Cincinnati vs. Notre Dame Postgame Quotes

Jan. 14, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. Notre Dame
Postgame Quotes
January 14, 2012

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
On Notre Dame’s passing:

“I think by far they are the best passing team that we have faced all year long.  They are an excellent passing team. They make the next pass they find open guys every little open gap they find it.  They took advantage of our lack of size in the post and took advantage of those high low feeds we weren’t able to guard that very well.  But I think by far they are the best passing team and overall offensively disciplined team that we have faced so far this year and they are the No. 2 team in the country for a reason.  They play well together they have good individual players, I was really impressed by (senior guard) Natalie Novosel she really came out in the first half and put the game away early I think she had 18 points in the first half and a couple of her shots she had a hand in her face but she really had it going today and she set the tone for the rest of the game.”

On what she would like to see from offense:
“I think we need somebody else to step up and make plays.  Right now (sophomore guard) Dayeesha (Hollins) is the only one on our team that is able to be successful against these types of teams.  Teams are going to continue to take her away, make adjustments, deny her the ball, trap her and we just need other guys like (senior guard) Bjonee (Reaves) especially being a senior guard to step and make plays.  Since the Miami game she really hasn’t been there from a scoring stand point like I would like her to be.  There are games where she scores 20-25 points and there are other games where she doesn’t score at all.  I really want our guards to take some of that offensive load off Dayeesha as much as possible, whether it is (sophomore guard) Kayla (Cook) making 3’s, (freshman guard) Alesha Lovett making open shots, or taking it to the basket or Bjonee taking it to the basket.  But there needs to be someone to help take the pressure off Dayeesha because she can’t win games by herself.”

On Notre Dame guard Skylar Diggins:
“One of the things we said about her in our scouting report is she doesn’t have to score to help her team win games, and that was evident tonight she had four points, but she had 11 assists.  She can have an impact on the game whether she is scoring or not.  She can have games where she is scoring 25 to take the team on her shoulder from a scoring stand point.  The thing that I like most about her is that she has an impact on the game with her 11 assists just being a general out on the floor.  That is what great players do, they are able to make their team better and she did that today.”

On freshman guard Alesha Lovett’s defensive play:
“She is a great on the ball defender, she is probably one of our better on the ball defenders.  She needs to continue to work on positioning when her man doesn’t have the ball.  Being able to help and rotate but she is definitely getting better defensively and she played 25 minutes.  She only sat on the bench 11 minutes. She is playing more and getting more time.  I think she is feeling more comfortable and confident and she is a freshman and I am just hoping that she continues to get better.”

Redshirt sophomore guard Dayeesha Hollins
On what Notre Dame did that disrupted the team early:

“I think they executed their offense very well. We didn’t do so well communicating on defense, so when they executed on that, that just brought us down to another level. That got us even more deep than it could have been.”

On dealing with Notre Dame’s collapsing defense:
“I was just trying to be aggressive attacking the basket and sometimes I got too deep where it is hard for me to make a pass back out. Just to know for next game, I can’t get too deep so I am able to make a pass when they collapse.”

On trying to contain the many weapons that Notre Dame has on offense:
“Contain the dribbler. I know they had a lot of open looks to get it inside to the post.”

On how to get more teammates involved on offense:
“I would just say, they have to be more aggressive. Have confidence. That’s all I would have to say is just make sure you are confident and anybody can handle anything.”

Senior guard Chanel Chisholm
On having some success with fast break points:

“That is one of our goals, to play defense and try to get as many fast breaks as possible. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to capitalize like we wanted to on the fast breaks but we were looking to get points off of fast breaks.”

On Notre Dame throwing different defensive looks at you which may have caught the team off guard:
“I don’t think so. I think they pressured us. Teams pressure us all the time. We made it through Rutgers’ pressure, which they are known for. We have seen zone, man, traps, everything, so we haven’t seen anything new on the floor tonight as far as defense.”

On problems defending against Notre Dame’s size:
“I didn’t think we had our best defensive game tonight as far as post defense and helping in the post so that did play a major factor in the game and it showed.”

On what team can take away from this loss:
“We knew we were coming in and playing a top ranked team in the nation so we felt like the thing we wanted to get out of it was to get better and we are definitely going to learn from the mistakes we made in this game so we can prepare for our next game which is against UConn, which is the No. 3 team in the nation. We are just going to take our mistakes from his game and learn from it and not do it in the next game.”

Notre Dame head coach Muffet McGraw
Opening Statement:

“I was really please with the way the game went. I thought we played really well defensively in the first half. Natalie (Achorwa) and Devereaux (Peters) were shooting the ball extremely well with Skylar (Diggins) getting a season high assists (11). I thought we worked well together. We ran the floor well. We scored in transition. We did pretty much everything we wanted to in the first half.”

On developing the post play:
“We’ve put in a couple of new plays so we can look in more. I thought (Devereaux) was doing a really good job of running the floor. We worked the high-low better. The second half especially, we got a lot of good looks with the high-low. That’s something we really hadn’t done enough of this year. I was really, really happy with that.”

On Notre Dame’s play in the paint:
“That’s what we need. In order to get better, we’ve got to be able to score on the block and get some easy baskets.  We did that today. Forty points in paint. Markisha (Wright) was looking to score. Ariel (Braker) got her season high (7). I think we’re better in the post than we get credit for and I think that’s because we don’t look in there enough. We need to start doing that more.”

Notre Dame forward Devereaux Peters
On her performance tonight:

“I think I was just being a lot more aggressive and looking for the ball. My teammates were finding me. Sky was looking for me to run the court and giving me the ball. That helped out a lot.

On the start of the second half:
“(My teammates) are really good at looking from me and knowing where I’m going to go. I think we know each others’ games well enough at this point. They know where I’m going to cut and where I want the ball and how to throw it to me.”