Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes - Nov. 5, 2013

Nov. 5, 2013

Tommy Tuberville Press Conference Quotes
Nov. 5, 2013


“First of all, I would like to start out by saying; this is an exciting day for us. Mark Barr is out of the hospital and in the building, rehabbing with our guys for quite some time. He’s got a lot of work to do, he’s not on solid food yet, but hopefully by the end of the week, he will be, and have the opportunity to start gaining his weight and strength back. But he looks good; he looks real good, considering what he’s been through the last eight weeks. We’re proud to see a lot of progress out of Mark, and he’ll be around all of the players and coaches now, and that will even enhance his rehab.”

“We are back for another week. We have only played one game over the last twenty days. I didn’t like the idea of that, going into the season, but after we had so many guys that were beat up, I think that is the best thing that has happened to us. We have been able to get a lot of people back, close to 100%, one being Brendon Kay. Brendon was probably  75-80% going into the game last week, and played pretty well, made some mistakes, got beat up a little bit, but to this point now he’s close to the point of being where he was at the beginning of the season. Bujnoch is the same way, we held him out last game, and he should be ready to go. Everybody is practicing that has not had surgery, and so we are looking forward to having a full complement of players going into the SMU game, this Saturday at 12:00. This will be a very different game from what we’ve seen so far. We are seeing more of a passing team this week. Garrett Gilbert, the quarterback, throws it. They got two coaches, the offensive coordinator, Hal Mumme, who I know very well, and then June Jones, the head coach, they like throwing the football more than anybody in the country. June’s done a great job getting SMU to bowl games. They’re playing well; they have played a very tough schedule to this point. They’ve had the week off to rest up, and so we’ll get their best shot, so we have to get after it and put a good game plan in, and understand what we have to do on defense, and on offense going into this game. So it will be a test for a football team that has made a lot of mistakes, and we have shot ourselves in the foot a lot in the last four or five games, but we have had some success. As I have told our guys, let’s put a good game plan together, and we will be as rested as we will be for the rest of the year. We have three straight Saturday games before an open date against Louisville, and we’ll have an opportunity to put our best foot forward and hopefully have a good game.”



On if he wants to see more production out of his running game:

“We want to rush for 150 yards or more a game, I think a little bit had to do with our philosophy of what we can do and going against Memphis. Memphis had one of the better defenses that we played against, a lot of speed, quickness; they give you a lot of problems. They gave us some bad plays on first downs which created situations where we had to throw the ball but thankfully we were successful throwing the ball on second and third down. But it’s an area of concern when you don’t get 100 hundreds why and we go back and look at the film and we actually threw the ball more than we wanted to. We do want to be a consistent team that rushes for 150 yards or more a game, if we can do that we’ll have some success on offense, it will help the passing game.”

On if it is a challenge trying to get his team motivated to play a team that doesn’t have a lot of wins compared to who they play next:

“Yeah, players look at it, they look at the team they’re playing and we played four games now that I think at the time one of the teams had one win. Not that they are going to be any worse or better than the teams we are getting ready to play but the team that we are getting ready to play have had more wins. They have had more stability in their offense and defense, they’ve had more consistency and the month of November is going to be tough for us and the first week of December. It’s going to be tougher as I tell our team we can’t play like we been playing, we shoot ourselves in foot we won’t win a game. The week that we do that we had way to many penalties, to many lost yardage, too much lost yardage in the kicking game and with penalties and they are penalties that shouldn’t have been there. So we can’t go into this game and have 10, 12 penalties and expect to win.”

On if the team’s attention has been peaked a little more now since its November:

“Yeah and we as coaches have to spend more time with attention to detail in terms of guys lining up on the line of scrimmage right in practice and understanding who is on and who is off. We changed our snap count in the last game and that affected us a little bit because we felt like we needed to change it and we keep tweaking our snap count and that doesn’t sound like a huge change but it is when four five games you’ve been going on a rhythm and when you change, your rhythm is off a little bit. But we’re going to continue to tweak it because it gives your offense an opportunity and an advantage when your snap count is altered and is different. So I think it helped us in some ways and hurt us in some ways in this last game with what we did with our snap count but we will continue to do that.”

On how his seniors have performed thus far:

“You know when you have transition and again I’ve been through a few transitions before, the guys that usually suffer the most are the seniors on the team because they’ve been through so much with one coaching staff and then you change and you got your last year coming up and you got so many things you have to change as an individually player or whether its offense defense or special teams. You have to adapt to it and so I’m proud of this group and I been proud of every group that I have inherited that were seniors. They always been helpful, they’ve worked hard been good leaders, whether it was at Ole Miss, Auburn, or Texas Tech or here these guys have really been officially to me as a head coach trying to change things in terms of my philosophy. It always has a special meaning in your heart for guys that you just have been around for a short period of time but they have been good leaders and jumped on board and they have been on the bandwagon the whole time. We have not had one problem with the transition, the seniors have really been the rock that has held everything together because if you look at some teams that had transition from the previous year, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and ours hasn’t been smooth sailing but hadn’t been because of our seniors. It’s been because of change of philosophy and running different offenses and defenses, so the leadership we have had from these 16 seniors has been very good and their roles have been outstanding and as I told them this week, “Senior Week” is special for them but special for their parents because they get to come to the game and have a picture taken and go through with a ritual that we call Senior Day. But most of these guys will wear shoulder pads and helmets for the last in the next two months and then it will be over for them, so hopefully we can play well for the seniors and have some positive things happen for us in the next couple months.”

On what they need to do well defensively to slow down SMU’s offense:

“It’s like any high powered offense, they’re going to get the ball in space and you have to tackle well, you can’t give a lot of yards after contact and they’re going to get their completion. I think the quarterback has gone from last year completing 53 percent of his passes to this year completing 64 percent and if go back and look they have played TCU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and they played two of those three on the road. He is a veteran, he has been around and I have watched him now for five years and even his first years at Texas he played some as a true freshman. He has a good arm, he’s tall and but what is very deceptive about him is I think he is their leading rusher and he doesn’t look like a runner but he can pull the ball down and make something happen with his legs and so he is a double threat. But you have to tackle well, and we have to mix things up, we can’t just go out be a vanilla offense and defense and think that you’re going to win this game. There is a lot of coaching that goes on to a game like this in terms of getting guys lined up in different areas and disguising coverage’s and given a different look. The problem you have with a team like this is they go very fast, they don’t huddle, they don’t run a whole lot, and they run very few formations. But when they get lined up and they snap the ball in 10, 15 seconds they are getting ready to snap it again, so your coordinator and coaches have to be on top of things, substitution wise, getting your guys lined up in time because a lot of this offense is about getting you lined up and getting you tired and taking advantage of guys that are going 60 or 70 percent instead of 100 percent. I have run this offense, I know I’ve been there and I’ve seen it and it works so were going to have to play a lot of players on defense this week and you will see guys going in and out and trying to keep as many fresh guys on the field as possible.”

On if his staff thinks Mark Barr will make a full recovery:

“That isn’t up to us, that’s up to the doctors, right now we’re glad he is hear, but I wouldn’t count it out, he has made a lot quicker recovery to this point. Now he isn’t near close to walking around campus and going to class on his own and all of the little things we take for granted, he is a long way from there. So maybe someday that might be a possibility and if it is we would love it but that would be between him and the doctors I’d say for the next six, seven or eight months.  He has gotten o this point and everything that’s going to happen after this point is going to be very slow.”

Brendon Kay, QB, #11

On Games in November changing the team’s motivation:

“It definitely does. We have got to flip the switch, we have a tough stretch coming up and I think we’re ready for it. I think we’ve continued to get better every week and we’ve just got to keep continuing it.”

On UC playing stronger opponents in the last month of the season:

“I mean you can see it, but at the same time you can never know how the season is going to play out. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen but definitely it is a possibility.”

On Senior Day and how far the program has come since he arrived:

“It’s actually my second senior day *smiling* I walked last season. But it’s definitely been a long road. It’s turned me into who I am today. I have no regrets. Everything happened the way it was supposed to.”

On The UC program:

“It’s incredible. The program’s grown since I first got here and overall.”

On Jordan Luallen’s off the field personality:

“The same as he is on the field. Very high energy, hyper, outgoing guy. It’s a lot of fun to be around.”

On what he thought meeting Luallen for the first time

“I probably can’t say that, but I don’t know, he’s just… he’s a lot of fun.”

On Luallen in the quarterback room:

“Yeah he’s definitely a spark plug, keeps the energy going. He brings another aspect to the quarterback room. I love when he’s out there.”

Jordan Stepp, Defensive Tackle, #94

On Senior Day and how far the program has come since he arrived:

I think the program is in a great place. I think any guy that comes in to play college football, they want to say when they leave that it’s a better place than when they first got there. I think I’m very lucky to say this place is light years ahead of what it was when I got here my freshman year. I mean, just look around this room. The hallways – we have a players’ lounge. I mean my freshman year we had where the nutrition place is now four real nasty beat up lazy boys and a broken flat screen TV and now we’ve got couches, pool tables, ESPN, NFL Network 24/. It’s become an environment that wins championships and I think the past five years have reflected that. It’s been a great ride.

On Games in November changing the team’s motivation:

“It’s how you finish, and I think that’s one of the strong suits of not only this football team but the players, the teams of the past – it’s carved in our DNA. Your success on the field is dictated by how you practice and we won’t ever turn that down. The intensity we go at practice, bye weeks, you know just a normal week’s practice is unmaxed and I think we get victories in our preparation. All that matters right now is SMU.”

On UC playing stronger opponents in the last month of the season:

“College football is kind of weird sport compared to everything else because the only thing that matters at the end of the year is just how many wins you have. If you’re NBA, NFL, when you get a playoff system, you’ve got to go perfect in college football. Wins are the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who you play. I mean, any given Saturday so many things could go wrong in college football, so much momentum changes since USF. You know we came out and they played a great game against us. I don’t think a lot of people saw that coming besides the guys in this room that saw them on film. You never know what kind of energy and improvement you can come out with.”

On a second-half run meaning more playing stronger opponents:

“I mean it will mean a lot but I think what it really means more to the most is to ourselves because at the beginning of the season, trying to find our identity, trying to finish strong at the end of the year, you feel good about it because you realize that you are being who you are. It’s a good feeling to find your identity and then to put that on the football field. I think that’s the most important part about these last few games, last four games, is just finally getting everyone together and putting your product on the field. I think these last few weeks we’ve really put a few full team games out on the field and I’m excited to show the world who we are and what we do.”