76th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic

Priority Seating Overview/Bowl Information

Thank you for your support of Bearcat Football through your purchase of tickets to the 76th annual Allstate Sugar Bowl on Friday, January 1st at the Louisiana Superdome. Your purchase of Sugar Bowl tickets is critical in the continued growth and development of Bearcat Football.

We ask that you take the time to review the seating chart on the opposite side to understand the allotment of seats that were issued to the University of Cincinnati and which sections are designated as "priority seating" areas. Playing in a unique venue which includes a variety of seating areas it was very important that we leaned on the expertise of both the Superdome and Sugar Bowl representatives for their assistance in the determining our priority in seating allocations.

It is important to understand all of the factors contributing to your seat allocation for this game:

  • The University of Cincinnati was issued 17,500 tickets to the Allstate Sugar Bowl.
  • UCATS members were given a three day window for the opportunity to purchase Sugar Bowl tickets prior to the sale of tickets to the general public.
  • UCATS members were granted the opportunity to purchase an unlimited number of bowl tickets. However, members were limited to a maximum of 16 tickets that could reside in the priority areas of our ticket allotment.
  • 11,690 tickets were purchased by UCATS members in the priority seating areas of our allotment.
  • Sugar Bowl tickets were allocated in direct accordance with Department of Athletics policy providing preference to members of the Director's Society, university Board of Trustees, George D. Smith Society, and then UCATS members in descending order of priority points.
  • After consultation with Sugar Bowl and Superdome officials the sequence of ticket allocations occurred as follows:
  • Sections 114-117, 225-230, 231-232, 314-318, 233-243, 118-124, 125-130, 319-327, 517-527, 613-633.
  • Of the 17,500 total tickets issued The University of Cincinnati received over 8,600 tickets in sections 613-633.

The 76th annual Allstate Sugar Bowl will provide the unique opportunity to unite Bearcat fans from all around the country to enjoy the excitement and pageantry of this historical bowl game. If you are traveling to New Orleans please consider texting "SUGAR" to 668439 using your cellular phone which will allow us to provide you with timely updates, event information and general information surrounding the bowl game.

With so many Bearcat fans taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase Sugar Bowl tickets it also provides us with the critical opportunity to capture the names and information of those with whom you will be traveling, in an effort to grow our base of support for continued appearances in BCS bowls. Additional information will be communicated with you on the role you can play in making a difference with our student athletes.

For the latest information on all Sugar Bowl information please continue to visit the Bowl Central page at GoBEARCATS.com or visit the UC Alumni Association at www.alumni.uc.edu. Follow our updates on twitter at UC_SugarBowl10.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!