Hometown Glory

Sept. 17, 2011

By Theo Marshall

Senior center Evan Davis is right where he wants to be - at home. He loves the city he was born and raised in - Cincinnati.

While some students try to get as far away from home as possible, Davis felt the exact opposite. The Colerain High School product had a different plan in mind. He wanted to play in front of his city at the University of Cincinnati.

"I'm a hometown guy," Davis said. "I grew up watching the Bearcats. I've always been a Bearcat. I love this city. I love the pride of this city and I wanted to play for Cincinnati."

His passion for the city made Davis a fan of this year's Bearcat introduction. The video features shots of UC's main campus, downtown Cincinnati, Over The Rhine and other local landmarks.

"I loved it," Davis said. "If you love this city, you pretty much love the pregame video. And like I said, I love this city. I haven't been able to see all of it, but I saw the shots of Cincinnati. I think it shows the pride of our city."

While playing at home could add pressure for some players, Davis is quick to say he has never felt that way with his family in the crowd. The pride he has in the city and school, his family has in him.

"My family has always been there for me," Davis said. "I have my parents, uncles, little cousins, aunts and grandparents and my friends that give me a lot of support." "They've just always been there for me."

Since walking onto campus and playing as a true freshman, Davis received notable time as the backup center. He played in at least four games each season with his first career start coming in last year's season opener at Fresno State. On Saturday, September 3, Davis earned the starting nod in the first home game of the 2011 season versus Austin Peay.

"I was excited," Davis said. "You get caught up in offseason workouts. You do it all season long just for a couple of games. You just get a couple of games to show your identity. It feels good to finally get out there and finally face your opponents."



While the team's identity is still becoming clear, its chemistry on the field is unmistakable. Davis credits their in-game chemistry with time spent with one another after practice.

"We just hang out and go do stuff together. Right now, we're all growing our hair and our beards out. Last night (September 6), we went to Quaker Steak. Me and (senior running back) Isaiah Pead had an eating contest. He lost, so he had to eat an atomic wing. But, I ate one with him," Davis said, before making Pead do two of the 50 pushups owed to him.

Away from football, Davis is a construction management major, who drives between campuses for class. While it's been rough on him, Davis is excited about the program joining with the engineering building.

"That's just stuff behind the scenes that nobody really knows you're dealing with," Davis said. "You have to block off so many hours of the day, but on the other hand you're in a tough degree and you have to get homework, projects and everything done. Not only that, but travelling back and forth is definitely a burden and it's tough. It's nothing I can't handle."

So, does this lifelong Cincinnatian plan on leaving after graduation? According to Davis, nothing has been decided yet.

"If any opportunity pops up away from here, I'd love to pursue it. But, if not, I'm ready to start my career and start that path."