Cincinnati-Temple Postgame Quotes

Jan. 18, 2014

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Temple at Cincinnati

Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliott

Opening Statement: 

“Tale of two halves guys,  two different teams. In the first half we came out held them scoreless for a long time. Went up by nine at halftime and started the second half pretty strong then after that the will started to shake a little bit, the pressure started to get to us. They started to get confidence in the second half. They shot the ball so much better in the second half, 56 percent in the second half compared to 17 percent in the first half and that was the difference in the game right there. Defensively we have got to put it together for two halves. I thought we gave up some easy transition buckets, open three’s in the second half but I’m still encouraged. We still played 20 plus minutes of good basketball we just have to find a way to add 15 minutes to that.”

On what the lesson would be after the way they performed in the second half:

“Well I had my players tell what went wrong out there, I had them stand up and really voice what it is that happened out there in the second half. They talked about how they picked up the pressure and we kind of backed off a little bit and we can’t do that, we have to expect it. We played the four best teams in the conference, two of the best teams in the country so that has to be something we embrace and understand that we are going to get that every night. They didn’t do it in the first half, okay we got lucky, but we still have to understand and know that teams are going to get back in the game by trying to press us and amp up the pressure and they did that. We turned the ball over a little bit we weren’t making shots like we were in the first half. They made their shots and we let this one get away and this was definitely a tough one.”

On if there was one thing the team was focusing on coming into today’s game:

“The double of post, we knew that we had a disadvantage inside at the post. If you noticed in the first half we were all over floor, we were getting loose balls, we were doubling and we really made it hard on them defensively. Can’t wait to watch the film to see the second half on how we got away from that.”

On how it was coaching against Tonya Cardoza:

“Once the game started I didn’t know she was down there really. You turn into a different person once the game starts and you try to focus on your team. We’re good friends, we’re best friends, we talk all the time but we’re both competitors also and today she got the best of me and we play them again at their place and hopefully we will have a different result”

On if it was the full court or half court trap that hurt the team:

“Full court. I thought we started to be stagnate in our full court, press offense. Dayeesha (Hollins) started to get tired a little bit, she was dribbling through it for the most part with success. Then she got tired and obviously we were relaying on Bianca (Quisenberry) and Alexis Durley and they aren't as steady and don’t have as much experience. We’re going to figure it out, I’m encouraged that we continue to play games of good basketball and there hasn’t been a game all year that we stunk up the joint. This was a tough one because we were up 15 points at one point with a lot of time left and knew it could’ve gone either way. We just have to be able to hold and maintain and get stops when we need to get stops and make buckets when we need to make buckets.”         

#12, Alyesha Lovett, G

On the key difference between the first and second half:

“I think we did well in the first three minutes of the second half, but then we let them come back.”

On what caused Temple to be able to come back like that:

“We weren’t responding the way we needed to respond to keep them from getting the lead.”

#31, Dayeesha Hollins, G

On the key difference between the first and second half:

“We took care of the ball more in the first half than we did in the second half. We were also more aggressive.”

On what caused Temple to be able to come back like that:

I am not saying they are not a good team, they are a really good team, but I think it was us. We weren’t taking care of the ball. We weren’t getting back on defense.

On their thoughts going into the USF matchup:

“Be a better team. We need to start games and finish games and not lag off for four or five minutes into the game. We need to be consistent the whole game and not just half the game.”