2014 Cincinnati Spring Game Quotes

April 5, 2014

2014 Cincinnati Spring Game Quotes
April 5, 2014
Paul Brown Stadium

Coach Tuberville Quotes
On what he thought of Kiel:
“It was good. I can sleep a little better now because last week we were just awful on offense. We threw the ball well, protected, and we had a couple of offensive lineman out last week that really made a difference this week. We didn’t do as much defensively, but we still made plays on offense. Gunner had a pretty good day. I thought Jarred Evans played good. Hayden Moore did a pretty good job. We caught the ball better today too. I was really impressed with the offense. We made a lot of improvement and got a lot better. We are going to need to get a lot better as we go along.”

On if he learned anything he didn’t know today:
“Well, there were a lot of question marks at quarterback. The big thing about college is being consistent. We haven’t been very consistent at all in the spring. The defense won most of the time in the spring, but today the defense didn’t win. The offense came out with a different frame of mind today. They played a lot better. I think we gave our fans something to look forward to next fall, and hopefully we can get started where we left off.”

On Mekale McKay:
“He has gained a little weight. He understands more about the offense, and he is catching the shorter passes better than he did last fall. He was a deep ball threat last year, but now he can catch a ball over the middle and the deep ball. It is good to see him get better. He is going to be one of our team leaders, and he is going to be one of the better football players I have ever coached in terms of receivers.”

On if the receiving core in general in stronger with Abernathy there:
“Yeah, but we are going to play Ralph at both. We wanted to put him out there because you lose McClung, it is going to set us back a little bit. We have a young man coming in named Casey Gladney that I think people are going to like. He is a junior college player that I have watched play for the last three or four years in high school and junior college. It is going to be fun watching him come in. We will play Ralph at running back and wide receiver next year.”

On the vertical passing game:
“We want to get the ball down the field. We have enough speed now and enough receivers that we can stretch the field. We will take our shots across the middle and on the short passes, but we are definitely going to have a deep ball threat with Johnny Holton and Mekale McKay. Chisum probably had the best spring of any receiver we had out here. We have a chance and we are not even talking about Chris Moore, who was probably the highlight of the receivers last year. It is going to be fun to watch these guys battle. We are going to need more than two or three.”

#15 Chris Moore, WR
On their confidence in going after the deep ball:
“As a receiving core all together we feel that when the ball is in the air it’s our time to go and get it and make a play.”

On his confidence compared to when he first came to UC:
“I’m a lot more confident. After getting last season out of the way, I know the game better and the game has slowed down for me, and my confidence is very high right now.”

#19 Shaq Washington, WR
On Gunner having a 300 yrd passing first half:
“That’s amazing, and this probably wasn’t even his best practice. There’s a lot more room for improvement as a unit and as we get more comfortable going into the summer."

#1 Jeff Luc, ILB
On how he felt the defense played:
“We started off slow and that’s been our biggest problem, but we usually finish well. We started mixing things up and getting into rotation with the defensive line, and we started to feel good and feel comfortable."

On him being a leader this year:
“I feel I am more of a leader vocally this year, and everyone is welcoming me as a leader. It helps my comfort level because when everybody is following my lead they know I’m not going to lead them wrong.”

#11 Gunner Kiel, QB
On if he felt confortable today:
"It felt great to be out here. The spring game is fun to come out here and enjoy ourselves. The offense definitely had a chip on their shoulder from last semester but defense played well, offense play well special teams played well. We know we have a lot to get better at but it was a great day and glad to be done with spring ball."

On if it was important for him to end spring ball on an up note:
“ I want to play perfect every game. So I know I didn't play well last semester. I came out here with a chip on my shoulder to get better and compete have fun and play fast because that's what we are good at. So it was fun. I definitely enjoyed my time and I'm ready for the season to begin."

On if the deep ball will be part of the offense next season:
"As the quarterback I love to throw the ball deep because you get those big play and momentum for us. That is going to help us with our game. To complete the deep ball is definitely going to be a big factor for us. We are going to have to be good at it and we will get better at it."

On if he thinks they have enough weapons to complete the deep ball:
"We have so many wideouts that can go up and get the ball and that are also fast and it makes it easier for the quarterback. We have so many good players, good offensive lineman, good running backs, and it's easy for a quarterback because all I have to do is sit back there make the accurate read and throw the ball. The wide receivers will definitely do their jobs and it's helping 100 percent."

On having Chris Moore as one of his wide receivers:
"Chris Moore is unbelievable. Mekale Mckay is just as good and is able to go up and get the ball. Our inside wide receivers with Shaq (Washington) and Max (Morrison), Nate (Cole) and (Alex) Chisum we have so many weapons that we can do whatever we want. We throw it deep we can screen passes and get 25 yards. It makes it easier for the offensive line and quarterback and we can go out there and have fun."