Cincinnati vs. USF Postgame Quotes

Jan. 3, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. USF
January 3, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
On the first half versus the second half:

“The difference between the first half and second half is that we gave up transition points. We allowed them to get to the basket in transition and that is what they like to do. They were able to get out into the open floor and able to attack us off the dribble. We really did not have an answer for them for three or four minutes stretch and then they got the lead. Defensively we have to get better. We are not coming up with stops and we need to get stops. We are not coming out with rebounds and we need to get rebounds. We still held them to under 60 points a game that’s pretty good. But if we do that we have to continue to hold them especially if we are not making open shots. And today other than Day (Hollins), our shot was just not falling.”

On whether the problem was due to UC’s energy level or USF’s ability to get the ball up the floor:
“The difference was we were able to take that away in the first half, second half we didn’t. When a team is able to do stuff they are strong at they obviously that gives their team energy. They got a couple easy buckets in transition and they are feeling confident, you give them life, we are up for a half. Then next thing you look up and you’re down six. That’s a 10 point turn around. For the most part I thought it was because we gave up some easy buckets in transition and you know gave up a lot of looks at half court. They shot the ball with confidence today. Some of their players, not known statistically to make open three’s, they made them today. You give a basketball player enough time to shoot they are more than likely going to make one or two of them and today everyone on their team made an outside shot. We just have to beat and guard in transition. There are four things we always talk about guarding guys in transition, second shots, foul people and out them on the free throw line, and taking care of the ball. Today transition defense, the fouls, and definitely two out of the four things we did not do based on the stat sheet.”



On Bjonee Reaves’ foul with under a minute left:
“You know what I am surprised. You know I know she didn’t mean that. I doubt she meant that. I hope she did not mean to do that because she is actually one of our smarter players from a basketball player IQ point. In that situation we are down four with forty seconds left, you know we got the shot clock down to 10, 11 seconds and then we foul and put them on the line. That was not the smartest decision we made. We should have not been in that position, you know allow them going on that run, all of a sudden we had to play form behind in the last five minutes. This is one when I looked at the schedule if we played that type of basketball I know we could have won. It just did not happen and now we are 0-2 in the BIG EAST and we are going to Rutgers to play a really good Rutgers team on the road. We have three days of practice before then and we have work to do especially defensively.”

On Dayeesha Hollins being crowded in the second half:
“I thought Tiffany (Turner) and Chanel (Chisholm) as post players stepped up. But you have Kayla Cook and Bjonee (Reaves) combine for 73 minutes and between the two of them, they were 1-for-12 on the floor. So you can’t have our best player denied and then the other two perimeter players not having any productiveness, just as far as helping us in the scoring column. You just can’t have two guys that play over 35 minutes a game going 1-for-12. Why did they go 1-for-12? You know, I don’t know. Were they not making shots? Were they not aggressive? Especially when our best player is taken out of the game we have to have others guys step up and help us win. Kayla plays hard for 40 minutes defensively. Bjonee, I think she takes some breaks off whether it is her knee or something else.”

Senior guard Chanel Chisholm
On the first half versus the second half:

“In the second half we kind of got away from being disciplined. We kind of felt their pressure. We need to step up our discipline and keep working hard instead of being undisciplined.”

On how USF was better by pushing the ball up:
“We definitely need to get back in transition on defense. We did not do a good job doing that, but hopefully next time we can do that.”

On being more disciplined with the tough BIG EAST stretch coming up:
 “Honestly, we just have to stay disciplined, especially in the BIG EAST because we are going to be undersized, so, we have to stay disciplined, because we are always going to be outmatched.”

On being a team leader:
“I just tell them to expect to play against some great players and not to get frustrated, and when we do meet competition we just have to play our game and play smart and be discipline

Sophomore guard Dayeesha Hollins
On what she saw in the first half, but not in the second half:

“First half they were denying me but second half it was tougher. It was more people denying me, so it was harder for me to get to the basket and be aggressive, so they pretty much took me out of the game in the second half.”

On what she sees on the court:
“I just play whatever is available to me, and I take advantage of it, so I just play the game, pretty much. It’s better, I am good.