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Nov. 8, 2009


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No. 4/7 Cincinnati vs. Connecticut

Nov. 7, 2009

Nippert Stadium - Cincinnati, Ohio



Head Coach Brian Kelly


Opening Statement

“How was that?  Was that exciting football? That is going to age me quickly. We got off to a great start. The way we started offensively, you get up 30 to 10 at the half and then, I have to give credit to UConn. They controlled the line of scrimmage. Offensively, we had to score more points to win. That happens sometimes. We all would like to play our best in every phase of the game, but sometimes you have to find a way to win. Today, our offense had to pick it up for our defense. A lot of that has to deal with how Connecticut played. I think we helped the ratings for ABC. It was a great game and atmosphere.”


On Zach’s Performance

“I’d have to be a real bummer to pick a part his performance. He sees the field extremely well and made plays all over the place. He has great help with receivers, and great balance. I don’t know what else you can say offensively. With all that offense, we didn’t turn the ball over and I think that says a lot about the discipline that we had tonight.”


On Mardy’s Night

“It is interesting. They started rolling the coverage to Armon Binns and it took us a while. We had to get the ball back to Mardy and we were able to do that. I thought that at the end of the day, running the football was obviously very important.”


On Reminding of Grand Valley State Days

“It was similar. Tonight, we had to lean on our offense and that is fine with me. Defense has been good for us. There are a lot of guys in there that I had to tell that we had to win. It is hard to win. We have won 15 consecutive regular season games. You have to sometimes tell your kids to enjoy it. We have a lot of things to work on, but you have to enjoy it.”


On Two Point Conversion

“I’m getting ready to score more points. We have to hit a couple more. I’m just lining up the next call and play. We needed to be aggressive, and we couldn’t sit on this thing. We stayed aggressive.”


On Sideline Emotions

“I was up and down the sideline telling them it was going to be a four quarter game. They weren’t going to quit. They had a bye week and would give us everything. It was good for our guys. They hadn’t been in this kind of adversity all year. I told them to keep fighting and playing, and they did.”




Player Quotes

Zach Collaros, So., QB

On Last Drive

“There was definitely a sense of urgency. There was most of the second half. We really shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times in the third. The last drive, everybody cowboy’d up and we did it.”


On The Atmosphere

“The atmosphere was electric. It was an awesome atmosphere. It gave me some butterflies. It is an amazing feeling being out there, especially when our offense is clicking. Anytime you play under the lights, there is that extra excitement. ABC and national TV is big for the University.”



JK Schaffer, So., LB

On The Defense

“The first half, we really didn’t play too bad except for the long plays. We had a small mistake here and there. When you have guys not on the same page, it hurt us. In the second half, they were pounding the ball two or three yards at a time. Kudos to our offense for keeping the points on the board.”


On the Team’s Thoughts on Game

“Yeah, it is always exciting when you don’t have your best game, and still get the win. It just shows how much better you can get. Right now, it isn’t the best thing to give up this many yards and points, but in the long run, it will show us our weaknesses.”



Mardy Gilyard, Sr., WR

On the Team’s Emotions

“We have leaders on the teams that make us focus on the little things. I was telling the defense to get off the field.  I think I said this before, every game we play is a big game.”


On 100 Yards in First Quarter

“It really doesn’t matter to me as long as we are winning. We are fifth in the country right now. A couple teams lost in front of us. We needed to come out and play ball. I don’t come out week in and week out and want a hundred yards. I come in and want to win. I could have negative stats, but as long as we get the ‘W,’ I am happy. Kudos to Zach, offensive line, and the coordinators.”


On Defending Him

“I have been saying this from the summer. If defenses want to be ignorant to our other receivers, they will get murdered by Armon Binns and D.J. Woods. We have weapons for everything. Isaiah Pead and Jacob Ramsey did their thing. Zach went for a ton of yards, and he had an excellent day. We have so many weapons and it makes it hard to defend us.”

UConn Head Coach Randy Edsall
Opening remarks…
“It’s just the same old story again, in terms of our five losses. We just got ourselves in a situation early on that wasn’t good. This team is full of grit, determination, any adjective you want to use, but we just keep coming up short. I’m just running out of things to tell them. It has been a lot of self-inflicting wounds, and if we do the little things correctly, we’ll get one of those wins. Give Cincinnati credit, but if they’re number four in the country, then we are what we are. We’re not far off, and we’re just going to have to keeping working everyday to get better.”

On getting behind early…
“They executed better, and we just didn’t execute. We told them at halftime to play looser, and let it all fly. We told them not to play thinking about mistakes. We really need to learn to play with confidence. Some guys weren’t playing with that confidence in the first half, and we found ourselves in a hole.”

On staying with the game…
“They just stuck together, and played like they always do. They played as hard as ever. I’m really proud of the way they came back. This is a tough team, and it’s tough to lose, but it’s the game.”

On Connecticut’s strengths in the game…
“Zach Frazer played really well. We didn’t turn the ball over at all. Overall, though, Zach played very well, but I’m saying that without looking at film. You have to take your shot at a team like this when you have it, and we took it. We need a bye week badly. These kids need to get away from football for awhile.”