South Florida at Cincinnati: Postgame Quotes

Nov. 23, 2012

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University of South Florida at Cincinnati

Nippert Stadium

November 23, 2012

Postgame Quotes

Bearcats head coach Butch Jones

Opening Statement:

“I think the big formula for winning, we didn’t turn the football over on offense and that’s big obviously in the element of tonight and we did much better on third downs, both sides of the ball offensively, defensively. Very proud of our senior class. Senior Night we had a great week of preparation, I thought our kids were dialed in they were energized and playing here obviously means something and so very proud of them. I thought a great illustration the first half when we scored; it’s the four to six plays that individuals don’t see and it started in the special team’s game with Patrick O’Donnell with the great kick had a coming out situation and then obviously we forced a turnover and it’s everything about points after turnover and our players did a great job. Brandon did a great job, obviously George Winn is a warrior - can’t say enough about him and very proud of our seniors and what they meant to our football program.”

On defense being the backbone of the team:

“Well I think that’s a great adjective when you talk about it quietly because we’ve surrendered some yards, but we are very resilient. We find ways to make plays at the end and I think the other thing is we’ve just finished our ninth game in a row and we had to rely on a lot of new individuals, a lot of new faces out there but no matter who is out there the standard and expectations for our defense never change. But I think you have to make a team drive the football on you and score they’ve been extremely resilient all year.”

On weather being cold:

“It maybe psychological but the thing is we didn’t have cold weather here all week, so we didn’t get a chance to train in the cold weather so it is what it is, that’s football, but I thought our kids attacked it I thought our kids embraced it; our kids wanted it and that’s part of coming here and playing in Cincinnati. Again I thought they welcomed it, they embraced it, but again we didn’t practiced in it all week but I thought they handled it exceptionally well and I think that is really indicative of the no turnover. We didn’t have the ball on the ground at all and I thought Brendon Kay really managed the football game, again there were a couple times when nothing was there and he scrambled and threw the ball away and that was great to see.”

On progress of Brandon Kay:

“Well I think Brandon is getting more and more confident as it goes, that’s expected. There is no substitute for game speed repetition and playing in meaningful games and he is doing that right now and I can just see his aura, his level of confidence, the way he commands himself, the way he holds others accountable and just that spark that he brings. I can see him getting better and better. Little things that you watch when we came to the walk through this morning he had nothing but a t-shirt on and when we came to Nippert from the hotel right away he walked out there with just a t-shirt. I think those are subliminal messages to your football team and that’s what we expect from our quarterback, is to be the alpha male and the leader.”

UC Player Quotes

No. 4, LB, Malik Bomar

On the defensive performance in his last game in Nippert:

“We’ve had a lot of trials, but we’ve overcome. That’s a part of the game, that’s the fun thing about it, it’s the opportunity to go out there again and make things happen.”

On the resiliency of the defense:

“I do believe that that is our style of play. When things happen we think of it as another opportunity to create something. That’s what is on defense, the chance to create and see what can happen next you never know that’s why we play hard every play and we don’t take any play for granted.”

No. 32, RB, George Winn

On the mindset coming into this game:

“We were just focused on getting another win. We had to put the past behind us because we couldn’t get that game back so we just moved ahead and got ready for this game. “

On his feelings about his 5th multi touchdown game:

“It’s great. I’m glad I had this opportunity to go out with a good game for my last game in the Nip.”

No. 11, QB, Brendon Kay

On his warm-up routine of only a t-shirt:

“I was just getting my mind right for the weather. I knew it was going to be cold. I’ve played in this my entire life being from Michigan so this is just what we play football in.”

No. 51, LB, Greg Blair

On how they’ve tried to improve on the season that they had last year:

“We actually had the same record last year that we did this year before this game last year at the same time so we all knew what we had in store. The goal was ten wins for this year and that’s what we’re working on getting. So during the week the number 8 was really big. Coach Jones put 8 all over the locker room in all the hallways, he just put it everywhere. Even during practice he had it up on the jumbotron so that was big for us all week.  And for all of the seniors and it being Senior Day it was a must-win. The whole team came together and got that one for the seniors.

On not wanting to disappoint the seniors in their last home game:

“No we didn’t want that. Especially thinking that it could have been my last game and my senior, but I’ve been blessed to get another year so we had to get that win for our seniors.”

South Florida head coach Skip Holtz

Opening Statement:

“Well it’s certainly disappointing to lose a football game like that. We come out here in a conference game. There were a lot of mistakes made and not a lot of plays made. When you look at it overall, I think two of the key things in this game were the number of fumbles, the number of times we put the ball on the ground tonight and the field position, probably the two biggest obstacles that we faced tonight. It seemed like every time we went out there we were on the 10-yard line, backed up. When you have a young quarterback and you have a very limited offense that you can run, we got to still be able to solidify your edges so you’re not getting any lost-yardage plays. I thought we were able to run the ball okay, nothing special. But I thought it was okay. Really it was the lack of big plays that I thought was really evident tonight from an offensive standpoint. 

“I thought a young quarterback stood in there and showed a lot of poise tonight. I thought he showed an awful lot of toughness tonight and I was proud of the way he competed, but we certainly in the last two weeks have not done a lot to help him on the perimeter. It seemed like we had a lot of guys tripping and falling tonight. It just seemed like Terrence [Mitchell] slipped and fell, and D'Vario [Montgomery] slipped and fell, Andre slipped and fell. Seemed like we were having a hard time keeping our feet tonight. We couldn’t get anything going consistently. We weren’t able to get much going offensively.

“Defensively, we did some good things. But the two long drives we gave up, in the third and the beginning of the third, certainly were discouraging as they were running the zone play into the boundary, we really couldn’t do a lot to stop it. Think they did a good job coming off the ball. But that was the frustrating part, those two drives defensively. I think the tale of the tape tonight will be the field position and the number of times the ball was on the ground.”

On if how USF’s season is ending hurts when the score gets out of hand at the end of the game:

“Yes, it does. It’s part of being young in a lot of respects. I look a lot at some of the younger offensive lineman that are starting for us … You’re still looking at a lot of youth out there on the football field. I’m not making that as an excuse because we expect them to go out there and compete. We talked about the big thing that a lot of guys are going to have to step up with the productive of BJ [Daniels] out of the line up. I don’t that has been the case. I think Matt [Floyd] has stepped up, been probably more than I expected him to be in a redshirt freshman steeping into that position with the poise and composure he has shown. But I don’t think we have made a lot of plays happen for him on the perimeter. We’re not helping him a lot. There not a lot of plays being made on the perimeter.” 


On going for one instead of two following USF’s touchdown:

“The score that made it 27-9, at that time there was still a little bit of time. We kicked the field goal and said, ‘we’re down three scores.’ We could have went for two, run the big structure and said, ‘okay, we’re going to have to go for two a couple of times.’”