Cincinnati-Villanova Postgame Quotes

Jan. 6, 2013

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Villanova at Cincinnati
January 6, 2013
Fifth Third Arena


Postgame Quotes

UC Head Coach Jamelle Elliot vs. Villanova

Opening Statement:

“I told those guys we played 38 minutes of probably the best basketball we played all year. Somehow we have to find a way to make plays at the end of the game to get a win. We had a situation where we were trying to isolate Tiffany inside where Kayla was feeding the post. She threw Tiffany a chest pass and it was swatted away for a turnover. Dayeesha went to the line for a one-and-one and missed the front end. Tiffany had a wide open layup over the front of the rim and missed and then with Dunn we needed to get a stop one time against their No. 33 in the post and we just couldn’t get it done. So we had opportunities to make plays and win the game and for some reason we just didn’t make them. I don’t want them to lose sight that we played 38 good minutes. We just have to find a way to finish games and when we do that we’re going to be a tough team to play against.”

On her strategy down three points late in the game with 15 seconds left to play:

“Our strategy was that we didn’t need a three right away. We wanted to get a quick two, try to get a steal and then foul. Day was able to get to the rim and finish and then we were able to pick up full court and foul right away. That gave us five seconds left on the clock after they shot free throws to come down and run a play, but we didn’t get to the play quick enough to get a shot off and that’s how the game ended.”

On the play of Chelsea Jamison, especially the two big shots she made down the stretch:

“Those were two huge shots for us. We ran that play a third time and Day forced up between two people and Chelsea was even open a third time. So I was hoping she’d pass it to her again and at least get Chelsea another shot.  She was hot and I wish that we would’ve gone to her again, but obviously we always want the ball in Day’s hands with the game on the line. Chelsea has really [played well] in three games that I remember: this game, the game at Kent state where she played really well, and then in our last game down in Hawai’i against Long Island I thought she played really well. She’s able to come in and play well when she’s focused and she’s into it and she did that again today. She gave us as good of a chance as anybody on the team did today to win the game.

On letting a possible win get away from them:

“We should’ve won today. I’m sure Harry is leaving here today feeling like there’s a load off of his shoulders. We allowed them to get away with one today. If the game was 38 minutes long we would’ve won the game, but unfortunately it’s a 40 minute game and good teams find a way to win, and they played well down the stretch and did that.”


Cincinnati Player Quotes

#10 Kayla Cook, G

On what could have been done differently towards the end of the game:

“We just didn’t make plays at the end; I had a turnover at the end that was a huge turnover. We just didn’t get stops. On the defensive end we got rattled and we just gave up open shots, and you can’t blame it on one person; it was a team effort and I just felt like down the stretch we weren’t as disciplined as we should have been. Like coach said in the locker room we had 38 and a half great minutes of basketball and then after that, in the last minute and a half, we just didn’t make plays.”

On their biggest concern moving forward in BIG EAST play:

“Just finish down the end, we can compete with anybody like we showed today but we have to be disciplined, and we need to learn how to finish and win the game.”

On penetrating more in the 2nd half:

“That was a thing that coach made an adjustment in the locker room. At the end of the first we were making the adjustment and I called a play and it was just set pick and rolls and to get our post to slip in and to get our guards penetrating because we knew that they were a bit slower and we had a faster step on them. That was the game plan- just try to get to the basket and attack.”


#25 Chelsea Jamison, G

On thinking if they could compete with Villanova:

“Yeah, we set a game plan and we did it but we just didn’t finish in the last few minutes.”

On getting more comfortable with more minutes:

“Yeah I’m getting comfortable, and doing whatever coach needs me to do and the team needs me to do.”

On what they can change as the season continue:

“Make sure we do the little things, the boxing out, the talking, and make sure we finish each game.”