Bearcat Caravan Visits Family Days at Fountain Square

June 22, 2009

June 20th 2009-Family Days at Fountain Square
1 pm-2:30pm

Saturday afternoon before the Civil Rights Baseball Game and surrounding festivities, the UC Caravan attended Family Days at Fountain Square. Bigg's and Fountain Square Management collaborated with children's organizations all over the Tri-State area to create a special time for children. Children 10 and under got in for FREE! Boys and girls participated in art making, story time, physical activities and much more. There was also a musical performance. Hundreds of kids were in attendance to enjoy all the festivities.

The Bearcat marketing team was there to distribute promotional materials and complimentary prizes. Also, there was a special appearance by the UC Bearcat Mascot. Both the Marketing team and the UC Bearcat Mascot were thrilled to take part of the event.