Cincinnati-Seton Hall Postgame Quotes

Jan. 9, 2013

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Seton Hall at Cincinnati
January 9, 2013
Fifth Third Arena

Postgame Quotes

Cincinnati head coach Jamelle Elliot

Opening Statement:

"It's two games in a row now that came down to the last three minutes and I take the blame for it. We just haven't been able to put ourselves in the position to get stops when we needed to get stops and get the high percentage shots when we needed to get high percentage shots at the basket. Dayeesha did her best to try to will our team to win. Seton Hall did a really good job of taking her out of the game in the first half. They never allowed her to get to the rim. I challenged her at the half and told her look you're a top ten player in the conference so you're going to have to find other ways to help us win besides getting to the rim. Then three for four possessions in a row we drew up some plays designed to get her some threes and she took her time and she knocked them all down, but she just wasn't enough for us to get the win tonight. We're playing a lot of minutes and I'm starting to worry that in the last three or four minutes we just don't have enough in our tanks to get the stops and get the shots at the basket. I've really challenged our guys coming off of the bench - Destini, Jasmine, and Chelsea. These guys need breathers and I have to find a way to get other guys out there so they can get those breathers so that they can have as much in their tanks as possible at the end of the game to give them a chance to win."

On the difficulty of trying to manage Dayeesha Hollins' minutes:

"It's unfortunate. Today I just remember looking at her and she was dead tired. It was a dead ball situation with four minutes and three seconds left in the game. I looked at her and said you have three seconds and then the next media timeout to rest then you have to go the rest of the game. It's unfortunate that she has to play that many minutes, but until we can have our freshman coming off of the bench to give us some minutes, if she's not on the floor we just can't let the games get away from us. We're young and hopefully we'll get better with guys coming off of the bench to give her a breather. Obviously, Durley has stepped up to relieve her from having to handle the ball as much, but now with Lovett out we still need one or two of our other guards to come in and really relieve her of some of the stuff she has to do like handling the ball, breaking the press, coming off of screens and guarding off of screens because the kid gets tired. Not that that's the only reason we're losing the games in the last few minutes, but I have to believe that's a factor."



On their focus as they get ready to hit the road this weekend:

"One of the things that I talked to them about in the locker room today was that I want to put ourselves in some real end of the game types of situations, either up to or down two, with three minutes to go so that hopefully we can get a taste of it in practice what it's like to win these games. I can't run them up and down too much because like I said earlier we're hurt and we have guys playing a lot of minutes, but I'm looking forward to doing some situational stuff the next couple of days in practice."

#31, Dayeesha Hollins, G

On the team starting slow

"I think it was because they were a bit physical and it was hard for us to make cuts to the basket. So there were a couple times we weren't sure what we were in. And then I think their press got to us a little bit because we were slow bringing the ball up court to get in our offense so we had to find a way to get better at that and I think we did that at the end of the first half."

On it being a challenge to defend and being the primary scorer

"Well it's never easy but we just have to find a way at both ends of the floor. Playing defense and offense; get stops and to also score, you just have to find a way to do it."

On being open consistently behind the perimeter

"I wasn't surprise because there were a couple times in the beginning of the first half were I was attacking and I wasn't getting anywhere. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get to the basket as easy so I knew that the perimeter was more open so I took advantage of that."

On the challenges going on the road

"We just can't hang our heads and get down on ourselves because it's still the beginning and we just started conference play. I know it's going to get harder but we just have to keep our heads up and stay in there. Find a way to get it done.

On wanting to see her teammates more aggressive

"Of course, it's always good when everybody on the team is aggressive because it's harder to guard us and they don't have to focus on one or two players. So it makes it harder for their defense when everybody is aggressive. Doing what they do best and finding their open shots.

On what coach said

"She just said we got to keep our heads up and we still have a long season to go. To comment on Seton Hall, that they found a way to win the game when it came down to it and we have to do the same."