DePaul at Cincinnati Postgame Quotes

Jan. 22, 2013

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Jamelle Elliott
Head Coach

Opening Statement:
"I'm pleased that our defense got back to the defense that we have been playing, we started to play like that the start of the season. I thought that kind of got away a little bit. Did we have some lapses? Absolutely. I thought we gave up a couple baskets in transition that kind of cost us a little bit. I thought we gave up a three by going behind the screen at the end of the game were Hrynko banked in the shot but for the most part I thought we played solid defense, which is what I think has been lacking the last couple games."

On what needs to improve offensively:
"We have to find a way to make shots. You were at the game today, I thought today for the first time in a long time we got more open looks than what we have gotten in at least the last two games. We couldn't run our offense against Louisville and USF pressed us the whole game. So for first time in the last couple games we were actually able to bring the ball down and run our offense. We ran good offense, but we just weren't able to make shots. I think we shot 15 percent in the first half and in the second half we got a little better at 35 percent, but we just have to find a way to make shots."

On taking a lot of shots:  
"Seventy two shots and we made 18. Twenty three offensive rebounds. But at the end of the day you can have more possessions, more shots, more offensive rebounds, (but) if the ball isn't through the net it's hard to win and that just goes to show you how important our defense was. We weren't making shots and we still had a chance to win the game."

On Jeanise's play since coming back from her injury:
"She has been out for a couple of weeks. It took her a week or so to get back in to game shape. I think she is our most physical presence in the post that we have right now. She wants the ball on the block, she works at it, and she is one of our best leaders. I think if she gets it going, we have good chance to win and, at the same time, though this has been the story of our season, Jeanise steps up then (Lesha) Dunn isn't having a good game. Or when Dayeesha (Hollins) was out, (Alexis) Durley was stepping up. And now Day is back and Durley hasn't had a good game, so I'm just looking forward to having three or four guys play well on any giving night and just not having one or two guys step up, because we need more than that to win in this conference."

On playing UConn next:
"Before the game today we decided to give ourselves individual goals outside of the big picture of the game. Today, for the most part, we started to achieve those goals and my expectation are not going to be any different when Connecticut comes here on Saturday. We have some individual team goals that want to accomplish every game and that's not going to be any different on Saturday when Connecticut comes in. Are we going to beat Connecticut? Anything is possible, but at the end of the day they are the number two team in the country and I want to make sure we go out there and give maximum effort. That can mean losing the game but still leaving that floor feeling like we gave the number two team in the country everything we have. That's the big-picture goal, but individually we have some personal goals that I am not going to share with you and, as long as we continue to achieve those goals, I feel like small victories are going to be something that is going to be important to us for the rest of the year."

No. 31 Dayeesha Hollins

On their offensive mentality entering the game:
"It was just about being aggressive and not so hesitant about what we're doing offensively. I think the last few games we were very hesitant, but also the last few teams we've played came with a lot of pressure and today it wasn't as much. Even if they would have pressured us more today I think we would have been prepared because we worked on it so much in practice, but today it was just about being aggressive."

On what they need to do to improve offensively:
"I just think that we need everyone to be confident in their abilities and be willing to take those open shots and open lanes to drive. Just being more confident in what we can do."

No. 33 Jeanise Randolph

On the tough loss despite her having a double-double:
"Basically it was just tough. I'm just trying to play good defense and if I get a chance on offense to score that's great. Just helping the team out with the little things like setting good screens is my focus right now. If I get chances to score and be around the basket that's good, but right now we're just trying to get our offense together and improve on our defense to help make up for some of struggles on offense."

On what they can do to help increase the team's confidence level:
"People just have to have confidence in their shot. We practice on our shots everyday and we just need to have more focus in the games. I think that we're doing better with our shot selection, but we just need people to be more confident. The more confidence we can build on our team, the better we'll be and the more shots we'll make."

On preparing for their tough up-coming schedule which starts with Connecticut this Saturday:
"Basically we just need to work on what can do to improve ourselves. We need to work on our defense, our offense, scoring and focusing when we're in the gym. We have to improve ourselves before we worry about Connecticut. Once we get ourselves in the right spot then we'll start working on Connecticut."