Football Preseason Camp: Day 2
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Aug. 2, 2008


CINCINNATI – The University of Cincinnati football team concluded its short two-day stint at Nippert Stadium this morning and will be headed to the Camp Higher Ground Conference Center in West Harrison, Ind., this afternoon where it will be headquartered for the next two weeks.


Before heading off campus, the team put in two hours at Nippert, again working on the fundamentals under a sun-soaked sky. Showing the way during the morning regimen was Cincinnati’s 19-man senior class.


“The best leaders on your team have the respect of their teammates for what they do 24 hours a day,” said head coach Brian Kelly. “They earn it for what they do on and off the field. Each year there are new opportunities for players to grow and mature and we have more becoming leaders each day.




We are becoming more detailed as a team the more we work together. We accomplish more and more each practice from having a faster tempo. We are already doing things now in camp we never were able to accomplish last year in terms of quality of repetitions, reading the defense, and changing tempo at the line.”


This afternoon, the Bearcats will jump on a bus and head to Camp Higher Ground where the Bearcats will be able to focus on football with all the amenities of home, including a new addition this season.


“The big advantage to being at Camp Higher Ground is having a dedicated practice facility. There we dedicate ourselves to focusing strictly on football with no distractions. One large worry off our shoulders this year will be the addition of having high-speed wireless internet at Camp Higher Ground. Our video partner, XOS Technology, has helped Higher Ground install wireless internet for the players and the coaches. This means a great deal to us as we won’t have to bring any tapes or old VCRs with us to watch film. Besides having the new technology, the food at Higher Ground is awesome.”