Cincinnati-SMU Postgame Quotes

Nov. 9, 2013

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SMU vs. Cincinnati
Nippert Stadium
Postgame Quotes

Cincinnati Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening statement:
“We didn’t disappoint anybody. We told everyone it’s going to be close, and we knew it would be. I thought there would’ve been more points scored, but because we were able to run the football we ran more time off the clock and scored 28-unanswered points. We got behind 10-0, and luckily, we held SMU down. Fortunately, they kicked a field goal, and then we scored 28 points before they scored again. I thought that was outstanding. We learned a lot of lessons today. Fortunately, I’ve seen that type of offense the last three to four years, and we pretty much knew how to play it. We knew that we had to run the football and won the running battle 160 to 40. That gave us the ball seven, eight or nine more minutes, and we just had to keep them off the field.  We couldn’t stop them and nobody has stopped them all year long. The last game he threw for 600 yards and scored 59 points after getting behind 28-7, and our guys never paniced. We kept doing what we needed to do. Our offense did an excellent job of mixing up our plays. We threw enough passes and threw enough runs in there to keep them honest, and we played hard and with a lot of emotion on the sideline. Great for Senior Day. I know it’s not our last game here but it’s our last Saturday game, and we would‘ve missed some parents if we had that Thursday night. So it was good for our seniors and great to see Mark Barr back.

It’s great to play a team game because to beat a team like that, with a quarterback like they have, you have to play as a team: offense, defense and special teams. It was a little closer than we like but we will take the win.

On their efficiency during third downs being a key to the game:
“We knew we had to win the third down battle. We couldn’t have gone out there and converted 25-30 percent. That’s the whole key. If we had passed the 50-yard line, we wouldn’t have punted, and as long as it had a decent chance of making four or five yards, we were going to go for it. It was one of those things that I think we just punted one time, and we got it inside the eight-yard line. Then they turned around and threw the ball for about 60 yards into the air for a completion. That’s how quick it changes, so you can’t rest.

That kid has a great future in front of him, and I am glad that we don’t have to play him again next year. The way he started out. If he kept throwing it like he threw it in the first couple drives, this game would have be over sooner. Fortunately, we were able to roll our coverage up a little bit, and we didn’t play much man which was exciting. When you have to play man with a team like this, they can get a lot of big plays on you because they run a lot of pick routes. But it’s fun to see our defensive line get some pass rush. We got a couple of sacks, and we played good on third downs as you said.”

On getting their running game to be more effective:
“The thing that surprised us is when it got to eight minutes left in the game, we said we have to be able to run the ball no matter what they do. Normally when they put an eight-man front up like they did, we throw our passes on the outside and run our offense. But we shut it down and said let’s run it. We busted three or four runs and ran the clock. I just hated that we fumbled the ball on the five-yard line. We could have gotten it over a little sooner, but we felt like we needed to make it exciting. We have done that all year long, and they were able to come back. There were a lot of big plays in that game. If you go back and look at it, one of the biggest plays was their fourth and five when they scored the late touchdown. If they didn’t score then we would have been able to do some damage and keep the score out of reach.

 Again, our guys grew up. We didn’t tackle as well as I hope the first quarter, but we got better as the game went on. We actually got stronger on defense. 450 yards…I will take that every time against a team that throws the ball like they did today.”

On what it says about the defense allowing 451 yards but only 25 points:
“We only gave up two or three big plays and none for touchdowns, and that’s what that offense is about. It’s about scoring quickly and making you miss tackles and having 40-50 yard runs after the catch. We told our guys they are going to catch them, and you just have to get them on the ground.”


#11, Brendon Kay, QB

On if they got into a different grove when they are running the ball instead of passing:
“Yeah, I thought what we did in the second half was awesome. The offensive line and the running backs were pounding it out and took their will away.”

On going against SMU’s high powered offense:
“At the end of the day, you just have to score more, but we were ready to outscore them and the defense did a great job. Offensively, we did well. We just made turnovers, and I can’t throw those two picks and Tion (Green) can’t fumble. Besides that, I thought we executed our offense pretty well.”  

On his two interceptions:
“The first one, I honestly don’t know what happened. The second one, I just didn’t see the corner, and I have to throw that one away.”

On what it says about the team when they have three turnovers and don’t take the ball away from them but still win the game:
“It is just a testament to all of the work that we put in. Whether its film or practice, this offense can be real explosive, and we can put up those kinds of numbers or even better.”

#8, Adrian Witty, S

On how much it helps when the running game is doing so good and you guys get a breather:
“It helps a lot. It keeps us fresh and off the field. When we go out there we fly around and make plays. We force three and outs, force field goals, get off the field, and get the offense the ball back. When we run the ball and drive down the field, it keeps the defense fresh. The fresher the defense, the more likely chance we have of winning.”

On forcing the missed field goal:
“We knew if we don’t make mistakes, there is no way that they can win this game. Everybody did their job, and we got off the field. “

On holding them to 25 points:
“We fly around. We gave up 400 yards passing, but at the end of the day, we scored more points than them. We are satisfied, but we still have to get better. That is a lot of passing yards, so we have to get better after this weekend and not let it happen again.”

On what the defense learned from a game like today:
“We have to tackle better. A lot of passes were five yards, but we missed tackles and would turn them into 15 yard gains. We just have to make guys catch the short pass and then get them down. “

#6, Anthony McClung, WR

On his progression since August:
“We have come a long way as a team and as an offense. We had to make a few changes early in the season, and now we kind of feel like we can move the ball well with different types of personnel and an up-tempo offense. We changed that early in the season, and now it is working for us.”

On looking for a big year this year:
“Definitely. Of course being the only senior receiver, I want a big year. I can’t control that because I was hurt. My young receivers stepped up and they made big plays.” 


SMU Head Coach, June Jones

On the game:
“I kind of knew when we didn’t score a touchdown down there in the first half and we kicked a field goal and missed a field goal two other times. On the road, you have to score those points and we just didn’t do that. I thought the offense did a lot of good things, but we are in a situation where you have to score every time because we can’t rely on anything else to carry us through. I thought the kids played hard. We battled like we always have and we finished strong, but we just came up short.”

On special teams struggling today:
“We had penalties on special teams and physically haven’t kicked the ball or punted it today. I don’t think he’s missed a field goal all week in practice, but the fog of war happens sometimes and things happen to kids under pressure.”

On health of JaBryce Taylor:
“I think he is okay, scary moment. He is fine, in fact he is going to go home with us. They went through a CT scan and everything and I guess he’s okay.”

On how well the offense played vs. a tough defense:
“Garrett played extremely well. The receivers made some plays. I think the only thing that I am struggling with is that we are not running the ball very good. That wasn’t a factor because Garrett was hitting every pass, but at some point we are going to have to run the ball to win a game. That part of it is kind of frustrating.”

On Cincinnati’s ability to convert on third downs:
“I don’t know what their numbers were, but they turned over a bunch on them. They ran the ball so well in getting five or six yards on first down that they were getting a lot of third and shorts. They must have converted four or five QB sneaks. I think it is more us allowing the first down runs. It is a little bit different if it’s third and inches compared to when it’s third and eight. I don’t think we gave up many of those, but we did give up a lot of short third downs.”

On UC’s offense:
“They do a good job. They play fast and they have skill. They have some kids. I think they are a very well coached team. Tommy does a very good job on both sides of the ball. We knew we were going to have to play perfect to win and we didn’t play perfect today.”

On if it is tough when Cincinnati rotates quarterbacks like they did:
“I stood there on the sideline knowing when 10 was in there he was going to run the ball, but you still have to stop him.”