2012 Football Signing Day Quotes

Feb. 1, 2012


Head Coach Butch Jones Quotes

Feb. 1, 2012

“I’d like to welcome everybody to UC on a very special day. Today, we get to welcome 30 new individuals into our football family. Today is a culmination of over a year’s work by our coaches. Working to attract, what we feel, is the best student-athlete here to the University of Cincinnati; individuals that believe in the ideals, the goals and the aspirations that we’ve come to expect within our football family. With the recruiting process, there is just so much that goes into it. There are so many people that help secure a very successful recruiting class.

“First and foremost are our assistant coaches. I don’t think anybody really understands the true grind that goes to securing a recruiting class. After a very successful season, you’re on the road recruiting. Then a very emotional win down in Memphis in the Liberty Bowl, then you take off and hit the ground running. There’s basically on month of non-stop recruiting. It’s all about building relationships and they’ve done a great job of that. They have made a lot of sacrifices including missed family time. Obviously, I’m very grateful to our assistant coaches.

“Another thing is the entire university community. All of the people involved, stemming from the top with President Gregory Williams to all of our deans and professors. To all of our administrative staff, compliance and everyone that has a hand in this recruiting class. I can’t say enough about our Academic Support services with Andy Espelage and Keri Thoman. Our academic advising is second to none here at the University of Cincinnati. I think that shows when our perspective student-athletes come on campus. They meet with them. They sit down and they map out their next four to five years here for getting a meaningful degree.



“Our players do a great job of engaging perspective student athletes. They are basically our ambassadors. And, I think if you spoke with every person that we signed today I believe they would point towards the family atmosphere, the team chemistry; they are extremely evident when you step foot here on campus. I can’t say enough about every player in our football program.

“Then our fans. Our fans do a great job of creating a lot of positive energy, a lot of excitement .They have a great deal of pride relative to the importance and the magnitude for not only our football program our football team has in the city of Cincinnati, but also on a national stage, as well.

“So, I’m very grateful because everything thing in the recruiting process is about first impressions. Whether, it’s here at Nippert. Whether, it’s Paul Brown Stadium. Whether, it’s the CatWalk. Whether, it’s the going to the Montgomery Inn or going to Brazier downtown. Recruits and families have a checklist of what they are looking for. And, I’ve always said it stems with people. People make a place.  So, I have a lot of gratitude towards the individuals that have helped us in those areas as well.

“But for us, for us, as coaches, the challenge begins now to really help and develop these young men to be the best football players, the best students and the best people they can possibly be. And, when they finish their careers here at the University of Cincinnati Football Program, we want to make sure they leave here better people. So, they can go and tackle and obstacle that is faced with them.

“You can have a press conference everyday and say the same things. Everyone gets excited on Signing Day. The mark of a recruiting class is measured two, three, four years down the road. But, the thing that excites me about this class is that we are able to meet many needs that were needed in our football program.

“On top of that, of the 30 newcomers that we just spoke about nine of them are already here on campus enrolled in classes and in our strength and conditioning program. To me that is critical as we continue to elevate our football program. We graduate a highly successful senior class. So, to be able to bring in nine individuals in, that is going to make spring football extremely competitive. There’s a renewed sense of spirit and energy, commitment and competitiveness within our football program right now. And, that is a lot due to the new signees, all nine of them her on campus.”

Quotes From Cincinnati Early Enrollees

Kevin Brown                          DB      6-1    195   Fr.-HS    Indianapolis, Ind./Lawrence Central

On decision to come to Cincinnati:

“The same reason I think everybody else came, we all felt that this was family like this was home away from home.  I just came here and Coach Jones and all the coaches made me feel like I was a part of their family before I even got here.  And for me coming early that gave me a good piece of mind  knowing that when I come here I am going to have the same type of family structure that I have at home in Indianapolis.  It kind of went hand in hand and I was set on going here right after I came on my official visit.”

On official visit and what were highlights:

“I visited the second weekend of December, and the highlight for me was probably when we went out with the players and I got to actually interact with them and get to know some of them.  I already knew Nick (Temple) from Warren Central but just getting to interact with them and see what kind of people they are and their values.  Their values were kind of similar to mine, which made it an even easier transition for me personally.”

On enrolling early:

“I knew it would be beneficial if I came in and worked early, put on weight, learned the system, got quicker and faster, and learned the pace of the game before the actual summer conditioning starts.  Also I knew that being able to participate in spring ball would help prepare me for that transition into trying to play as a true freshman at a position where there is not very many people in the depth chart.”

Eye-openers about the first couple weeks at UC:

“Just the work load of college academics as well as college conditioning, and we haven’t even gotten into practices yet.  Just the conditioning and stuff is a lot of work but I know you have to have that mind set to just come in and work hard.  You know it’s going to be better for you in the long run, so just putting on your work hat and just going to work every day it’s all you can really ask for and that’s all I do.”

Errol Clarke                           LB       6-2    210   Fr.-HS    Miami, Fla,/Central

On decision to come to Cincinnati:

“When I came up here on my visit, it felt like family and I felt like I was at home in Miami.  It felt like the place for me to come so I decided to come.  I visited when we played West Virginia and also when we played NC State because we played a high school up there called Elder and I got to visit twice and I just fell in love with it.  When I came up here they showed me what the Bearcats were all about and I just really fell in love with it.”

On decision to enroll early:

“I knew it was something I always wanted to do because I wanted to play as a true freshman ever since I was younger.  So I said what is the point in waiting why not get ahead.  I prepared at the beginning of my junior year. “

On his goal of playing right off the bat and is it a good possibility:

“Yes I just have to grind real hard and work real hard in the weight room and on the field and in God’s hands I’ll be alright.”

Bennie Coney                       QB      6-2    210   Fr.-HS    Plant City, Fla./Plant City

On choosing Cincinnati:

“The reason why I chose Cincinnati is because the love and the atmosphere from the coaches, the players were real upfront.  They told me how everything was and how the coaches really cared about the players more than just caring about the athletes which really played a role in my recruitment.  I really like that because what if football is over with and what if I need something. I am away from Florida so I won’t have anyone to look up to, but I will have my coaches and players.”

On visit:

“I visited in July and committed in August.  The most fun I had was when I came I came with my mom and it was her first time flying and when I came down all of the coaches gave me a standing ovation and they just welcomed me and it was just real nice.  I felt pretty special. “

On decision to enroll early:

“The reason I enrolled early is so I could get a chance to get acclimated to the playbook and the school and all that stuff.  So I can get some time to peak at the playbook that’s the biggest part is learning the playbook so I decided if I can get in early and I can learn the playbook and it will be fair game on the field.”

Now that you have been here a while how do you feel about your decision to enroll early:

“I love it.  Even though we didn’t get to sign this is even better.  I love it, being able to talk in front of all the fans and all the people that support Cincinnati is great.”

On older teammates:

“When I got here I was kind of nervous because of all of the older guys.  It’s funny though I can see they are already starting to respect me because of my work ethic; like I work hard there is no other option. So I am friends with all of the older guys now which is cool because I was thinking I would have to work my way up but it’s already starting to show like they respect me so it’s kind of cool.”

On missing the end of senior year of high school:

“I actually do miss it I remember crying on the last game and I have never cried in football until the last game because I finally realized that it was over, like there was no more high school football and it was time to grow up.  It was tears of joy though because I know I made my legacy at high school and I made a good one and now it’s time to move up and do the same thing here.”

Marcus Foster                      DB      6-1    190   Fr.-HS    Troy, Ohio/Troy

On choosing Cincinnati:

“Well like everyone else said, from the get go it just felt right like they just made me feel like a part of the family.  I knew I wanted to come here the first time I stepped foot here.”

On enrolling early:

“I knew I wanted to enroll early like junior year, because I just wanted to get a head start on everything.  Just doing this will help me out and hopefully I can get on the field as a true freshman that’s what my goal is.  At my school you can go to a community college and get college credits, so that’s what I did my junior and senior year so I got a little head start.”

On the first few weeks:

“The first few weeks have been kind of hectic from workouts, to going to class, to waking up early it’s just a lot different.  Being on your own you have to be responsible and do your own stuff, but I’m getting the hang of things.  I’m being places where I have to be and getting to bed on time.  It’s a lot different when your mom and dad aren’t there to tell you when to get up and when to go to bed.”

On starting college early:

“It was a little intimidating but I mean I only like an hour away so if I need to go home to my parents or if I need something or something goes wrong then I can call and visit.  I usually go home about once every month.”

Trenton Norvell                     QB      6-4    215   Fr.-HS    Daytona Beach, Fla./Seabreeze

On the first couple of weeks:

“The first week was really fast paced but everything is starting to smooth out. You get through the weight room and conditioning and everything is getting better.”

On visit:

“I visited the Louisville game and that’s when I really felt the family aspect.  Coach Jones really impressed me. “

On enrolling early:

“Since my freshman year I knew it’s something I wanted to do regardless of where I went to school, just to get ahead of the competition, getting the playbook and get in the weight room.”

On the closeness of the nine Bearcats who enrolled early:

“We are pretty close, we each have our own weightlifting group.  When we see each other we always talk to each other and we always hang out and help each other get by each day.”

On intimidation factor of starting college early:

“It was a little intimidating, I mean I was like the strongest kid on my team and then I come here and you’re going against guys who are 19 and 20, sometimes 22 years old and you’re like dang.  So it’s a little intimidating but you just have to set goals for yourself each day and you have to do what you have to do best and at the end of the day you have to push yourself to be better each day.”