Cincinnati - Rutgers Postgame Quotes

Jan. 7, 2014

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Rutgers at Cincinnati

Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliott

Opening Statement:

“That was a good Rutgers team coming in here today I haven’t seen a team with the mid-range game that they had and the ability to make that shot almost automatically from 12 to 17 feet. Our guards were sometime there but when you guard somebody that is two or three inches taller than you it’s hard to really contest the shot and disrupt and my hat goes off to Rutgers. They really came in here and although their press didn’t hurt us as much as the press did against the previous two teams we played against UCONN and Louisville. They really did a good job of not allowing us to get into our half-court set, disrupting our offense and their transition offense was really affective tonight as well as their points in the paint. That was difference in the game the fact that they scored 44 points in the paint we really couldn’t stop them inside.”

On if the frustration set into the team during the stretch when they were stuck on 25 points:

“That must have been the first couple minutes of the second half because we had 25 at halftime. I thought coming out the half we decided to switch to zone because they are not the best three point shooting team. So we decided to go zone to really try to pack it in and really try to protect our post players because we thought their post players really hurt us inside. So we wanted to pack it in a little bit and they did some really good ball movement and got some easy shots against our zone to start the half and then we couldn’t score. We changed our defense in hope that would be effective and it wasn’t and we still weren’t able to score. But one of the things we want to continue work on is every game we have scoring droughts, today it happened in the start of the second half but we got to get rid of those scoring droughts. Today though we scored a whopping 58 points which is a lot more than we scored the last three games so we are making progress and like I said Rutgers is a really good team that if I had my say I’m on a conference call tomorrow they will be a top 25 team in country by this time next week.”



On how it hard it is to get players to be aggressive during those scoring droughts:

“Well I think Dayeesha (Hollins) being back on the floor helped us a lot because she has the ability with the basketball to really penetrate the lane and allow our guards to get some kicks for some shots. I thought we had a couple of open looks early, the first half we just weren’t making them. But as far as people stepping up we’ve had guys step all year, it would be nice that we are in conference play. Individual we’ve had guys step up all year and now that we are in conference play we can’t just have one guy. Today it was Jeanise (Randolph) with 16 points 8 rebounds (Alyesha) Lovett and Kayla (Cook) had double figures but we need more guys, we are playing a lot of guys and out of the all the guys we are playing we just need more guys to step up and score for us.”

On how hard it was to defend Rutgers in the post and not letting them get inside:

“Yeah it’s tough when you’re playing a team that is strong both inside and out. There has been times where you didn’t have to worry about their guards penetrating as much they looked to stay on the wing and wind shield wiper around the lane and we allowed them to pack it inside with their post. They were multifaceted they have good inside game with their post in Rachel Hollivay and Kahleah Copper and then they got guard that are able to penetrate and get some easy feed. So we couldn’t guard them one on one and we were forced to guard them one on one because they had five guys out there that could be a weapon at any time.”

#10, Kayla Cook, G

On what happened during the 20-0 Rutgers run:
“They were making shots and we weren’t. That is the bottom line. Simple as that.”

On what coach tells them during timeouts when they are struggling:
“We were mainly focusing on stopping them because we feed off of our defense. I feel like we were contesting and we were right there, but they were still making shots.”

On Rutgers being aggressive:
“Their physicality was a main thing. It kind of rattled us a bit. After that technical (on Chelsea Jamison), we kind of got rattled.”

#31, Dayeesha Hollins, G

On if getting to the foul line is a point of emphasis:
“We just know we have to continue to be aggressive know matter what. Not just this game, but other games, we are good at free throws. That is just something that we stick to.”

On how hard a team like Rutgers is to defend:
“It can be a bit challenging especially knowing that they have a very quick first step and knowing that they have a very good mid-range game as well. We have to be ready for both and we just have to make them choose one of those things.”

#33, Jeanise Randolph, F

On Rutgers being very aggressive on the inside:
“We know that they are a very athletic team so we have to not just put a body on them, but push them back. We have to remember that they are over 6’ 3” and 6’ 2”. We aren’t lucky enough to just jump up and get the rebound so we have to put more effort than other teams. That is going to keep us in the game if we focus on the little things. I feel like we need to have more focus towards that.”

On getting frustrated during the game:
“We were doing things we shouldn’t have been doing. At the end of the day, we can’t lose our composure because we aren’t scoring. We have to keep our defense up and continue to play hard. We have to make smart plays. We had moments in the game that we were just fouling out of frustration. We just have to be mentally strong and mentally tough at those times of the game.”

On their press:
“It is challenging, but if we do what we are supposed to, it shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t think their press bothered us too much. I just think once we got to half court, we slowed down when we should have been attacking the basket more. Once we passed half court, there were like 10 seconds on the clock so we were rushing everything.”