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Get To Know The Bearcat Backer Of The Week: Greg Cappel

Each week, UCATS is proud to recognize a faithful donor who encompasses what it means to be a Bearcat, gives 110% and is dedicated to changing the lives of our student athletes by contributing both time and resources to UC Athletics.

his week, UCATS is proud to honor Bearcats Backer, Greg Cappel.

Q: When did you graduate from UC?
A: Class of 2003. I majored in finance and accounting.

Q: What is your favorite UC Sports team?
A: Honestly this is a tough question. I went to pretty much every basketball game when I was in school, and didn’t get involved much in football, but now I absolutely love tailgating and going to Nippert on fall evenings to watch the football team. If pressed, I’d have to say hoops just because I appreciate Mick’s loyalty and the phenomenal job he’s done rebuilding the program. Also, Steve Logan is awesome.

Q: What is your Favorite UC Sports moment?
A: Easiest question ever. I was up at Heinz field on Dec. 5, 2009. Seeing Pike drop that ball into Binns was easily the best sporting moment of my life. That feeling of euphoria is why I love sports.

Q: What motivates you to give back to UC?
A: I give back to UC to help the school and athletic programs, because seeing UC do well in both the athletic and academic ranks makes me feel a sense of pride in my degree and my affiliation with the university.

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