Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Postgame Quotes

Feb. 11, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
Postgame Quotes
February 11, 2012

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
Opening Statement:

“I would like to talk a little bit about Pittsburgh. They are a team that came in 0-10 in the BIG EAST. Watching film on them, they’re much better than their record. I think their point guard, Brianna Kiesel, is an unbelievable player as a freshman. I thought this was a dangerous game for us. They came in hungry, wanting to get a BIG EAST win. We knew this was going to be a dog fight because they’re much better than their record. They have tremendous size on the front court and a great point guard. So, we knew they were going to give us a game. I knew coming in this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park because I knew the situation we were in last year. Last year, we were in the same situation, we’d lost 10 games, 11 games in a row and I tried to motivate my players every game to play hard. ‘If we do this, do that, we’ll win,’ and I’m sure (Pittsburgh head coach) Agnus (Berenato) did the same thing. And her team, even in the games that we lost, never gave up. They would be down 20, come back cut it to 12, cut it to 10. So, I knew that were going to play hard of 40 minutes and they did today. For them to be the youngest team in the country, no seniors, no juniors, I can say they’re going to be a really good team in the next few years. I give them all the respect in the world for the way they came in and gave us a really good game for 40 minutes.”



On how you motivate the team when shots aren’t falling:
“You try to tell them to make the easy basket. Whether it’s a post feed to Jeanise (Randolph). Or Tiffany (Turner) or Chanel (Chisholm) taking the ball into the basket from the high post. Or (Dayeesha Hollins) driving it to the basketball to get to the free throw line. Because it was very noticeable early on in the game that our shots weren’t falling and that we were going to have to ground this one out by getting to the free throw line and we did that. We went there 23 times. We switched games a little bit. We saw that our shot wasn’t falling so we looked to be more aggressive by taking the ball to the basket and feeding Jeanise. That strategy paid off a little bit. We weren’t as dependent on the outside shot as we normally are with Bjonee (Reaves) shooting them, Day launching them and Kayla (Cook). I thought we got away from that and gave ourselves a chance to win by taking the ball to the basket and being aggressive.”

On the leadership of seniors Chanel Chisholm and Bjonee Reaves:
“I want them to keep playing as long as possible. They’ve given all they can to Cincinnati Women’s Basketball. Chanel being a transfer from Vanderbilt as a junior with only two years to play. Bjonee coming from a junior college with two years to play. In those two years, they’ve made a tremendous impact on our program. My goal as a coach and for my staff is to let our seniors play as long as possible. Now, what I expect from them going into the locker room? To have that same mindset. ‘Guys, I don’t want end my senior year in no other way, shape or form other than going out and winning every possible basketball game.’ That’s what I did in college. We were taught that you play for your seniors. That is who you play for. You don’t play for your coaches, you don’t play for yourself, you play for the seniors that you have in that locker room because time is winding down. There are four more games left in a locker room. Two more games left on the bus.”

Senior guard Chanel Chisholm
On the progress that the team has made at this point of the season:
“Right now I’m proud of the team and the fact the we had a lot of losses and we could of easily went out and not worked hard, but we got better and we still working hard. We still have work to do and each day we’re getting better. Every game we’re getting better and I’m ready to finish the season with a lot of wins.”

Senior guard Bjonee Reaves
On the team’s progress:

“I’m excited we’re playing great basketball right now especially great defense, I think we take pride in our defense and our good defense have been feeding us off of our offense an d it’s exciting to play right now. Of course I don’t want it to end, but at the same time I feel like we are going to go out with a bang and it’s been a fun ride so far.”

On her role as a senior:
“Just whenever things aren’t going our way it’s us two bringing the team together in the huddle saying, “look this is what it is, things aren’t going our way but it doesn’t matter.’ We have to keep fighting doing the little things and just try to pick everybody up.”

Sophomore guard Kayla Cook
On what she can take away from seniors Chanel Chisholm and Bjonee Reaves:
“They are just great leaders. When things aren’t going right, they always pull us together. They always encourage us, bring us up and it’s just like we feed off of them by the way that they carry the team. For me personally, I’m going to take how they handle themselves. They don’t show their frustration to the team. We are going to miss these two. They are major leaders that will be leaving us next year.”