Brian Kelly Media Conference Quotes
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Nov. 6, 2007

"We have another challenge this week with the University of Connecticut. Their at the top of the BIG EAST with a record of 4-0.

Randy Edsall has done a great job of getting his football team to play really sound and smart football in all phases. His kicking game is very strong, his field goal kicker is tops in the league. Defensively, they are very strong upfront; they do a great job of tackling. They're just a fundamentally sound defense. On offense, you have Tyler Lorenzen who has really taken care of the football. He's only thrown four interceptions this year.

I think they show that if you don't beat yourself and you play sound and fundamentally, you have a chance to win football games each and every week. Every game they've played, it's clear that they are the more consistent football team.

(Andre) Dixon and (Donald) Brown are two very good backs. Brown came back this week to rush for 154 yards, and Dixon is a guy that can take it the distance. I think we all know the last time we faced two very good backs, we struggled mightily (at Pittsburgh). It's very important for us to do a great job against the running game of Connecticut.

We're playing against the third-ranked scoring defense in the country, so we have our hands full. It's another challenge, another elimination game for us, but our kids have gotten to November with a chance to win a BIG EAST Championship."

"I think whenever you can keep them out of the end zone, that's the bottom line. They were up in that game. What Connecticut has done, especially the past two weeks, is gotten on their opponents early, built the lead, and kept the ball in front of them. They make it difficult on you to put the ball in the end zone. Again, I think that is good coaching. It doesn't matter how many yards you give up, but how many points you give up. "



"I think right now they do a better job of protecting the football and eliminating mistakes, while we're a team that has a tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot. We try to overcome it. Connecticut is not that type of football team."

"I thought we needed to get back to doing some of the things we were doing earlier in the year. Obviously, taking the football away was one of the reasons we got to 6-0. We ran into a stretch of not being as aggressive. Last week we were more aggressive and forced eight turnovers."