Cincinnati-Louisville Postgame Quotes

Oct. 27, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Cincinnati 31, No. 16/14 Louisville 34 (OT)
Oct. 26, 2012 | Louisville, Ky. | PapaJohn's Cardinal Stadium

Cincinnati Head Coach Butch Jones
(Opening statement)
“Obviously a great college football game, I think two teams going at it. I’m very proud of our kids I thought they showed a lot of resiliency, especially on the road and come back and tie the score for overtime. They made one more play in overtime and that was the difference in the game”

(How did weather affect the game?)
“It was challenging at times, but obviously in third and down situations we have to convert. We practiced with a wet ball throughout the course of the week because we knew we had a chance of playing in the rain. It affects you a little bit, but as much as we practice with not as much as you would think”

(On Munchie Legaux’s playing)
“I thought he made some big plays for us, everything’s a learning process, but when you’re in overtime you got to throw the ball away and we got to be able to kick a field goal and put our defense out on the football field. In overtime the number thing you cannot do is turn the football over.”

(On Ralph David Abernathy IV’s play)
“I think we were behind the sticks more that we would like, but I thought Ralph had a very strong performance. He brings a lot to the table for a football team”

(On the offense)
“ I thought we did a much better with playing Temple, I thought we did a much better that way and as we move forward we need to continue to play at that tempo.”

(On changing the momentum of the game)
“I thought one of the critical plays of the game was in the fourth quarter when we have the ball at the 50 and we had a big run and it’s negated by a holding penalty. We had two catastrophic holding penalties and those are momentum changers, those are game changers and it really changes the field position game. It nullifies a 20 yard run and then you go back 10 yards from the spot and those end up being 30-35 yard penalties and we had two of those. For us offensively, we can’t have those mistakes.”

(On the way his team played)
“They are a resilient group of kids. That’s a hurting locker room right now, as a coach; they laid it on the line and gave us everything they had. Dan Giordano had the flu all day, the resiliency of the group, now obviously we’ll hurt and we’ll bounce back. We don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves, we have a talented Syracuse football team coming in and it’s going to take everything that we have but we love our kids and we think they showed true character.”

Linebacker Maalik Bomar
(On how difficult is it to spend the whole game trying to track Teddy Bridgewater)
“He’s a great quarterback, and he has great percentages and at the end of the day we have to make plays. We’re here for a reason, we have to prove ourselves, so that was on us. All we can do is work and get back at it next week.”

(On the postgame talk in the locker room)
“We fought hard, a loss is a loss, and a win is a win, they ended up winning. We’re hurt right now and we have some things to think about. All we can do is get back to on the field and perfect our craft.”

(On if this game decides the BIG EAST)
“No, not at all. We knew they were going to come at us because they were undefeated. Our job was to come in here and redeem ourselves from last week.”

(On if he likes playing in this environment)
“Yeah this is what we signed up for. I felt like our guys answered the call when we needed too. We just need to get this feeling off our backs.”

(On one or two younger guys that impressed him)
“Cameron Beard. He played hard tonight when he came in for us. He won matchups. Trenier Orr was another guy that played well. We could use more guys like that. It’s good to have him on defense.”

Quarterback Munchie Legaux
(On the touchdown to Damon Julian that tied the game up)
“It was a great play by Damon, I just recognized the coverage. The cornerback bit on the route so I knew he was going to be open.”

(On the overtime interception)
“With a bigger guy like Travis Kelce I tried to throw the ball up so he can go up and make a play, but the cornerback did a great job on breaking and reacting on the ball, and he made a great play. That’s one of the plays you wish you could have back, but you live or die with it.”

(On what his teammates said to him after the game)
“They just told me to pick my head up, and that they have my back no matter what the outcome of the game is. I never got down, and they told me that we still have a lot more football to play.”

Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong

“The only thing I can say is when you talk about tenacity, when you talk about finish, you talk about resiliency - that’s what you look at with this football team. When you get down 17-7 and you’re down 24-14. And then we’re backed up on the goal line and Teddy (Bridgewater) makes a throw out to (Damian) Copeland who makes an unbelievable catch. And then we go and throw a touchdown to DeVante (Parker) who also makes an unbelievable catch with one foot down. Then we get the ball and we’re trapped and we can’t throw the ball after DeVante and he makes everybody miss and he goes for another... that was a big time, a big time play right there.

“But then defensively, you like to see us with 1:57 to go in the game and they take the ball and there’s two timeouts left, hoping we can get a stop. And if we can get the stop, then it’ll make them use their timeouts, but we weren’t able to get the stop and throw the ball up over our head and then get the game into overtime. And we come and Terell Floyd gets the interception, then we were able to run the ball, get the ball into field goal range and go punch it in and get the field goal - and get the win.

“It’s amazing. That locker room is very happy right now. We didn’t play very well the first half. We weren’t in synch on offense. We made a lot of mistakes just in the rhythm. Defensively we were able to get two turnovers and kind of kept ourselves in the game on defense just because of the plays we were making. But we have to get better. That’s good. You win a football game and you know you can still improve and this football team knows it - I just told them that. We’re 8-0, but still we can go play so much better. We have yet to put together a 60 minute game. When is that going to happen? We need that to happen.

(What did referee say on loose ball being ruled as touchback)
“They said he never had possession of the ball. I said if we are running down the field after a punt, and it hits one of our players and they recover, then that is their ball. The referee said yes that is true. I said well he muffed it, but the referee said he never had control of it. I told the referee that he picked it up and tried to run with it but recovered it in the end zone. The referee said he didn’t agree, and that the returner never had possession of the ball.”

(On what he told the official to warrant a penalty)
“What did I tell him? That is why I got that 15 yarder (penalty). I apologize for that though, that’s the thing, I am sorry I did not mean to overreact like that. I just got pissed.”

(On if he said anything to John Wallace or Will Stein before the game-winning field goal)
“No, I did not say anything to either one because it is all about the execution and a lot of times you walk over there and say ‘you have to make this,’ and I did not want him (John Wallace) to tighten up. Just to go in and kick it like he has always kicked it. If he hits it then the game is over, if he does not hit it than we have to go to the other end and go play defense. Actually we were going to get the ball first down in the “Crunch Zone.” I told them that when we won the toss we wanted to play defense first.”

(On Damian Copeland’s 51-yard reception in the fourth quarter)
”If you watch that play, Teddy (Bridgewater) felt pressure and Cope (Damian Copeland) runs and kind of slows down and then Teddy lets it go and he just takes off and makes an unbelievable catch. We were backed up and we really needed a play because we were down seven at the time and just trying to get some energy. If you remember, right before that, I think that is when we punted the ball and we dropped the ball and were not able to recover it there on the seven yard line. To watch Teddy make that throw; we just needed a play to ignite us and we scored on that drive, then we scored on the next drive, and then we get the ball in overtime and we score.”

(On his reaction when DeVante Parker shook the defender)
“Just to see him with the ball in his hand. We always talk about yards after the catch and making the big run after the catch and he was able to do that. One thing you really saw then was how fast he is, because even though he cut across the field the guys (Cincinnati’s defenders) still had angles and he was able to outrun them.”

Defensive Back Terell Floyd
(Comment on the interception in the overtime)
“The quarterback was locked on the receiver and I knew he was going to throw the ball. I just went under the receiver and got the pick.”

(On what was different in the second half defensively)
“We made some adjustments to fill in the gaps. We have an excellent defensive coordinator that put us in the right sports to make the right plays.”

Wide Receiver Damian Copeland
(What does this mean to you and the team)
“This win shows how much our team has matured from last year. We knew this was going to be a big week and a big game, and we got it done.”

(Overtime, the ups and downs and the game winning drive)
“We stayed poised. Our offense came together and executed, and our defense came to play for the win.”

Wide Receiver DeVante Parker
(On general comments following the game)
“It was a hard fought, physical game. My teammates and I just came out and executed tonight.”

(On the two touchdown catches)
“On my second catch, I just came out, shook the defensive back and got in the open field and scored. The first catch was just a simple post and I just released and came out with the ball.”

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater
(Thoughts during overtime)
“I was just relying on our defense to get a stop. Once the defense was able to stop them, we were able to punch it in.”

(On being 8-0)
“It wasn’t easy. We have overcome adversity and it’s just a good feeling right now.”
(Where does this rank on your college victories) “I don’t even know where it ranks right now. I’m still thinking about is victory.”

(On Cincinnati sideline being fired up)
“We didn’t pay attention to their sideline. We just paid attention to our game plan and our own sideline.”