Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes - Oct. 8, 2013

Oct. 8, 2013

Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes
Oct. 8, 2013

"Okay, another week; we need a lot of weeks to get better at what we're doing. Last week's game wasn't what we had hoped, a lot of production was there, a lot of improvement in certain areas, it just seems like we can't get any consistency out of our offense, plus we turn the ball over. A couple plays pretty much decided that game: the blocked field goal that shouldn't have been, because that was a penalty. But, it still goes against you, and that was pretty much a 14 point swing, and then you can't turn the ball over on the ground and let them pick it up and score. The team that hadn't scored a lot of points, knowing that we would play pretty good defensively; now I don't want to say we gave it away, but we kicked it away. We weren't able to be productive. If you look at our stats and the things that we're doing, it looks like we're playing pretty good football until you get to one area of turnovers and the miscellaneous parts for having turnovers for touchdowns. So as we do every week, we go back and look at what we did right, what we did wrong, what we need to do to fix it. We really don't need to worry about the teams that we're playing right now. They're not as big of a factor as we are; we have been our own enemy the past few weeks. Offensively, our consistency hasn't been there, we didn't run the ball near as well as we would have hoped. In the last game, I think we barely cleared a hundred yards, which was our least productive of the year, and when that happens, it forces you to throw the ball. Now, that was the best defense we have seen thus far, but that makes no difference as we'll see better defenses as we go. We have to be a lot more productive and consistent at moving the ball down the field on long drives and scoring on long drives. You like to score in four or five plays, but there's going to be some games where you are going to have to make 8-12 play drives and punch the ball in the end zone and keep you're defense off the field. This hasn't been the fact in the last few games. So we look at the offensive line, the offensive line is struggling, it's obvious we're not blocking and protecting the way that we should. Our guys are working at it; we switched centers midstream last week, which is hard to do. When you do that, and you have the amount of plays, which I think Sam Longo had 35-40 plays at center, and he's not going to be perfect. In some tough situations, we didn't have the best snap, or a consistent snap the quarterback would like, and that's going to throw your timing off. So we're trying to work all of those areas out on the offensive line. We have got to more productive at running back and one of the interceptions looks like it was an overthrown ball but it wasn't, it was just a receiver not running the right route, as fast as he should, as he does in practice. All of these things just mean that our execution is not very good, and so we've got to get better, and we are working on that each and every day and trying new things. The offense is not that complex, a lot of it is very similar to what they have been running here for several years, and we're just not being very productive. So we're just going to keep on keeping on, make a few changes and do a few things different to try and make it better. Defensively, we look pretty good, but again we played one of the offenses that is not one of the better ones we will see this year. I was very disappointed on third down, in a lot of the situations. We should not have given up four field goals. There were sometimes when we had third and 6 or 7 and we let them continue the drive after giving up a conversion and they moved it down and got a field goal. So, had we played better defense on third down, we would have won the football game 20-14 or whatever, but again "if's" don't count. So there are a lot of factors, it's not just defense or just offense. The kicking, missing a field goal, having one blocked. The high point of the game was the punters getting better and better, which is going to help down the stretch. So, we can't just go out there and work on one phase of our football game, we have to work on everything. We have to work on our depth; we have to keep getting better in the secondary, which is a very young group of guys. Our pass rush needs to get better, saying that going into this game against Temple, we don't really know what to expect from their offense. They are changing quarterbacks. He played a half last week against Louisville, he is very mobile, and he runs around. They spread the ball around on offense. He had a pretty good half of football for being the second or third quarterback for most of the year. We will just have to prepare for a little bit of everything as we go in defensively. Their defense, they don't do a lot, they're very much like us. They have a four man front, it's very basic they're going to try and make you drive the football, make you turn it over and just be stingy when it comes to giving up a consistent drive, which we have not yet proven that we are very good at doing that consistently. So, it should be a good game, Friday night, different time, late: 8:36 kickoff, on ESPN. It's going to be a situation where our routine will be changed, hopefully doesn't disrupt anything, but we just have to go play a football game. We need to play for 4 quarters; we have to start faster on offense because if you look at what we have done, we have started very slow, every game offensively.  We looked at every scenario, and something different happens on each and every drive that we start the game out with. We need to play better at the beginning of the game; I guess play with more emotion. Last week I didn't wear a headset the first half, hopefully I can get around to the guys, encourage them a lot more. I need to help out more, in terms of adjustments in the first half. And, I have never done that before but sometimes you need to do that, and show them you need to listen to the players. I think those things bring up a lot better attitude on the sidelines with your football team. We're getting excited to get out there, we haven't hit the halfway point yet, this is the halfway point this week, in our football season. We hadn't showed a lot of improvement since the first of the year and hopefully we can show much more improvement going into the second half."



On what happened during the two blocked field goals:

"Well you can't leap into the line, and if you watch our guys we went straight up and their guy came across the line of scrimmage. You can't fall on anybody, your teammates are your own teammates and it was obvious that's what happened and we missed. It gives you a huge advantage because you get penetration but it is was also put into the rules because of safety percussion for players that are jumping up and falling on top of guys and getting hurt. Those things happen so hopefully there is no bringing it back, it worked for them and we just have to go on with it."

On why he used his second timeout in the fourth quarter onside kick:

"We have several onside kicks without an option to change, that one wasn't going to work because the way they were aligned and I have done that before. It's obvious because you only have one opportunity and the best chance to get the ball back is have your best one called. We're looking at options on ways to call them once you're on the field but it is hard because you change different personal and they won't let you do that once you are out there. That was the reason, we had something else called and a normal onside kick is like two to three out of ten chances you will come up with the possession but this one was going to be zero to one out of ten of recovering the ball. So we decided to use the timeout and better our odds and change it and it still didn't work."

On giving more opportunities to his running backs:

"Tion  (Green) looked good last week, he got off to a slow start, mentally trying to learn the offense but he has gotten rep after rep and he has worked with the first, second, and third group all year long he is fresh and his legs are fresh. Ralph (Albernathy)is one that goes full speed all the time whether it is practice or a game as we all know, and we worked him pretty hard and he isn't as fresh as Tion is. Tion carries a bigger load, I would say about 35 more pounds and were going to have to use him more but we still have the same rotation. Hosey (Williams) made an obvious mistake on a play last week were he thought it was suppose to go inside but it was suppose to go outside and that's where he ran into the lineman instead of breaking it to the outside. Those are just inexperience things with running the ball and there was a little timing issue with the change of the center position, hopefully this week we will give Sam (Longo) a lot more snaps and we haven't decided if he will start but we have gotten him a lot more snaps at center and trying to work those details out."

On how he feels about his defense performance overall:

"I would rate them a "C+, B" we haven't played offenses like the one we are getting ready to play, they are going to get a lot better and the group last week hadn't scored a lot of points and they lost their quarterback and their best running back and that had put them in a tail spin. I judge us on how quickly we get our offense back onto the field and blew about four or five third down conversions. Our defense is good enough up to this point and we should have had some three and outs to put our offense back into the game and give us more opportunities but we continue to give them drives and time on the clock which hurts your production on offense. So we are getting better and we have about seven new starters on offense from last year, guys that are learning how to play, we play a lot of defensive lineman, our secondary is still a work in progress, we have been moving guys from running back and receiver to play corner after we had a few injuries in the secondary. We are starting to come around a little bit but we are not there yet, we will get some test coming up on the road and find out what we are really about."

On how Adam Dempsey earned his scholarship:

"He is a senior and you can tell he has more confidence than these younger guys, he has been in some battles and he is hard nose. The one thing about Adam and he has been beat up and he is in the training room everyday and he is really liking having the opportunity to play more and more and he is a guy that you know what you will get out of him and he will give you all he has and he will let you know when he is tired and good players do that. The big thing about Adam is he has the confidence to play on this level and he hasn't played a whole lot over the years but the times he's had has given him some experience to go out there and compete. He hasn't been a surprise but he has been a pleasant surprise of his improvement in the last four, five weeks."