Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Marquette

Feb. 13, 2013

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CINCINNATI (9-15, 1-10 BIG EAST) 54, MARQUETTE (12-12, 4-7 BIG EAST) 52

Head Coach Jamelle Elliott

On the last play of the game:

“We had plenty of time on the clock so we wanted to make sure that we didn’t leave them any time on the clock to come back down and get a shot. We ran a pick and roll for Dayeesha and she had the option to either take the ball to the basket or kick it out to one of her teammates. Tiffany had her guy sealed on the low post and Day passed the ball perfectly on the right side of the basket. She was able to turn her shoulder because she’s left handed and she finished it.”

On her team’s confident demeanor entering the game tonight:

“I think that at some point you get sick and tired of being unsuccessful. We talked about all of the things that we were thankful for before the game and I told them that I was just thankful for the fact they have never given up. It’s so easy for teams to go on a losing streak like we did and just kick it in for the season, but our guys never gave up. Not one game or one practice and I’m thankful for that. I’m so proud and thankful and so happy for them right now because they didn’t give up, they knew what was coming and tonight against Marquette we finally got that win.”

On the importance tonight’s win to the team confidence:

“It’s huge. Again, you go on a losing streak like we did and it hurts your morale a little bit. You start to ever wonder if you’re ever going to get a win. Then you start to feel sorry for yourself a little bit. Those things started to come up and I had to find a way to get them to believe. Our juniors did a really good job with their leadership by making sure that we still came out and had quality practices every day. I can’t be happier for my guys. We still have a lot of games to play and we still have hopefully a lot of games that we’re going to win. If we can continue to come out here and believe I think we’ll be ok.”



#11, Tiffany Turner, Forward

On the game winning shot:
“Last year, I know I had a winning bucket in the Big East tournament. Having that opportunity again is like a miracle. I just wanted to finish and that’s what happened. I’m so excited.”