Cincinnati-Memphis Postgame Quotes

Feb. 12, 2014

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Memphis vs. Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliott

On the team’s defensive performance:
“Our defense today was really good we held a team that is use to scoring over 60 points a game to under ten points of their average. We did a lot of switching; we stayed primarily with our man to man because that is what has been successful for us throughout our season. We made it tough for them we knew that they were thin at the post position, and they played with four guards. So we knew that we were going to have to play some really good perimeter defense because they were playing with four guards a lot of the time and we did a good job of switching and keeping them in front us and not allowing them to get to the basket. So we gave up a couple offensive rebounds but we ended up out rebounding them by one so we won that battle which is always important. I thought we fouled a lot in the second half, more than what I would have liked us to put them on the bonus early in the second half but other than that I thought our defense played with a lot of pride, passion and we wanted to make sure they had four or five passes before they shot the ball. We didn’t want to give up anything easy in transition we wanted to make it a half-court game and we did that.”

On Memphis having four guards on the court and if it was an emphasis to go inside more:
“Yeah and we knew that it was going to be important for us to get some paint touches inside and Jeanise Randolph had a career high with 23 points I think Marley Hill did an unbelievable job she played the most minutes she probably have played all season she had five points five rebounds two assist and block. So before it was just Jeanise Randolph that was the only person that we really had catching the ball inside and doing some things for us but I thought Shelbi (Chandler) and Marley did some good things to help us score some points in the paint today.”



On Bianca Quisenberry improving as the season progresses:
“Yeah she is a freshman she is our only true point guard on the roster right now. Alyesha Lovett is playing some point guard position but that’s not her natural position so I think as Bianca is getting more and more experience she is feeling more and more confident out there to direct traffic, to get us in our stuff and tonight I thought she did and unbelievable job of being a floor general tonight”

On Memphis having many offensive rebounds but weren’t able to convert on them:
“Well we had some really good ball pressure, the switching helped us out. We made it tough for them to get some shots off, we left number 4 (Ariel Hearn) a couple times in the first half but in the second half I didn’t think she had any open looks and she is their best player. So it was just good team defense we really emphasized on the defensive end of the floor on how important it was for communication, continue to talk and do some things out there and we were successful doing that.”

On why reason Alexis Durley was out tonight:
“No she hasn’t played the last three games with some illness that she is dealing with that we are still trying to get a hold of. Until we figure out what’s going on with her we will keep her out because we want to make sure she is fully recovered before she gets back on the floor.”

On Jeanise Randolph performance:
“Well Jeanise has been kind of our double-double player all year long. She hasn’t been as successful the last three or four games because once you have a double-double five or six games in a row the other teams are obviously going to look to double her and take her out of her rhythm. The last few games she just wasn’t able to get the clean touches in the post like she normally gets and today thanks to Marley (Hill) being another presence out there with her, Shelbi (Chandler) being another presence out there with her it was able to open things up. It always help when you have your perimeter guys making three’s so that they can’t help as much inside which opens it up for her to go one on one.”        

#33, Jeanise Randolph, F

On their defense in the second half:
“We just came out being aggressive. We wanted to start the half how we played in the first half. We just wanted to play the defense that we normally play and be aggressive and stay focused throughout the game.”

On her second half:
“My team was looking for me more. They were looking for me to get open and they saw I was in good position to get open where I could catch the ball and get to the basket. It was more of a team effort of looking at me and getting me some touches.”

On if the chemistry had something to do with the win:
“Yes. I think practice the last couple of days has been more team-oriented. I feel like people are getting to know each other. As you know, we have players that got hurt so we had to learn how to play with other people. I think coach did a great job of keeping us together and staying focused as a team.”

#22, Bianca Quisenberry, G

On if they had a specific game plan coming into the game:
“Our mentality was our biggest focus. The past couple days in practice, our focus has been getting back to focusing on what we had to do to win and executing offensively and defensively. Part of that is being aggressive and being focused.”

On if she is getting more comfortable as the season goes on:
“Yeah, I am getting more comfortable. The point guard spot takes experience. Having the opportunity to start with some of our point guards being out helps me get that experience and being able to lead my team and contribute where I can is a big key.”

On what they would like to improve on heading into the next game:
“I would have to say our offensive execution as far as handling the ball. They are a very guard-oriented team. We just have to keep executing in the post as well.”