week.”

On feeling pressure to score to keep up with UC

“You can’t feel pressure. You just have to try to go out and put points on the board. That’s a great team we just played against. Being from Cincinnati, it’s good to see them doing well, but it would’ve been better if we had beaten them.”


Louisville Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe

On Louisville’s performance today

“We didn’t come out of the gate very well on defense. We struggled a little bit to get on a roll and in a rhythm on offense. I thought that the drive at the end of the first half was a good drive – the 15 play drive that got it to 21-7. Our thoughts at halftime were, ‘Hey, we have to come down and score a touchdown to make it 21-14.’ Unfortunately, that personal foul penalty knocked us out of there, and we had to settle for the field goal to make it 21-10. We just needed to get off the field on defense. If we had been able to get off the field on defense a couple times in the 3rd quarter, then maybe we could have gotten back and tied the thing up, or at least gotten close to tying the thing up. We just didn’t get the possessions when the game was back in the balance. We got the game back in a little balance when we made it 21-10, but then they go down and score on their next two possessions and it’s right back out of balance again.”

On Cincinnati’s offense

“It’s a good offense, and I knew Zach [Collaros] was a good player. To be honest with you, I was hoping Tony [Pike] would play today, because I knew they would be one-dimensional, and I knew that they would throw it. That’s one thing with Zach, he can not only throw the ball, but he can also run the ball on designed quarterback runs. That was something they didn’t do a whole lot of with Tony in the game. So I really felt that if Tony played, even if he hadn’t been hurt, it would’ve been a lot better match-up for us. They’re a little more one-dimensional with Tony in there.”

On Louisville’s slow start

“I don’t know why we started so slow, because we had a great week of practice and we were great in the locker room. Our guys were ready to play; you can ask them. We had great meetings all week long and last night, so I can’t answer that question other than we just didn’t execute.”

On playing different players today

“We just have to find guys that can play. We’re a little banged up right now at the running back spot, but I thought Darius Ashley came in and did some good things for us today. In the secondary, we’re just looking for able-bodied guys. We’re moving guys around, and putting them in different positions just so we can put four guys out there. Right now we just have to get healed-up a little bit this week, and we need to see if we can get more guys out there. I don’t want to have to take red-shirts off of guys. It’s just too late in the season to do that.”