Getting to Know: Blake Tucker

March 18, 2009

Name: Blake Tucker

Favorite Pro Sports Team: Yankees

Favorite Pro Sports Player: JJ Redick

Favorite PGA/LPGA Player: Tiger Woods

Favorite Food: BBQ Chicken

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Favorite TV Show: Hogan Knows Best

Favorite Movie: Bad Boys 2

Best advice you ever received: Everything you do should always have a positive or no effect at all on your goals

My Hero: Dad

Dream Date: Kim Kardashian

Last book you read: a school book

What’s on your iPod right now?: Disturbed

What is your worst habit?: biting fingernails

Talent you’d most like to have: Height

What’s hanging on your dorm/apartment walls?: girls

One thing I can’t live without: pepsi

On average, how many text messages do you send per day?: 100

I would love to trade places for a day with….: The President

First job: at a golf club

My bucket list (three things I want to do before I die): Play at St. Andrews, Drive a Lambo, play a PGA tour event

My greatest love: money

If you could play a round with any three people, who would they be?: Tiger Woods, my dad, my brother

Driver or 3-wood?: 3 wood

Par 3s or Par 5s?: par 5s

Tiger or Phil? Tiger

I chose UC over: Ohio Wesleyan, Canisius College

Favorite golf course: Bethpage Black