Cincinnati-Houston Postgame Quotes

Feb. 8, 2014

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Houston at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliott

Opening Statement:

"Tough day at the office for the Bearcats. We knew as a staff coming into this game Houston was not the team that their record indicates. Houston is a much better team than one without a win in conference play and we knew this was going to be a dangerous game and they came out and they wanted it more than we did. To start the game I thought we started really flat. They did a good job of keeping on Jeanise (Randolph) to start the game, double teaming her and denying her the ball so she wasn't able to get her early paint touches that we normally get her and she got into foul trouble. At the end of the day we depend on her but we also depend on five guys on the floor to come out and find a way to win. We did it against Rutgers with the same guys but for some reason today we just didn't have that same energy that we needed to be able to beat a very dangerous team in Houston. So my hat goes off to Houston they came in here, they got defensive stops, they did some little things that we normally do that allowed them to win the game. At the end of the day our guys are hopefully in the locker room knowing that we let one get away today and no matter how many guys we have and no matter how many guys we had in foul trouble I think there was a way for us to win today and I think we just came up short."

On how tough it is for her to see them have such a slow start:

"I mean you see it, you see it happen in the moment, you wonder why it's happening in the moment but at the end of the day as a head coach you still have to will them try to understand that we still can get out of this by telling them come on guys, wake up, let's get focused, let's make some stops, let's make a basket, let's get to the foul line that's going to get us going. Unfortunately we just weren't able to get that little spurt, we had a stretch or two were we looked excited but we were never able to really get that spark to allow us to keep it going for a long stretch today."



On if this is a residual effect of some of the other games:

"We just came off on one of our best games of the year at Rutgers with the same guys. We were without Dayeesha (Hollins) we were out Bianca (Quisenberry) for a lot of the game we were out Alexis Durley who didn't make the trip and we were able to compete against a team that is receiving top 25 votes. So I'm going to figure out the answer to that question why we started off so slow today, that's my job but I think that is what the culmination of the result at the end of the game today was how we approached the game starting. Now do I have guys in the locker room that want to win who know and are prepared and say the right things yes but we just have to translate once we get on the floor to get those things done."

On being able to cut the lead in the second half but wasn't able to make the game closer:

"We couldn't get it over the hump, we got it to seven points I think a couple times and we had the ball. I remember Jasmine (Whitfield) taking the ball to the rim I remember Bianca taking the ball to the rim and we just needed to capitalize on a couple of those possession down the stretch when we were down six or seven points and we just weren't able to do that. Sometimes you just need that one thing to get you going, a charge or three point play, or a defense stop but we just weren't able to get that done today. Not that we should need those things but today we needed something to ignite us and it just didn't happen."

On where she goes from here before facing Memphis:

"As a coach we are going to continue to play our guys, we have an off day tomorrow we have practice on Monday and Tuesday and we play on Wednesday. Memphis is a really tough team they beat Rutgers in overtime early on in conference play. They are just as athletic as Houston."