Cincinnati 24, West Virginia 21 Postgame Quotes

Nov. 14, 2009

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No. 5/5 Cincinnati vs. No. 23/RV West Virginia
11/13/09 Nippert Stadium - Cincinnati, Ohio

Head Coach Brian Kelly
Opening Statement
"It was a great win and a good college game. At halftime we talked about it would be about a will to win. Our team did a great job on each play. We didn't get too worked up about the flow of the game. Our theme all week was winning should be celebrated but executing should be worshipped. Our execution was not good the previous week. Unfortunately, we turned the ball over a couple of times, which isn't like us. We overcame that, and again, it is a great college football game. That is why you sign up for this duty. You want to be involved in this, a great crowd and atmosphere. I'm really proud of our fans, they made it a collegiate atmosphere that was fun to be part of."

On Tony Pike
"We felt like we wanted to minimize his risk. In a short field, there was about three to four percent area in that pressure based on film break-down. We knew we would get a lot more bracket coverage. Tony can fit it in. He can see it a little bit better than Zach. It just worked out really well. It really was what we worked on all week. We scripted it out all week and he delivered for us."

On Tony Not Knowing about Playing in Red Zone
"He is lying to you again, Bill. I don't know how this happens. The bottom line is Tony was going to be in a position, and primarily in the red zone or third down situations. I think he had an idea of when but not whether the first or second quarter."

On Tony and Zach
"I think both of those guys want to start, and they are extremely competitive. Tony knew we were tracking the Illinois game as his first games starting back. I think at the end of the day, Tony knew this wasn't going to be his game in totality. He was focused on that."

On Illinois
"If everything continues in that direction and progress, yes. He has made great progress and he will start for Illinois."

On The Replay
"Well, we were going to challenge it. The side judge had said they had already buzzed down. It was first and goal and we were trying to put it across the goal line. I was focusing on teaching Isaiah Pead."

On First team to be 10-0
"I really have never worked that way. I always expect to be prepared to win every game we play. I don't sit around and think about being 10 and 0. I'm not trying to be elusive, but I never think in those terms. We go to work every day and expect to win."

On the record and keeping out of minds
"They listen to what I tell them. We really didn't even talk about it. They are going to take their lead from what I tell them. We talked about winning should be celebrated and execution should be worshipped. We didn't work on BCS or BIG EAST championships. We worked on what I hit them over the head everyday about execution. They might have gone after practice and such, but when they are with us, it was about execution."

On Today's Victory
"Winning football games is hard. That is a Top 25 team. We have won 10 in a row, and we are banged up. We are fighting everyday to win football games. That other stuff, we can't control. We just go to practice and do what they are asked to do. We look at what is next, which is some time off."

On Rushing
"Well the system of offense we have set up has great balance. The balance is to me, you have to be equally effective based on what the defense does. The defense gave us the opportunity to run the ball.

On Next Man In
"Because we have built that into the fabric of this program since we arrived. It starts in the weight room. It is how we work every day. When guys get called on, there is a level that they are expected to play at. If not, they will have to sit around."

Andre Revels, Sr., LB

On Being better than last week
"I feel like as a unit, we communicated better, and came out with that fire you have to have as a defense. You can't go out there and just play. You have to have a fire burning in your heart, and we came out and executed."

On The Week of Practice
The week of practice was really focused. We don't hang our heads and talk about negative that people think we talk about. We talk about how to improve and what needs to be done the next week or challenge. Defensively today, we took care of business."

On Spending Saturday watching Undefeated Teams
"I'm going to lie around all day and watch football. I'm not into a particular game. We have no focus outside of West Virginia this week."

Zach Collaros, So., QB
On rotation
"At first, it caught me off guard. After the touchdowns, we were messing on the sidelines that it was like basketball with the assist. As long as we score, it doesn't matter to me that it happens. We had talked about Tony getting a series, but it caught me off guard.  I'm just happy to score anyway we can."

On Mistakes in Offense
"We definitely shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times in the first half. We would come back to the sideline and say they aren't stopping us. If we continue like we have in the last nine weeks. We were really clicking and just shot ourselves in the foot. We have to keep everybody positive."

On Watching Undefeated Teams
"I just love watching football. It doesn't really matter the undefeated part. I'll watch the Ohio State game and Iowa. The undefeated things will work things out."

Isaiah Pead, So., RB
On Game Plan

"Game plan was how it was all year. Jake (Jacob Ramsey) went down and next man in. I was just running plays that were called. It has been working all year and all season. I was just playing football."

On Running Game Emphasis
"Well, I think that the line was doing tremendously well. I was reading the plays well and Coach Kelly gained confidence in me. Right now, this is a career high with eighteen carries."

On having 18 carries
"I haven't seen them since my last game in high school. With Jake (Ramsey) and I splitting time, they said I would get a majority of the series. I wasn't expecting to get the ball that many times. That's pretty nice (10 yards a carry). It was about gaining confidence, and with Zach being the leader, we had a lot on the line and they have a BIG EAST shot in the line. We have to have confidence in the players and ourselves. We were just playing football and having fun."

On Being 10 and 0
"It feels good. First time in school history. Any time you set a record and going without a taste of defeat in your mouth, we're going to keep it up."

Tony Pike, Sr., QB
On Being 10 and 0
"It's a tribute to what this team has done all season and off season. We really came back after the Orange bowl with a sour taste in our mouth."

On Getting back in
"You couldn't ask for anything better. The great ovation the crowd gave me, and you couldn't write a better script. It just tells you the confidence Coach Kelly has in us. With Zach rolling and leading the team, there is no pressure. To get back out there to help the team means a lot."

On Last couple of weeks
"It has definitely been fun watching how Zach plays. He has been pretty amazing. The other part is it is your senior year and you want to play. It is good to stand around our guys and help them on the field."
"When we got to the red zone, he said Pike. I thought he was going to talk to me about a play, but he wanted me to go in. Going into the game, he said he wanted me to get in. I didn't know if it would be a series or a special play."