Q&A with UC Men's Golf Head Coach Doug Martin
UC junior Baxter Reeves (left) with Bearcats head coach Doug Martin.

Feb. 16, 2014

Spring Preview with Cincinnati Men's Golf Head Coach Doug Martin

Q: How do you hope to carry over the momentum from the success of the fall season?

A: "Anytime you have success it energizes the kids. It was great for this program in general to have success. Finishing in the Top 5 of each event with one win certainly has been a confidence builder. Fortunately, the team has tremendous work ethic. We have made great strides since the fall season."

Q: What leads you to believe the players are really focused on having success in the spring?

A: "We have tremendous leadership on this team. Every player plays a key part to our success. Each player knows his role and understands its importance. We have togetherness like I have never seen before in a team. They have a mission and set very lofty goals for each other.”

Q: What’s the mindset or attitude of the team heading into the spring?

A: "Excitement best describes this team’s mindset as we begin our spring season. We have done the work, now we must go enjoy the journey. Our goal is to get better each week."

Q: What types of challenges will the difficult teams UC will compete against in the spring tournaments present to your squad?

A: "The spring schedule is great. We will have the opportunity to see a host of Top 25 teams. This will be great for our kids and this program’s continued rise. All six events we play this spring have great fields.

We must focus only on the things we control. We cannot worry about the names on the bags, we must worry about what we do. We have enough talent to compete with these teams. We have spent time discussing how to handle these issues and I don’t expect this team to struggle. All six courses are great facilities. The spring schedule is set up to challenge us and I feel we are prepared to face the challenge."



Q; Can you highlight some of the players that saw the most action during the fall season?

A: "Baxter Reeves and Jared Howard have really helped raise the bar for this program. These two have really challenged each other and other members of the team. They have forced others to get better.

"Baxter continues to mature as a player. He has also become a much more disciplined player. The sky is the limit for Baxter. Patience will be key this spring, along with his par-5 scoring.

"Jared Howard is the consummate hard worker. He has closed the gap on a lot of players nationally, lowering his scoring average by five shots off last year’s average of 77. Jared plays with tremendous passion and is a tremendous leader for this team.

"Emerson Newsome continues to clean up his golf swing. Currently, he has the golf club in great positions and is playing with great confidence. Emerson will have a great opportunity to defend his title at Old Waverly this spring. He also is a tremendous leader both on and off the course.   

"Jared O’Kelley grew a lot this fall. Having the opportunity to get his feet wet this fall as a freshman should provide him with the confidence needed in the spring. Jared is a great driver of the ball and all of his success is derived from that part of his game. He continues to clean up his putting and short irons.

"John Michael O’Toole brings tremendous energy and fire to this team. I love his competitive nature. The moment he relaxes and enjoys this journey is when great things will happen. I believe he used the fall season as a nice adjustment period from junior college to Division I golf. He now realizes he doesn’t need to do anything different – just keep doing the things that have always made him great.

"Blake Hamilton is showing great strides mentally and physically. His game is starting to show signs of the player I think he can become. He must continue to work on his mental toughness."