Post Game Quotes

Nov. 8, 2008

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Cincinnati Head Coach Brian Kelly
Overall Statement...
"Well, another boring game. I hope ESPNU thanks us for the ratings. Again, I think the thing that stands out, more than anything else, is BIG EAST football is a battle, right to the very end. West Virginia is a great program, and to take the belt from them you got to keep playing."

"A lesser team, and I'm talking about the Cincinnati football team, a lesser team would have folded under those circumstances. Obviously, giving up the points we did late, all of the momentum was with West Virginia. We got the big stop to hold them to the field goal in OT, and then we were able to score the TD."

"It was just a great football game, one that we knew that we had to win if we wanted to talk about being a BIG EAST contender."

Going into OT...
"We got them together and told them that No. 1, it's our defense that goes on the field first. Keeping them out of the end zone really gave the offense a lift, to be quite honest. Our defense played well all day, up until we got into that darn prevent stuff, which we all know, prevents you from winning."

"Clearly, we got some momentum back on the stop and we were able to make some plays."

On the open-field tackling...
"Outsanding defensive play. Pat White, Noel Devine, Jock Sanders - I could go on and on. We played very well defensively today. We needed to play that well. Team defense, but at the end of the day, you are going to have to make individual tackles on one or two of those guys, and we came up with them all night."

West Virginia Head Coach Bill Stewart
"That was one heck of a football game and how we battled back, I am so proud of our football team. I'm proud to be their head football coach. That was character in the second half. I am just as proud as I could be for our guys. I'm also proud of the West Virginia nation. I'm indebted and I won't forget it. This is going to make this team better."

"We have a hurt football team in there because we lost and that is never fun. We got it back to 0-0 and that's all I could ask of them. There were some things I was not pleased with and some things that I'm very pleased with. My hat is off to Coach Kelly and his football team. They beat us at home."

"We didn't block well in the first half but we got better. I saw some pretty good defense on both sides of the field. The defense was outstanding. It's tough to win that way."

"No timeouts left on the clock-, we're playing to win this baby so that's why we did what we did and we tried to get more points."

On Pat McAfee...
"That was a big-time kick by McAfee and he got us back in the game and into overtime."

What he told the team after the game...
"I told them I was proud of them and I was very proud to be on the sidelines with them and I was proud to be with the fans who never gave up on us and just kept cheering. We got beat in overtime. I saw nothing but heart to get back 20-20 and I'm not wearing rose-colored glasses."