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Tip-Off Club Mission
To provide financial support to help fund the targeted needs of the UC Men's Basketball program

Tip-Off Club & UCATS 

CLICK HERE for the 2014 Tip Off Club brochure.
  • Your best opportunity to directly support Men's Basketball at UC.
  • Your gift is above and beyond your UCATS requirement, should you decide to purchase season tickets for men's basketball or football.
  • Your gift may be fulfilled all at once or in monthly installments.

A contribution to the Tip-Off Club will assist in funding ...

  • Team travel on a yearly basis
  • New locker room (coming soon)
  • New players' lounge (coming soon)

Membership Levels & Benefits
All members of the Tip-Off Club will receive exclusive team email updates, invitations to special events, access to select practices and UCATS annual membership benefits at the appropriate giving level.

  • Starter: $1,000
  • All-Conference: $2,500
  • All-American: $5,000
  • MVP: $10,000

"Simply put, Tip-Off Club members provide financial support to help fund specific, critical needs of the program. Funds raised from the Tip-Off Club helped us to travel better and play better last season. Members of the Tip-Off Club have been tremendous and we wouldn't be able to operate without them. There is no doubt the Tip-Off Club is the 'Team behind the team' and has played a vital role in the resurgence of UC basketball. Please consider joining today. Thank you!"

Mick Cronin
Head Coach


UC Basketball would like to thank all 2014 Tip-Off Club Members:

Mr. & Mrs. James Amann
Mr. Jack R. Aufderbeck
Mr. Charles H. Bauer
Mr. Dennis Becker
Mr. Doug Betz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Boymel
Scott & Julie Bristow
Mr. Randall Brown
R. L. Nicholas & Amy Bucciere
Robert Burger
Ross Bushman
Matt Butcher
Dr. Angelo Colosimo
Mrs. Cindy Coggins
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Courter
Mr. Michael Cronin
Michael Dooley
Mr. Greg Dooley
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gregory
Mr. David Herche
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Hilsinger
John Isidor & Sandra Kaltman

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Jacobs
Mr. Brad Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Bill E. Katz
Mr. Doug Kecman
Mr. Mark Kuhlman
Mr. Jack Laub
Mr. Louis Lauch
Dr. & Mrs. Wilfried Leder
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leonard
Mr. Chad Lockard
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lower
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lower
Mr. Tony Maas
Mr. Bob Mangine
Mr & Mrs. William Mattingly
Mr. & Mrs. Walter McBeath
Dennis & Myra McEvoy
Dr. and Mrs. Lee McHenry
Mr. Donald McIntosh

Mr. John Meeker
Mr. Greg Meyer
Mitchell S. Meyers
Mr. Jeff Middleton
Gregory & Bryna Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Neat
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O'Callaghan
Mr. Gary P. Osterfeld
Dr. Samir Patel
Mr. Ron Prybal
Mr. Todd Riley
Mr. David Ritter
Mr. Henry Roy
Mr. Ben Russert
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sheakley
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sheakley

Mr. Barry P. Shelley
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sosna
Mr. David Stone
Mr. Stephen & Karen Thompson
Mr. Richard Thornburgh
Bruce & Cheryl Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Valentine
Mr. Owen Waske
Mr. Robert C. Waters
Karen Weissman
Mr. Richard E. Wilhelm
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wilkinson
Douglas & Julie Wuest
Dr. & Mrs. J. Richard Wuest
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wyler
Mr. Brent Wyrick
Dr. Steven Zaret
Mr. Joseph Sabatini
Dr. David Schneider