Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes - Sept. 3, 2013

Sep 4, 2013

Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes
Sept. 3, 2013

Opening Statement

“We’re off to a good start. I think  last week there was a lot of jitters from everybody as a part of the football team because it’s just the organization, getting everything going, getting off to the right start, and giving the players a chance to perform as well as they could and everybody; trainers, managers, video. We have all of that behind us, and now we’ve got another test of going on the road so there are some different things we have to go through, not only the players but also the team to give everybody the opportunity to do the best they can do and so this will be another good test for us.  But, I am proud of everybody from last week and now it’s onto the next game. We’re playing a team that won last week that is kind of in a youth movement, as we are, with a lot of players; they played a lot of different guys from last year. They are more athletic than the team we played last week, going to their place will be a challenge to a lot of our younger players. We know that our older players have played on the road before but as most of you probably noticed, we played a lot of young guys last week for the first time, either junior college or guys that were red shirts that haven’t played a whole lot or even red shirt sophomores. It will be another good challenge for us. I was telling the team the other day; we have an extra day of practice. We took Sunday off, which we normally practice on Sunday, we practiced on Monday and we are a day ahead of normal schedule. We would normally begin preparation on Tuesday. We’re off to a good start, we’re going to need that, playing a totally different team, their offense is more of a spread that threw for over 400 yards last week, and we’ve got to do a lot of work in our secondary and our linebackers, with number one being getting lined up right. The challenge of a different team is different formations, different personality, their quarterback is very mobile, and he went to ten or twelve different receivers last week. Their back up running back had more yards than anybody, he’s very physical so just a different challenge. The thing that we need to do is continue to work on what we want to do and try to get better at the fundamentals and techniques, on the offensive side of the ball, as well as defensively.  I thought last week we played hard, we ran out of gas at times, we had to put more people in earlier than what we thought we would and so hopefully this week we will be in a little bit better physical and mental shape. Usually the first game, the first game jitters kind of wear you out anyway and you don’t have an opportunity to play as fast as you want to for as long because you use that energy in different ways before the kickoff, so hopefully that’s behind us a little bit. But, overall, the mood of the team is very good, obviously the way we played, I was ecstatic about the focus. We need to continue that focus, we’ve got to do an even better job this week because we’re on the road, and it won’t be a home crowd, obviously. So we’ve got to do a good job of focusing on what we want to do and get better at doing the things we want to do. We probably only ran 60% of our offense last week. We got into a situation where we found some things that worked and we didn’t expand. This week we’ll have more offense, and even more defense. I thought the same thing defensively, we found some things that worked on defense and we didn’t go past that point. Especially when we put younger guys in the game that didn’t know probably a lot more than what they ran. So that was good, again we’ve got to become better in some of the areas on our kicking game, coverage teams, protection teams. We’re making some adjustments in all three phases in terms of different starters; you’ll see different starters at some positions. We are still having competitions at offensive line, tight end, some receiver positions, defensive lines, there’s a huge competition at defensive end at both spots, and then of course in the secondary, we’ve got a lot of younger guys that are trying to move in where there’s nickel positions or playing more time at corner. So this should be an interesting game, we want to try and play as many players as we can, we have to get better at all positions and again it goes back to consistency and focus and building our confidence as we go along. “



On if the players are more confident after last week’s performance:

“That’s what we talked about in our meeting, confidence and we did do some things right and you just don’t do it one time you have to keep doing it. Again when you play a different team you have to shift gears and have to go to a different part of the playbook, we throw some out we add some both offense, defensive, and kicking game; some new players that might fit better with the opponent we are going to face on defense in terms of their strength. So you’ll have new faces out there that have to communicate and get the things done like we did last week. So again this is not a game where you play 22 people, this is a game that you play 50 to 60 players and we might take 65 players to the game this week. We are not taking them if they are not playing, that’s my belief it’s a business trip and you take guys that want to get focus and build it from there.”

On if it’s unusual to still have competition past training camp and into the season:

“Not for us in this situation when we have so many Red-Shirt Sophomore Red-Shirt Freshmen, Freshmen, and Junior College players. They’re trying to find a position of whether they can be a starter or a back up and I hope there is a competition all year long because that mean guys are trying to get better and if we can keep it that way we will be a better football team. We look for competition, we go against each other in practice and I think that is the only way you get better and you find out the speed of the game and when the first team offense and defense go against each other on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We just don’t put a scout team out there, there is a lot thing that we do when we compete against each other and compare it to what we will or won’t see on offense and defense from the team that we play that week. I still want to see the speed of the game and make you better as a player but you can also determine if guys are getting better whether they can move up to be a starter in their position. So it’s fun to have competition and as many younger players as we do.

On if it’s important to have an up tempo type offense:

“I think it’s an advantage to have both, we try to be an up tempo team and last week we understood the temperature of the field. So we went into the game saying we were going to slow down even though we don’t huddle, make sure we know what the call is, communicate and concentrate on the snap count and once you get past that point you won’t have as many penalties and I credit our offense for that, especially with the new guys and new things and there excited. So we said let’s slow it down and play good technique and see if we can get the job done. I like going fast and there is reasons for that but you have to have the ability to do both and I think sometimes you can shoot yourself in the foot saying were a fast team and was going to go fast. I saw some of that Saturday night with some of the teams going up tempo and those results into procedure penalties, not enough players on the field, and all of those things. So were going to take it slow until we know what we are doing and we can go fast and there was one penalty we had last week and we tried to get fast which was in the second half. So we want to do that and we want to be up tempo but that penalty was on the coaches than it was on the players, we had wrong personnel in the game, we had the right play call but not the right people so it threw us in a quandary. So there is a lot to do when it you’re trying to go fast it you just don’t say get up there and let’s go, there is a huge process and you have to understand really what you’re doing and you have to have experience. As we continue on in the season we will tend to go faster at times.”

On if he sees value in time of possession and wants to win time of possession:

“It depends on who we play that week, you can win time of possession and still go fast but you obviously have to make first downs. I was on a team the last few years were we very seldom won the time of possession but we could also score in a minute on an 80-yard drive. So there is some pros and cons to it and were going to be more balanced and since we are more balanced we aren’t going to have a quick strike as some of these teams will when they throw it 70 to 80 percent of the time. So I like our balance and tempo last week and again was going to have to be able to do both as we get into conference play in about a month and by then we should have enough experience within the team to do that and being in good enough shape. Just saying you can do that means you’re in shape and there is no possible way we could have been in good enough shape to play in that temperature Saturday. It was brutal and I think our offensive guys handled it pretty well.”

On if sees any separation among the running backs after last week’s game:

“I thought that Ralph (Abernathy) and Hosey (Williams) stepped up a little bit, they looked like they were a little bit more comfortable in what we were doing. Hosey ran the ball well but there were some things he could have done better in seeing his progression running through the wholes he runs strong but he has to understand the down and distance and sometimes you don’t think about that. When it’s 3rd and 3 Hosey has to get a lot lower than the tackler to make sure we get the first down and it was a lot of little point that all of them can learn. Tion (Green) did a good job he technique can improve, and he has so much talent that he tries to play with that and that’s not going to fly because the opponent has talent too and if they do things right and Tion just play on his talent he won’t be able to move up . So it’s good to have all of them Rod (Moore) is a little bit behind we got him in the game to see what we could do but I believe right now Ralph, Hosey, Tion, and Rod is the progression of when we put them in the game, that could change week to week depending on how much they can keep learning about the offense and protection. There was a play where Ralph blocked a corner and bruised his shoulder a little bit that was pretty good but I would rather see someone else blocking a blitzer or a corner than a 155-pound running back.”