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As part of the UCATS annual giving and priority seating program, we have established a per-seat donation model for football and basketball priority seating, effective January 2015. Each seat in Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena has a donation directly associated with the seat location. The seating charts of Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena reflect the per-seat donation required to purchase season tickets in a given location.

Nippert Stadium Seating Chart | Fifth Third Arena Seating Chart

All season ticket holders will have the opportunity to keep their existing seats as long as per-seat donation requirements and deadlines are met.

All season ticket holders have the ability to improve their seats on an annual basis by opting into the Seat Selection Process. If you would like to opt into the 2016 Seat Selection Process for football, please CLICK HERE. Appointments for the seat selection process are scheduled based on UCATS giving level (pledge), and priority points within each giving level*.

The Seat Selection Process allows a current/new season ticket holder to review available seating locations in Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena and make a decision to lock in his/her season tickets.

Current/new season ticket holders should pledge their football and men’s basketball priority seating gifts, as well as any philanthropic gifts before May, in order to maximize their opportunity in the seat selection process.

Current/new season tickets holders are provided the opportunity to consider higher giving level locations while reserving the option to retain their current seats if applicable. If a season ticket holder pledges at a higher giving level and ultimately decides to purchase seats at a lower giving level, he/she will be required to either maintain the higher giving level or be re-slotted into the seat selection process at the appropriate time based on the lower giving level.

Flexible payment options are available for UCATS memberships and football and men's basketball season tickets. Multi-month payment options will help extend your payments and create more accommodating timetables.