Kelly's Cincinnati Enquirer Training Camp Diary Receiving National Attention

Aug. 25, 2009


For the third straight year, University of Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly is doing a training camp diary for the Cincinnati Enquirer with UC beat writer Bill Koch.

Kelly's diary entry on being a voter in the USA Today Coaches Top-25 poll from Monday, Aug. 24 has garnered some national attention. Kelly is one of 53 coaches nationally participating in coaches poll voting in 2009.'s Andy Staples wrote a story Tuesday on the need for transparency in the coaches poll.

In the article, Staples referenced Kelly's diary entry:

Fortunately, Cinncinnati coach Brian Kelly believes the same thing. In a diary entry posted Monday on the Cincinnati Enquirer's Web site, Kelly discussed his ballot at length. He even revealed some of his choices (Pitt at No. 17, West Virginia at No. 22 and his own team at No. 25). Kelly also explained how he tracks and ranks teams. "If the coaches have a poll, and you're serious about it, there should be transparency," Kelly wrote. "If you're not, the coaches shouldn't have a poll. Just do away with it. But I'm in the minority."

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To read Kelly's diary entry, click HERE.