Head Coach Butch Jones Press Conference Quotes - 02/17/12

Feb. 17, 2012

Head Coach Butch Jones Press Conference Quotes
Feb. 17, 2012
Defensive Staff Announcement

Opening statement:

“Today we are very pleased to announce the structuring of our defensive staff and along with welcoming our newest assistant football coach into our football family. I’m going to start off there first; we are excited to welcome back Roy Manning. Roy will coach our outside linebackers. He was here last year with our staff and then left for another institution (Michigan) and now we are glad to have him back. I think he brings so much to the table, first of all when you think of Roy Manning there’s a lot of adjectives and things that summarize him – great person and character, an extremely competitive person -- and what we look for is a great effective communicator and teacher, and that’s what he is. You look at an individual who has spent a number of years playing in the National Football League along with living here in Cincinnati as a Cincinnati Bengal as well, so we’re excited and we think he’s going to add another element to our football program, but also to our defensive staff as well.”

“The structuring of our defensive staff is: John Jancek will become the defensive coordinator, Steve Stripling is our assistant head coach and he’s our run-game defensive coordinator, and then Kerry Coombs is our associate head coach, special teams coordinator, and also our pass-game defensive coordinator. We’ve talked about consistency and continuity and the great thing is going into spring football on March 1 is these individuals were conducting these meetings for the last two years. Steve Stripling obviously with our defensive front, John Jancek with our linebackers, and Kerry Coombs with our secondary, so we’re looking forward to add to the defensive success that we had last year. As I talked about we’re going to score points on offense and do whatever it takes to win, but you win championships consistently by playing great defense, so I think we are very fortunate to have a great, great defensive coaching staff that has over 70-plus years of experience. They are really doing the same things that’s why to me it wasn’t a big ordeal, it was an easy decision for me because they are really doing the same responsibilities but now this year they have some different titles to the right of their name.”



On defensive coordinator Jancek having the final say over the defense:

“He will have the final say and he’ll be up in the box, but again the great defensive staffs are a conglomeration. It’s these individuals and we talked about chemistry and teamwork with our players, it’s the same thing. During the course of the game if they could ever mic up, I don’t know if they would ever mic up the conversations on the head sets, but Steve Stripling controls a whole lot of the movements up-front during the game, blitz package, same thing with coach Jancek, and then Kerry Coombs with coverages on game day, so they all had calling responsibilities on game day before. Then you look at Steve Stripling has been a coordinator before, John Jancek has been a coordinator before, and we all know that Kerry Coombs has been a head coach and a special teams coordinator, so they’ve all had that experience .”

On the changes in Coach Jancek’s role:

“Obviously, John will have the final say and with the organization of all of the meetings. But again, within our structure, defensively and offensively every coach is responsible of a particular area, they become an expert. Steve Stripling had the same role last year with our run game. And, we did a great job stopping the run. Kerry Coombs in the back end because he works hand on with our corners and safeties. John with the second level of defense for us at the linebacker spot. The change is minimal to say the least.”

On his thoughts going into the coaching changes:

“Everything has a reason. When you hire a staff, when you structure a staff, you want to surround yourself with great motivators, great teachers and effective communicators. But, also you have to prepare for the inevitable, sometimes you have changes. So when I structured the staff, it was with ‘What if somebody were to leave?’ And you always do that. I knew we had three very, very capable individuals. They work extremely well together. But, John was the co-defensive coordinator last year. Again, you won’t see much change and I think change is good. You’re able to bring an individual onto your staff like Roy Manning. If you guys could have been in that offensive and defensive meeting with the entire team, you would have seen our players light up. Because he’s going to walk into that room, command respect and relate to those individuals. Also, I think Roy bring another element to the recruiting process as well. You’re only as good as your players and how you develop them.”

On Coach Manning and his future recruiting responsibilities:

“First of all, if you’re great recruiter, you can recruit anywhere. With his background playing at the University of Michigan and growing up in Michigan, in the Midwest and with his ties to Ohio, we’ll look to structure him a little bit in Cleveland, in the Michigan area and other areas as well. We do so much position recruiting. Recruiting is about building relationships as well, I think all you have to do is spend two minutes with Roy Manning and know you have something pretty special here.”

On the hiring process:

“We interviewed a number of people whether on campus, off campus or over the phone. We found that this is a very appealing place to be. We had a lot of choices. I think the big thing for us is hiring the right fit, the right fit for what we need and what needed for the defensive staff and what we needed in our program. That’s why I took my time and why I did my due diligence to make sure as the caretaker of Cincinnati football, I wanted to make sure we hired the right fit. And we did hire the right fit.”