Rutgers at Cincinnati Postgame Quotes

Nov. 17, 2012

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Rutgers at Cincinnati

Nippert Stadium

November 17, 2012


Postgame Quotes


Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones

Opening Statement:

“First and for most this was a game that on offense we didn’t win first downs and were off schedule all game long. We weren’t able to possess the ball on third downs which are obviously critical and then defensively we have to be able to get off the field. Time of possession is a byproduct of not getting off the field on third downs and we weren’t able to get off the field on third down. However I thought it was a gritty performance by our defense. I thought, for the most, part we played well enough to win defensively, made some key plays with the block field goal, but overall just not enough critical plays at the critical stages of the game, and we have to be able to possess the ball. We weren’t able to run the ball and obviously fourth down and half a foot, you have to deserve to win and they were in a double eagle defense which prevents you from quarterback sneaking, it prevents you from running the ball inside guard-to-guard. For us to win football games like that we have to be able to get that first down at that critical stage. I thought the critical plays we didn’t make. I’m still proud of our players; they showed great grit of not giving up. This is a locker room that is hurt but we don’t have a lot of time to feel sorry for ourselves. This football team can still finish with ten wins which is extremely hard to do in college football. We have to go back to work tomorrow with a short week with South Florida coming in here.”


On how the 4th down play was chosen:

“Well we wanted to see what they were in, and again they were in a double eagle defense, which prevents you from running the ball inside. We felt we had a good call and football is a game of inches; football is a game of one-on-one matchups and we had an individual who didn’t win his one-on-one matchup. It’s a great team game. Hats off to Rutgers; they made a great play. For us to accomplish what we need to accomplish, we need to make those plays and that one play didn’t cost us the game. There were four to six plays that meant the difference between winning and losing, but obviously that was one of them.”


On Brendon second int.:

“They were in cover two and he just under threw him and he knew it coming off the field. They were in cover two and we had the matchup that we wanted and had our slot receiver on the middle linebacker and he just had to get the ball out there and he under threw him and they made a great play.”


On Rutgers holding UC to no TDs:

“I think that’s the disappointing thing is that I didn’t think we played exceptionally well offensively, obviously. We take great pride in running the football here and we weren’t able to run the football. It’s a line of scrimmage game and I give [Rutgers] a lot of credit. That’s a great defense but obviously we have great standards and expectations on how we’re going to play offensive football here and this game didn’t meet our standards or expectations.”


On moving the ball into Rutgers territory:

“Again they did a great job, just like our defense, just being resilient and they make you beat them and they don’t beat themselves and that’s the mark of Rutgers football team. I said it in my press conference on Monday, they make you earn everything that you get; that’s a byproduct of playing great defense and obviously it comes down to the critical plays we didn’t make critical plays on third downs we were behind the chains all day long and when you’re playing a talented defense like Rutgers you can’t have third and long situation’s you need third and ones, third and two’s and you need to generate your first down on first and second downs.”


On the line of scrimmage:

“I said it at the beginning of the week is it will be a line of scrimmage game and that’s really what football comes down to: winning your one-on-one matchups in a line of scrimmage game and getting off in the second level. Again, I thought our defense showed great grit with the lowest output they’ve had defensively. Our kids didn’t quit, but at the end of the day it’s making the plays to win the football game, and they made the plays and we didn’t. The first touchdown they scored we were in quarters coverage. The post is supposed to be double covered and that comes down to eye discipline and we didn’t execute. That’s on us as coaches; that’s on me. They made a great play again we didn’t make the big play; we didn’t even really make the routine plays to win today.”      


Cincinnati Player Quotes

#32 George Winn

On the loss:

“We missed chances to execute. We had fourth and inches and should have converted, and we had a couple of passes we could have completed.  It was inches; we missed it.  Rutgers works really hard as a defensive unit, they play as a team and they really ran the ball well.”


#11 Brendon Kay

On disappointment of the loss:

“It hurts.  We put in a lot of time and it hurts.  We have to come back tomorrow, we have a short week, and we have to come back and go to work.”


On what they threw at UC defensively:

“They did what they have shown.  Obviously they had game plan stuff that they switched up that they didn’t do the same.  They stuck to what they do.”


On pass rush:

“They had a lot of good athletes up front.  Their front four, their linebackers are all good players.  I still think our offensive line played their butts off.  They played well, they threw a lot at us.”


On being shocked that their defense held good scoring offense to only a field goal:

“I mean as a quarterback it’s shocking yeah but we have to score points it’s that simple.  We didn’t get our job done and they got their job done.”


#21 Camerron Cheatham

On disappointment of loss:

“It hurts. I don’t know what else you would expect us to say.  It’s a tough loss.  We just can’t let one loss beat us twice.  We have a quick turnaround; we have to come back and step it up and play good next week.  But this one does sting, it hurts but it’s part of the game and I think we have a team with good character and we will have a good turnaround. We will snap out of it and be ready to play Friday.”

On interception:

“That was a big play. I had just given up a big play so I had to make one.  That’s what any good cornerback would do you know - we give up plays and we have to make plays.  It was a team effort. Mills got pressure on the quarterback and then the quarterback threw the ball and I had the interception.  I think as a team we have to work on the inches and the little things; that’s what really hurt us today and you can see that if you watch the game.  But like I said we can’t let one game beat us twice, so we have to come out ready to play against South Florida.”


Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood

Opening Statement:

“Good afternoon. Certainly a win that we’re really excited about. I couldn’t be more proud of the way the team played today in its entirety. I think every phase of the game really impacted the game. As I’ve said before there are certain numbers in football that are more valuable than others. And any time that we’re fortunate enough to hold a team under 100 yards of rushing, we’re going to have an opportunity to win the football game. And the other one, and I guess this is just my background as an offensive line coach, I’ve always felt that if you can rush the ball for 200 yards and not give up any sacks, which I don’t think we did, I think what that does it gives you a tremendous opportunity to win the game. I think if you go back and look at those things over time they’ll play pretty strongly. I can’t say enough about Coach Jones’ team. I think they do an excellent job. They are very difficult to play against year in and year out- very physical, very fast, very talented football team. But today I’m really excited about how we played. I think this is a very typical BIG EAST November game with two teams that are at the top of the conference; a very physical game. We feel fortunate to have come out on top.”


On Savon Huggins and Jawan Jamison:

“I did say at the beginning of the year that we had two starters. I felt that way all along. It’s just that when one gets a little bit dinged up at the beginning of the year like Savon did, then one guy gets hot so to speak like Jawan did, you don’t want to not let him touch the ball. Now the roles have reversed a little bit. Now Jawan’s a little bit dinged up and he wasn’t 100 percent today, but to his credit, he carried the ball four times for 37 yards, not being 100 percent. We only wanted to use him when we felt Savon needed to be spelled, it was a tremendous job by him and I’m proud of both those backs but for different reason. I always felt that given the opportunity that Savon would have this kind of day. I think today he was presented with the opportunity and did a great job with it.”


On Rutgers’ defensive effort:

“It’s a tremendous effort. The number one rushing team in our conference coming in and to hold them under 100 yards, if you hold anyone to 100 yards, you’ve played really good defense. To do it against Cincinnati is a tremendous accomplishment. It really speaks to the entire team defense. I don’t know if you can do that without all 100 guys running to the ball and executing the game plan. Certainly credit to Coach [Robb] Smith and the entire defensive staff for putting that game plan together. I think they did a great job and the players executing it. I’ve been at Rutgers for eight years and I’ve seen some really good defensive efforts in the least eight years and this is as good as any of them.”


On Rutgers’ quarterback Gary Nova’s play:

“I was very pleased. The two interceptions I’m certainly not pleased about in the first half. The first one was a busted protection. He had a guy in his face and he was trying to throw the ball out of bounds. He didn’t get enough on it and unfortunately it was an interception. I think at the end of the half, he’d like to have that decision back. I think he would tell you that. But I would bet you that every player on the field at one point or another would like to have a decision back, but when you’re the quarterback everybody sees it. That’s part of the deal. Gary prepares very hard and at no point did I ever feel that his confident wavered. I thought he made decisive decisions the entire game and really did a good job operating the team the way we asked him to.”


On running the ball nine times on Rutgers’s field goal drive:

“I was pleased with our effort up front with the running backs and the tight end and the fullbacks. To have that kind of day without your starting fullback, who’s a really good player and without your starting right guard, who has done a good job for us, I think really, really speaks to what I said a couple weeks ago. This part of the season you always test your depth. Nobody is healthy this time of year. Every team that you play, including yourself, has lost key players and we have, but we’ve had other players step up. They did a good job today in their roles today.”