Cincinnati vs. St. John's Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. St. Johns
January 21, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
Opening Statement:

“My overall thoughts are that we were tired. We played tired mentally, physically. We were just tired. We started out the game with no energy. I’m not making excuses but we just played tired today. On top of that, when our best player, (sophomore guard) Dayeesha Hollins, isn’t playing well, we have minus zero chance of winning the game. Minus zero. And today, she really didn’t come and play like the type of player that she is used to playing as. Every good player is entitled to a game, but when our best player isn’t having the game that she usually has, as a coach you expect other guys on the floor to step up. And we really didn’t do that for the majority of the game. So, we have to lick our wounds. There’s no rest for the weary. We have a game on the road at Villanova on Tuesday. We have to get our energy back and we have to get our spunk back because we didn’t have it today.”

On having 25 turnovers and only 34 points:
“Give St. John’s credit. The last three games they’ve been forcing their opponents to over 20 turnovers a game. So give them credit, they put a lot of pressure on you defensively. They look to press, get in the passing lanes. They’re big and long on the perimeter. So a lot of those turnovers, they caused them. Was it something that was unforced on our part? Absolutely. We knew coming in that they were going to put a lot of pressure on us defensively and they did.”

On what as a coach is challenging her:
“We’re young. You can make all of the excuses in the world. We’re young. We’re counting on our freshman to play a lot of minutes in the game. (Freshman guard Alyesha Lovett) isn’t used to playing against this competition in the BIG EAST. We’ve had injuries. You can make all of the excuses in the world. But at the end of the day, we need to produce. They came to Cincinnati to play in the best conference in the world. They embrace it. And they should have confidence that they can have some success. My job as a coach is to make sure I put our guys in those situations in practice. To make it as hard as possible so that we can simulate what we have to face night in and night out. So when they go out and face these teams, they have confidence that they can be successful.”

Sophomore forward Jeanise Randolph
On her thoughts on turning things around:

“Basically we have to step up as a team, we can’t depend on one person to score points.  We have to go inside and we have to be confident enough to go to the rim and go in there and have a fight.  We can’t keep depending on Dayeesha. To win we have to step up and not depend on people. “

Freshman guard Alyesha Lovett
On thoughts from the back court:

“Basically what Jeanise said. We need to get better as a team and not put all the weight on Dayeesha.  We just really need to score, step up, and play great defense as a team.”

On Jeanise Randolph’s play:
“We need to get it inside to Jeanise because she does work hard down low. Sometimes it is hard and we try to figure out a different way from a guard’s perspective to get it inside. She works hard and I see that and I try to get her the ball when I have it. You see how when we give it to her she scores and we need to do that a lot more. Ever since she has come back she has really shown she is a great post she works hard, she gets back, and she helps on defense.”

On the toughness of the BIG EAST:
“I knew it was going to be how it is now, because this is the best conference in the world. I just want to get better and win. I want my team to play as a team and not just one person or two people with the ball. I want everybody to distribute the ball and we just win games together as a team.  Be happy as a team because we are one family.”