UC Bearcat in Capital One Mascot Challenge Again

Aug. 30, 2010

For the second year in a row, the UC Bearcat is in the running for the title of the Capital One Mascot of the Year. Last year, Bearcat clinched the title by beating out 15 other mascots in a series of votes over 15 weeks.

Once again, the Bearcat is back to claim the first back to back title in the competition's history. The contest begins on August 30, 2010 and will run for 15 weeks. There are 12 weeks of regular competition followed by quarterfinals, semi-finals and a final week of voting. Each week, Bearcat will be pitted against a new rival from across the country.

Fans are able to vote by visiting www.capitalonebowl.com or by texting BEARCAT to 69866. Voting is unlimited this year so make sure to vote early and often for the Bearcat.

The other school mascots that are competing in this year's challenge are Air Force, Ohio State, Old Dominion, Oregon, Western Kentucky, Maryland, UTEP, Miami, LSU, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Minnesota and UCLA.

For those schools who have been selected to be part of the competition, each is awarded $5,000. The winning mascot is awarded an additional $15,000 to go towards the cheer program.

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