Student Loyalty Program Bonus Opportunity Slated for Remaining Home Football Games

Nov. 14, 2012

The University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics announced today that students will have the opportunity to earn a bonus point in their Student Loyalty program at each of the remaining home football games against Rutgers and USF.  

The primary method of earning Student Loyalty points is through attendance at home Men’s basketball games. Students that wish to receive additional loyalty points should attend the remaining home football games on Nov. 17 and Nov. 23. Students must get their ticket scanned at the gate and attend the entire game. Students that secure their ticket but do not attend the game will receive zero bonus points. This special opportunity is open to all students and will be used as a tiebreaker in the event of a tie.

The first phase of the loyalty program will conclude with the Men’s basketball game against Alabama on Dec. 1. Students have the potential to earn a maximum of 14 points with the two football games only being used in the event of a tie between students.

The Student Loyalty Program for the upcoming basketball season rewards the most devoted students in Bearcats Nation. For every home game students attend, they will receive points (nonconference and exhibition games – two points; BIG EAST Conference games – one point) that qualify them for exciting benefits. A student leaderboard will be posted on

“Our students are the best in the country,” Wurthman said. “Their support all season long helps create an electric atmosphere in Fifth Third Arena and impacts games. The loyalty program rewards their allegiance.”

The loyalty program will be divided into two phases with the first phase concluding with the Alabama contest on Dec. 1 and the second phase wrapping up with the end of the regular season. The top 275 students ranked on the leaderboard from attendance figures compiled through the Alabama game will have the ability to secure up to two student tickets for the Skyline Chili Crosstown Classic on Dec. 19 at U.S. Bank Arena. Only 578 complimentary student tickets will be available for the game. All students who have secured the opportunity to join the Bearcats at U.S. Bank Arena will be notified by email on Dec. 2. Students can earn up to 14 points during the first phase (seven home games) plus the key tiebreaking point.

The second phase begins immediately following the Alabama game. Students will continue to earn points and the leaders will be selected to participate in halftime contests, on-court recognitions, and have the first exclusive opportunity to access tickets to postseason games in the BIG EAST tournament held at Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., as well as potential games in the NCAA tournament.

Students earn points toward these benefits only if they attend the games. Securing a ticket alone does not count toward a student’s progress in the loyalty program.

Complete details on the loyalty program as well general student ticket distribution information is available at